Hey y’all! No outfit pictures this week, but I have 7 other stylish friends’ smiling faces joining me! We took these Tuesday night… er, Wednesday morning. πŸ˜›


  • Seeing an Amish man carrying a 40lb bag of feed… while riding his bike. O.o
  • Ordering a 12 pack of tacos at The TBell. For three of us. 
  • Exiting the little country store/”we’ll cook you some eggs if you ask” restaurant down the road and not being able to easily open the door because the knob was so greasy. Ew.
  • Calling the market and asking them to stay open for you because
    you have a party to go to and you *really* need celery seed!
  • Decorating the house for Christmas by yourself. PJ pants, fancy drink, dark chocolate, fire, accent lighting on, moving screws on the walls, glitter everywhere, jumping across the furniture and dancing to Pandora. Actually, I guess it was really awesome. πŸ˜€ 
  • Standing on an ottoman on top of a chair with the vacuum to get the cobwebs off your rough wood walls. #shortgirlproblems
  • The fact that I just dropped the laptop power cord off my bed five times in like 20 seconds. 
  •  Finding your way to strange church’s bathrooms. 
  • Pondering all day what the name “Dave” is short for. Davinold? Donald? Waking up the next morning and having a David epiphany. My brain was so fried that day.
  • Driving your passenger van through cow pastures to get hay for the chickens because you don’t have time to switch vehicles because every moment of mis-used time from the past 8 months has finally caught up to you when you realize you have 20+ hours of work left on your eBook that you were hoping to have done this week. Life is so crazy.
  • Being at a Christmas Parade and saying, “Hey! I have those PJ pants!” after a girl in a hoodie and said pants walked past. Nothing says cultural decline like not getting dressed in real clothes before leaving the house.


  • The girlies in these pictures! These are my neighbors and sweet friends. We got together last night to stock Laura’s spice cabinet for her upcoming married life! We ate flourless cake, drank hot chocolate, laughed through Pink Panther (Eurie the twrainer who twrains), and stayed talking until past 12:30. About everything from staring at the ceiling fan as a child to the London airport to eloping. 
  • Living close enough to Nashville to benefit from the awesome concerts and hymn sings with big names.
  • Watercolor class! Its great to just sit and create. And blow paint with straws to make trees.
  • The older man and his 40ish son who were eating at that store. Their accents were straight out of the deep Georgia south in the 50’s. “Thank you for my dinner, Daddy. That was real good.” he says as he pats the stomach of his pressed button-up shirt. “Sure thing, son! Thank you for joining me today” Daddy replies as he puts his hand on the shoulder of his son.
  • Losing 5 lbs without trying. Problem is, I’m afraid it’s muscle I’m losing, since that weighs more than fat. :-/ 
  • Eating GF peanut butter cookies and a big glass of raw milk at 1 AM. 
  • Community. I’m so blessed to have so many close friends live within three miles of me. And to think that I sometimes think the 8 minute drive to Laura’s is too long. 
  • Hugs.
  • Me laying in bed: “My stomach is playing a symphony. Like, seriously.”
    Emma: “Like Beethoven’s 5th… Course? Tychovsky’s chopsticks? Schubert’s sherbet?”
    Me: “Chopin!”
    Emma: “I usually Bach at that.”
    Me 25 seconds later: “oh. hahahahahahaaaa”…
    I loooove sharing a room.
  • Knowing God’s providence is still good, even when Mommy has been in bed all week. Again.  
  • Meeting half your church in town for the little local Christmas parade. Perfect weather, too.
  • This video my sister Willa made super quick of what my family and I found ourselves doing on Saturday. JSYK, I’m in the barrel closest to the camera to start. And I totally won.

Real quick, a comment about commenting: 
I allow anonymous comments so that girls who aren’t allowed to have accounts are able to have their say, but I do ask that you identify yourself in some manner. Pick a fake name, number, letter, something! I’m going to have to start not publishing totally anonymous comments because its not nice having a conversation like with someone behind that one-way mirror glass– you can see me completely but I have no idea who you are! It would be awesome if you could humor me in this way!
Also, if your comment could be controversial, takes a different opinion, criticizes, or asks a question but you do not identify yourself, I will not publish it. If you have an opinion, own it. Don’t hide behind the internet. Thanks!
I make it a policy to publish all comments, even if they take a different view than me or are criticizing me or you have a religion I don’t agree with, unless they are anonymous, not appropriate for all eyes, or being mean to another reader. My goal is to cultivate a wholesome, encouraging, insightful atmosphere for young ladies here on Fresh Modesty, and so far y’all have been awesome! I’m so thankful for all y’all taking the time to write comments and share opinions and answer each other’s questions! I’ve just been meaning to clarify all this for a while. Thank y’all so much!

Love these girls! Hope y’all have a great day! What’s been awkward or awesome about your week? I love reading your comments on these posts! (well, all posts, but A&A are so interesting!)

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34 thoughts on “Girls’ Night”

  1. Thanks for being open to some controversial comments! It shows credibility when bloggers publish dissenting comments along with the supportive ones.

  2. Hey Olivia!
    I love the video. I totally used to do that sort of thing with my siblings, a lot! Why did we stop? πŸ™‚ Actually, we haven't completely stopped doing crazy things.
    The pictures are awesome too. So fun!
    A&A post are always a favorite to read!


  3. Thank you for the laugh! I want to barrel race! LoL And I love the accents of those fellows – can almost here them!


  4. I must say, I'm jealous of your friends living near you. For some reason, God hasn't seen fit to send me friends near by. Almost all my friends live in another state!

    Bach-he, he! Too funny! I used to really hate sharing a room, but that was when my younger brother, my younger sister and I were all sharing. Now it's just me and my younger sister, and I really enjoy it! Late night giggles are the best! πŸ™‚
    Hope your mom feels better-that stinks. I'll be praying for her as well.

    I wish those rude anonymous comments would dissapear! I actually have my mom look at my comments before I do, as some of them are very mean and I don't need that. And it's not a difference of opinion, everything from calling me ugly and fat to saying my family was ugly-real nice anonymous. Don't take anything they say to heart, I also try to keep in mind that they probably are hurting and lashing out makes them feel better. I also take the time to pray for the mean commenters, I suppose they'll regret the comment when they have "coals on their heads". πŸ™‚
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  5. Oh. My. Goodness. I wanna try! That looks like so much fun! My siblings and I have not had an end of crazy things to do together yet, it is wonderful. πŸ™‚ I love your posts on Thu. they are the highlight of my day.
    Awkward: The fist step onto the ice when you haven't skated in 2 or 3 years.
    Awesome: Not falling once while you are skating after not having skated in 2 or 3 years. πŸ™‚
    Keep up the good work Olivia, you are a great encouragement to me and many others who are trying to honor God in what we wear and also in what we say. God bless you!
    Michaela B.

  6. I just wanted to take a moment to apologize if I've ever commented without giving myself a name – I can dertainly see how that would be bothersome!

  7. That video was so awesome! I loved getting a little look into your life πŸ™‚
    And I totally know what you mean about meeting up with half your church for the parade. My town has a Christmas parade every year, and we met up with some families from our church to serve soup, and watch the parade. It was awesome πŸ˜€


  8. For some reason, this A+A post is SOOOOoooo funny! Love the barrel racing! We have done that numerous times… *wipes eyes* And girls' nights? I love them!


  9. I always love your A&A! πŸ˜€ I really enjoy reading your posts and looking at how you put outfits together. I just randomly came across your blog probably 8 months ago or so. I've been keeping up with you faithfully since then! πŸ˜€ I've tried to comment before, but it didn't work last time. A little about me. . .My name is Janine. I turned 21 a couple months ago. I was homeschooled all my life and I am now in my 3rd year of Bible school. I have 7 brothers. I love listening and playing music, especially classical! πŸ˜€ I hope to participate in foreign missions someday in Africa/Middle East. And, my house currently looks like a Christmas bomb exploded everywhere!!! πŸ˜€

  10. "Nothing says cultural decline like not getting dressed in real clothes before leaving the house" – Love it! Major pet peeve of mine, why can't people get dressed anymore! πŸ™‚ Fun post, thanks for sharing…

  11. Wait, you have short people problems too? How tall are you [if you can say?]. I'm like, 5ft, so I feel for ya if you're short too!:O

    And the video: umm….LOL that looks like fun! [for whatever reason, being rolled down a hill in a barrel seems like good fun to me haha]. I've never done it myself, unless you count being rolled around in the washing machine box…. which was square….and on level groundO_o Eh, same diff.

    Hope you keep having good times!


  12. Awkward: Doing work at the Kenyon College library. You're walking down the hall and see a student who's in orchestra with you.You give her a big smile and she totally ignores you. So either she didn't see you or she's a snob. Either way you feel like a fool.
    -hurrying up the spiral staircase at said library and LITERALLY running into another orchestra student. They dodge you and run downstairs so fast you feel a breeze and feel like you just ran into a tornado.

    Awesome: The KC library! Superfast internet…and free printing! Yeah!
    -Knowing that God has me in the palm of his hand, and even when my life is NOT going the way I want He has a perfect plan that will end up being so much better than I could ever dream of.
    -My violin teacher. I've know her for seven years now, and she's become so much more than just my teacher…friend, mentor, role-model, idea bouncer, employer, chauffer (spelling? You know, the french word for a person who drives you places), encourager… she's amazing.


  13. congrats to laura hope her marriage is full and happy. must have been fun staying up talking with friends, thats one of my favorite things to do in the world πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ plus giggling in bed with you'r very most best friend and having to hide you'r head under you'r pillow to stop, ahhhh love it ~ sadie

  14. Awkward: Sitting in a massage line massaging and getting massaged, when, even though my back was relaxing, realizing that your back was getting tired of getting massaged. I wanted to leave the line.

  15. Riding a bike with a 40lb feed sack? Now THAT is talent.
    You girls look like you had a blast! Pretty shocked that you all stayed in your normal clothes that late. Not one in pjs? That must be a world record of some sort.

  16. I read about your pondering what "Dave" is short for, and I have to tell you, I didn't realize the answer until I got to the part about your "David epiphany". Haha. – Kaylyn

  17. Awkward: hitting a weird note while trying to harmonize.
    Awesome: Willa's Youtube channel! Seriously, I watched the barrel racing and then clicked all the links to her other videos. She's good!

  18. Awkward: sitting in the library reading blogs and finding something so funny you want to bust out laughing but you can't because it's a library so you collapse onto the computer table and quietly laugh hysterically until you're sister tells you to stop!
    Awesome: what I was laughing AT!!
    Chopin playing a symphony and 30seconds later you bust out laughing. I totally can relate, Olivia!! Thanks for sharing!

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