Hey! My thredUP package came! As promised, I’m here to share how my purchases turned out. 🙂 
Here was my final order from How To | Shop For Dresses On ThredUP.

 I thought I’d just go in order of the shopping cart and show y’all how each one fits. It is seriously so much fun to get a package of clothes in the mail!

 First up, this Tiana B. Casual Dress. If you’ll remember from the original post, I decided to take a chance with this dress and I am SO glad I did. This may be my favorite of my new dresses. I was concerned that it would be too short, but it’s just perfect for summer. It’s a tad looser around the waist than I am used to, but not enough to keep me from loving it. I may take it in, but can wear it in the meantime.

I’m still working to figure out what to wear underneath of it… my sister liked the black, but I want to try white or cream, maybe pink. 
Next we have the Dress Barn casual dress I picked up for my mom. It’s a little smaller than I was expecting, but still wearable and I think flattering on her. 

Since it’s tighter than she’s used to wearing, she may end up giving it to my younger sister who would fit it better. 

Anne Klein Casual Dress. So, so, so, comfortable, easy to wear, and fits perfectly. I’ve been wearing it today around the house and to a farm photoshoot and it’s been fabulous. 
I think I may end up wearing this dress to the Remember WWII event in Linden, TN next month. Its detailing kind of reminds me of that era, with some modifications. It would be fun to create some more authentic attire, but that’s not on my radar at the moment. 🙂 

 Next on the list is this Mossimo maxi dress! I LOVE this. It has a full-length slip, racerback, and ties. Perfect for wearing with a Halftee in the hot summer months.

My sister wasn’t a huge fan of the colors when she saw it online, but I absolutely love the print and colors of the dress. I love playful patterns in classic styles. 

 This is the tunic top that I bought for my younger sister, Willa. She’s the one who does all my photography and she runs Droplette Jewelry. This Express “casual dress” fit her just perfect with a pair of jeans and she’s planning on wearing it this fall. It was a little warm on one of the hottest days of the year. 😉

She rocks a lot of tunic tops and it’s always good to find another that looks great for a good price!

Second to last, we have this Miss Guided maxi dress. For only $10.49 I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to add a potential beautiful formal piece to my wardrobe. It fits great and even though it’s strapless I didn’t feel like it would fall down at all.

 Obviously my layering needs a little work, but I could see myself wearing this blue dress to a piano recital, formal dance, or maybe even an evening concert in Nashville. I don’t have any of those on my schedule right now, but I might someday. 🙂 It is a little long, but works with heels.

Lastly, we have the black dress that I was really hoping would fit…. but it doesn’t. I couldn’t even zip it- lol. I thought I knew my H&M brand size, but apparently not. Thankfully Willa needs a new black dress and this fits her great, so it’s not a total loss. 😉 

6 successes out of 7 dresses? That seems like a pretty good rate to me! 
If you haven’t tried ThredUP yet, they’re running a special until September 15th that if you sign up using my {Referral Link} you’ll get $20 free credit to spend! That’s twice as much as it is usually! 
So, whatcha’ll think? Which is your favorite dress? I reeeeally need to go through my closet and get rid of some old ones to make room for these newbies! 🙂 

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  1. These ThredUp posts have been super helpful, Olivia! You scored some lovely pieces. 🙂 My favorite one is the Anne Klein chocolate brown dress. Also like the formal maxi and black dresses. And I've got to mention, your curls are so gorgeous! You've nailed how to do that. 🙂 All right, thanks again for sharing and have a blessed rest of the week.

  2. EEE!! My sisters and I are going to be at the WWII event in Linden performing throughout the day as well as at the private volunteers dinner! 😀 I hope we will get to meet you!! That would be SO COOL 😀

    The success of your order is amazing! My favorite dress is the Tiana B. Casual Dress. I love how that fits you! You look absolutely adorable in it.


  3. Love the post, Olivia! Your dresses are so cute! The Thread-Up posts were helpful as well! I got rather confused the first few times on their web site. 😛

    So excited you'll be at the WWII event! I'm reenacting there!! Looking forward to seeing several bloggers at the event. 😀

  4. You look beautiful as always! But have you ever thought of getting fewer high quality dresses vs. so many used and old fashioned ones? (Quality over quantity?) Not criticizing, but I think you would really look phenomenal in some more modern (modest) clothes. That blue formal dress looks really horrible with that shirt underneath it btw, it ruins the sweetheart neckline and it looks odd. I like the first dress the best! Cute 🙂

  5. I loved this post!! I really, REALLY love your second to last dress! That blue is.so.pretty! And I have to agree with Elizabeth — your curls are beautiful!! Thanks for sharing the links too!

  6. Question: If a dress didn't work for you, and you didn't have sisters/mom to wear it (or it didn't fit them either) what would you do with it? I've seen that ThredUP doesn't offer free returns. Would you sell it back to them?

    dance a real

  7. I the first dress the most. I also liked how you made the blue long dress more modest. All look so good on you! You should do more hair tutorials about how you do those amazing curls!

  8. If you really need to get rid of some dresses in your closet, you should do a giveaway! If sure some of your readers would love to have some modest dresses!
    – Rebecca

    1. Hey, this is Abby from above comment. I would also love a "shop my closet" for any dresses you are getting rid of, Olivia. Might be better than a giveaway, so we wouldn't be the only ones benefiting from it. Just a thought! 🙂

  9. Wow, I am surprised that anyone would consider your clothing not "modern", but maybe that is due to my age. Lol. I am 38 and love to read your blog. Or maybe they haven't checked out many modest blogs out there lately. 😉 I love how you seem to have such a spunky attitude and deal with sickness/pain in your life without getting down. You are a beautiful girl and I think you have great taste in clothes! I am a mom of 2 boys, so I really appreciate a blog like yours for giving girls a place to see beautiful modest clothing! Thanks, Aleah

  10. My hands-down favorite is the first dress – it's so feminine and summery; although it's super close between that one and the brown-and-white one. I love me a good 50s-style dress. 🙂 But they're all so pretty. I have found so many dresses in my size on ThredUp for unbeatable prices that would be perfect for a dance in November that I'm going to… so I guess I should get moving and purchase one!

  11. I LOVE the first dress and the two maxi dresses! I must admit I'm starting to get a little envious of your successful ThredUP finds. In a "happy you have them but I would love some duplicates" kind of way. 🙂
    Great post! Love your ideas on making things modest. Good to see your mom and sister, too.

  12. I tried to use the referral link, and it worked, but when I went to check out, it only applied a $10 credit, not $20. Any suggestions?

  13. love them alllll! I tried to order some awesome skirts on Thred Up, but alas, they only ship to the US and not Canada. My heart broke a little when I realized I couldn't get the skirts I loved:(

  14. They're all so pretty–I especially like the brown dotted one. 🙂 I just ordered from ThredUp for the first time using your discount; I ended up just paying for the shipping! I can't wait to see the 2 dresses I ordered. What a neat site! I also really appreciate your blog–it's hard to be both modest and fashionable. I've always been so focused on modest that sometimes my outfits turn out frumpy. You're very inspiring and I can't wait until your Errand #17 skirt is ready for purchase! 🙂 Keep up the great work! ~Elissa

  15. Hi, Olivia,
    I love the color of that gorgeous blue maxi dress, and the style looks good on you! The black Halftee is a little distracting visually, but if you could find a Halftee the same(ish) color as the dress (or make one from a regular T-shirt), it'd be smashing!
    (And my inner Costume Nerd says if you paired it with a white long-sleeved Halftee, it could pass for Elsa's "Ice Gown" from Frozen! …if you're into that sort of thing. Otherwise, feel free to ignore my gushing. :-P)

    The floral print with lace accents is adorable, too. The colors are so much prettier in your photos than they were on the ThredUp page. 😉

    God Bless,
    ~"Tom Wild Rose"~

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