The Outfit For When Nothing Fits

Hey y’all! I hope you’re having a wonderful week! I woke up this morning with places to go and people to see, more laundry dirty than clean, and exactly 3.2 pounds heavier than I was yesterday. One of my biggest struggles lately has been how to dress with the weight fluctuations that healing from Lyme brings. The… Read More »

How To Tailor Skinny Jeans

Hey y’all! Dressing well has many components such as complimenting colors, situational appropriateness, and – the one I want to help us accomplish today- tailored clothing. One of my staples for fall is skinny jeans with a tunic top, but the look can be hard to accomplish if you’re at all curvy and/or short and jeans… Read More »

Our New Home

Hey, y’all! Wow, loooong time no post! Our one year anniversary was this past weekend and it’s hard to believe how much has happened in that time. The biggest change (besides getting used to being married) has probably been moving to our very own townhome! I’m going to try to ease back into blogging now… Read More »

Seconds + Moving Sale!

Hey y’all! The Fresh Apparel Denim Company adventure continues! Due to a slight stretch in fabric and some other factors, I ended up with twice as many “extra” Errand #17 skirts than I was intending from my Kickstarter campaign. I had them stored in a closet last year while I was busy falling in love… Read More »

Brown + Black for Church

Hey y’all! I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s day! We go to my in-laws most Sundays after church and I can never remember my camera in the before-church flurry to get out the door, but this week I did! Skirt: CAbi brand via ThredUP Shirt: Pact Clothing $11.20 Jacket: handmade via Darby’s Dresses $8… Read More »

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