It’s the start of AmandaBeth’s Fashion Week! I’m super excited and really hope I get to post all week!

Today I wore my new favorite plaid shirt and (not so favorite anymore) polka-dot skirt! Yes, plaid and polka-dots. TOGETHER.

Shirt: Plaid button-up with ruffles around the neck from Khol’s. “Wrapper” brand. (I got it on clearance for $4.00!) This shirt came with a belt but I took it off because it was just a bit much for the already pushing-the-limit- outfit.
Tank: Arizona Jean Co. from JCPenny’s.
Skirt: Made by me.
Shoes: “Rampage” brand… my grandpa picked them up for free somewhere for me!
Necklace: $3.00 clearance pearls from Wal-Mart!

Now to look through everyone else’s Fashion Week posts!

8 thoughts on “Fashion Week Day 1- Breaking The Rules”

  1. WOW LIVVY! that looks greta! Why isn't it your favorite skirt anymore? You still like it, right?? I'm surprised by how that still goes….coolio.

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