Hey y’all! Hope you’ve had a fantastic Friday! Maria is here to share a lovely winter outfit for those of you still engulfed in snow! πŸ™‚

My name is Maria. I blog at http://oneoldfashionedgirl.blogspot.com/ I am a 22 year old waitress at an Amish style restaurant. I ADORE my job…although some days I just want to dump a tray of water glasses in someones lap. But my coworkers are the best and it is great getting to work with your best friends every day. When I’m not working, or hanging out with friends, I’m dreaming of traveling. Having spent a month in Europe last year, it makes me want to explore even more!
Being a waitress means I have to wear a uniform every day, so it’s nice to wear something besides black and white on my off times, as well as a decent pair of shoes. (Can they make skid resistant shoes any uglier?!) Normally I’m a Converse wearing girl, but the occasional pair of heels makes me feel dressier. (And these were on sale at Kmart!)

I think belts can really dress up a shirt, plus I love the feel of wide ones, so I wear them with pretty much every nice outfit I have. Sort of my trademark look.
 Hmmm…any other details…The top was a gift. The skirt, thrifted. The belt from Clothes Mentor, I think.

Isn’t this beautiful?! That color looks amazing on her and she’s right– the belt is perfect. 
I’ve been getting lots of FOFM submissions lately and I love sharing them with y’all! What’s your favorite aspect of Maria’s outfit? Blessings!

23 thoughts on “Friends of Fresh Modesty: Maria!”

  1. These pictures are amazing. I love how she took them in the snow! Makes for even more gorgeous photos. My favorite parts of her outfit is the color of her sweater and how she paired her fitted and flattering top with her loose skirt. So beautiful!

  2. I'm so glad the eight inches of snow we had here in south TN is gone…..I strongly dislike snow, but I love how Maria's outfit blends in with the winter weather. It's beautiful!

    Kathryn B.

  3. My fave part of Maria's outfit is for sure, her cute belt! Love the big belts! They can 'make' so many outfits! My grandma gave me a lot of her old belts, they're so retro and bright! I use them all the time:D

    -Abigail of happysnappingphotography.wordpress.com

    1. Hello, Maria!
      I really enjoyed your outfit- thanks for sharing it! I also know what it's like to have to wear the same uniform day in, day out. And, yes, slip-resistant shoes are hideotrocious! However, I think you would really like shoesforcrews.com. I've ordered two pairs of their shoes before, and they're super comfy and less awful-looking than other brands. Also, they sell skid-resistant Converse, high and low-tops. πŸ™‚ Thought you might like to know that.

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