Hey y’all! I hope you’ve had a fabulous week! I wanted to share with you some really adorable little fashionistas this week! Their mother, Tricia, is a friend of mine from when I was her little girl Rachel’s age. She recently started a blog for encouraging cute, affordable fashion among the tiniest of us, “Lil’ People Fashion“. 

This is Rachel, she’s three. I love her Hawaiian outfit with the bright pops of pink.

Hi, everyone! I have three children, and I love dressing them!
I love their itty-bitty dresses and shorts and hats and scarves and
hairbands and vests and colored tights and boots and flip-flops. If I
could, I’m sure I’d be dressing them straight from the Old Navy shelves,
or Target, Kohl’s, Children’s Place… You name the place? I’ve been
there… at least online. 😉

Unfortunately, that would cost a lot of money. I’m all about cute and trendy and fashionable and modern (within reason), but I’m also all about saving money. So
instead of shopping at the mall for my kids’ clothes, you’ll find me at
yard sales, Goodwill, consignment stores, or–occasionally–clearance

I’m convinced that as a future homeschool mom, and a Christian, I
have a great privilege–but also a big responsibility–to dress my
children in a manner that will not only serve as a testimony to others
(though I think that’s important), but will honor the Creator of order
and beauty. 

I read fashion blogs all the time (including Olivia’s!) with the
intention of gathering ideas on how *I* can dress, and that gave me the
idea of starting a children’s fashion blog. I started “Lil’ People Fashion” with the hope that I could share inspiration with other moms,
on how to dress YOUR lil’ people in their best, without spending too
much time or money! 

 This is Jemima, almost 2. I love her denim skirt with the little polkadot shoes. Perfect! And the bow. Wish I could pull that off!

I thought y’all might like to know that Tricia has a giveaway for a really really adorable onesie on her blog– but she’s only taking entries until Monday! So, go follow her and enter the giveaway! I read Lil’ People Fashion to get ideas for my siblings and future children, and encouragement that second-hand clothing is where it’s at! 😉

Y’all have an awesome day! I’ve gotta get back to washing dishes… it’s cooking day around here! Blessings!

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  1. Yesterday was our cookie day (Saturday in NZ timezone) We baked 58 buns and made numerous whoopie pies and a huge pot of chicken soup. All eaten now after todays Church and Fellowship. 🙂

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