Hey y’all! Friends of Fresh Modesty is turning into a parade of nations! 😀 First up we have this fabulous outfit that does a good job of pairing a super long shirt with a skirt:

 Hi, I’m Iris and I live in Germany. I am studying to be a teacher
through distant learning and I am home all day. But I still like to
dress up and wear make up & jewelry every day. ☺  I have been in a
long distant relationship for almost 2.5 years and blog about my LDR, 
crafts, modest outfits, spiritual lessons I’ve learned and nature
photography. Visit me at http://www.thebluebirdhouse.blogspot.com.
I stumbled across Fresh Modesty a while back and fell in love with the
cute modest outfits ..sadly I don’t see that combination to
often…especially the modest side. I am
glad I was able to participate. ☺

like this outfit because it is super comfortable and so pretty. The
floral patterned blouse is so feminine, has my favorite colors and fits
flattering. It is not to tight and with the Cami its nice and modest.
The skirt feels like silk and almost feels weightless. It was the first
time I wore this outfit and I know I will wear it more often! 

  Blouse- gift (Canyon River Blues)
Cami- Walmart
Skirt- gift (sistas)
Necklace- gift

Next is a great sundress-turned fall outfit! Love tights with boots.

 My name is Svetlana. I’m 22. Happily married for almost 1,5 years. Live
in Siberia (beautiful place with a rather cool climate but no polar
bears). I work as a  journalist and English teacher. I also translate
Christian books into Russian for a publishing house.

I like this outfit. It’s comfortable and pretty. I wore it Sunday for a Church meeting.
Dress: Basic line
Cardigan: New look
Boots: Monro


Maaaaaxiiii! Never can go wrong, and the print of this one is fabulous. Love how she pulled out the purple with the cardi.

Howdy y’all, Lexi here.
First, I want to say how honored I am to be featured once again on this
amazing blog! I’m a home-schooled girl of 14, and a daughter of the
I’ve got this ‘thing’ for owls! They’re just to
I couldn’t live without my books. I love playing my cello at home and in
the ASYO orchestra. Playing basketball, or watching my bros play, is
one of my many hobbies. And dogs are SERIOUSLY a mans best friend!:D 

I’ve tote fell in love with maxi dresses! They’re new, in style cute,
modern, and mostly MODEST! This maxi needed a tank for extra coverage. The cotton fabric and funky design makes it easy to dress up. I’ve
already worn it to a birthday party, around the house, and church as
well. (I’ve only had it for a week!) one down side to these adorable things, is that
they usually(unless you find a great deal) are costly. At least I
consider $20-30 costly. I found this one for $10 bucks! *JOY*

 Maxi: Kohls, $10 
Shrug: sisters
 tank: sisters 
and, who needs shoes!:D 

Fall is in the air! And Samantha and her friend Sarah are having a fashion show this week! Check it out.

My name is Samantha and I am a nineteen year old homeschool graduate and born-again Christian.
I live in the Midwest where I spend my time reading, baking (desserts and breads being my specialty),
Civil War dancing/reenacting, playing the piano and trying to teach myself to sew. =)

outfit is super comfy and fun to wear. I’m not much of a hat person,
but this hat was so cute I couldn’t resist it (especially for $1.00!).
Scarves are my favorite type of accessory, especially during the cooler
fall and winter months. I wear scarves more than jewelry, I think!


Weren’t these all so lovely? I just love this series. These were all perfect “transition” outfits here in the weird cool/warm/hot/cold/perfect temperature months! If you’d like to submit for next week, please read the guidelines here. What are your favorite elements of these outfits?

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  1. It's so cool how you have people from different countries participating! I really loved Svetlanas. I am a huge fan for sweaters and boots <3


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