Hey y’all! Excited to share with you Caroline’s super fab outfit today. 
Hi everyone! I’m Caroline, and I blog at www.lifeascaroline.com. Olivia has graciously featured me a couple times before, so you may remember me. 🙂

This outfit is great for those almost-actually-warm days of winter. The shirt is western-style (which I love!) and made out of corduroy, so it gives some extra warmth.

I chose to use an accent color, turquoise, instead of making my outfit completely blend with the same color. My tank top,  earrings, and necklace are teal/turquoise, and they give a great pop of color with the more muted brown.

This may not be an issue for some girls, depending on their figure/height (I’m super short, 5 feet even, haha), but when I try on tank tops for layering, they’re still too low, despite the fact that the whole point of me layering is for modesty’s sake! So, I discovered that many tanks, depending on the style/how the tag is put in, can actually be worn backwards! I’m able to layer that way now, and I very much prefer that to wearing a camisole, because it stays in place much, much better. 🙂

This skirt is definitely a favorite of mine, and I absolutely love my Ariat brand cowboy boots. They get pretty much daily use during the not-so-hot months of the year!

Western shirt: thrift store, $3 or $5? Something like that.

Tank top: thrift store, $.99, I think.

Skirt: thrift store. Cool story: The first time I saw this one, it was $4.96, and had a broken zipper pull. Well, that was more money than I wanted to risk on something that may not fit, and was broken, so I decided not to get it. A few days later I was back at the same thrift store, and, sure enough, it was still there…but this time it was $2.96! That was too good to pass up, and now I’m so glad that I got it! It’s the perfect length for a short-ish skirt, and it fits really well! The zipper? All I have to do is use a safety pin, and I didn’t even have to sew anything!

Boots: Ariat brand, Christmas present from my parents a couple years ago. 🙂

Jewelry: all gifts from family and friends (Haha, they know me so well!) 😉

Simply lovely. This is totally something I think a lot of us would wear, cowgirl or not! Love brown and turquoise together! If you’d like to submit an outfit for FOFM, please read {this post}.

 What is your favorite part of her outfit? Or can you not choose one like me? 😉

15 thoughts on “Friends of Fresh Modesty: Caroline!”

  1. Very pretty! And I Totally second the wearing tank tops backwards motion, being short and busty normally has the tank tops sitting lower then the neck of the shirt…..not really the look I was going for! 😉
    That skirt is amazing, yeah that you got it for such a steal!

  2. I got Ariat boots from my parents for Christmas this past year, so the boots are totally "me", and my favorite part of Caroline's outfit. My Ariat boots are actually my favorite shoes OR clothes that I own. And I had no idea how to make tanks more modest! Thank you Caroline so much for the backwards tip! I will be trying that out (probably today!). 🙂

  3. have any of you gals ever heard of half tees?? I discovered them this past year and LOOOVE them….before that I too always layered with tanks for modesty's sake and always was disappointed that they never really worked as well as I wanted. Halftees are not thrift store price (and i'm an avid thrift store shopper) but they are soooo worth the money….with six daughters I am soo glad for halftees!

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    1. Hey! Unfortunately a friend scheduled her wedding for that same weekend in Florida, so I won't be able to have a booth at TTD this year. 🙁 There's some possibility I may show up for a few hours on Thursday night, but I won't know until that day. Wish I could go!

  5. Olivia, I really enjoy your outfits and your sermon notes on your blog. It's been a real encouragement to me. I also found your other blog(working with eager hands) and saw you had a lot of posts about sewing help on there. I was wondering if you still posted on that blog. I'm sure you are reeeaaalllyyy busy, but I was just wondering. 🙂


    1. I wondered that too!! I was just about to ask when I went through the comments I am graduating high school this month and would like to do more sewing until after my birthday when I can get a job!! could really use more sewing tips, and have already learned much that I haven't thought about from your eager hands blog. ~Kelly

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