Hey y’all! One of the “problems” that always seems to be brought up in discussions on modesty is that it’s difficult to work outside and do hard tasks in feminine clothing. That’s exactly the myth this series will be trying to dispel. 
Today I woke up feeling like I am getting “the cold”. Since I wasn’t up for doing computer work,  I figured it was a good day to get some Vitamin D,  chill out and listen to podcasts, and get something done that always gets pushed to the bottom of the to-do list…. bush hogging!

I had never heard of bush hogging until we moved to our land 5 years ago. It’s basically mowing with a great big blade attachment that you pull behind the tractor. So, I spent 5 hours driving the very warm tractor through waist-high weeds in the cow pasture. I prefer to do this in long jeans because the tractor gets so warm near my ankles that it can hurt if my legs are bare. I chose to wear tennis shoes instead of work boots because I had to walk up and down our big hill to and from the field, which is super tiring in heavy boots. For modesty, I wore this long shirt with a tank underneath. 
I have always had a huge aversion to “tool belts” and things that are super ugly but incredibly practical. But, common sense is slowly taking over and I’ve finally realized it is so much easier to clip my phone onto my belt while using the tractor than to stick it in my back pocket all the time. I’ve been listening to a ton of podcasts, so this set-up allowed me to plug in the noise-cancelling headphones and easily switch between episodes. I also wore my gun in case of snakes. 
The yellow on my wrist is a hairband I used to put my hair up in the warmer parts of the day.  

 When I set out to bush hog this morning, I thought I’d be in and showered by 2pm, so I opted to leave off my make-up and put it on after that. But, dead battery, flat tire, a trip to the mechanic, and a mowed field later, it was 7:30 when I finally showered. Girls, I want to keep it real here, so these are no make-up, no photoshopped pimples, no dressing-up, no fixing my hair, no taking off the awful cell-phone belt clip, no cute shoes, nothing special pictures. Just a real outfit I wore on a real day to do real things that were really real. 

//outfit details//
Tunic: ThredUP 
(If you use code SUPERSTAR you can get 30% off select dresses and jackets!)
Tank: Forever21
Jeans: American Eagle
Shoes: Payless
Sunglasses: Ann Taylor
Cell Phone Case: Otterbox

I hope you enjoyed this first in the Farm Style series! I know I have some readers who have bush hogged… what do you wear to do tractor work?

51 thoughts on “Farm Style | Bush Hogging”

  1. I absolutely LOVE what you wore! As someone who wears pants about 5 times a week, I am encouraged to see posts with pants every once in awhile.
    Keepin' it real is the best way to go!


  2. Super cute! I have an almost identical shirt and also listen to podcasts/sermons a lot when I'm doing big jobs. We don't do bush hogging here on our small farm but we do haymaking, yard work, and animal milking in the mornings and evenings..

    I usually wear a denim skirt if the ground looks dry or jeans and a tunic if the ground looks particularly muddy. There is always a risk of getting caked in mud, having to chase a runaway animal or having to ungracefully vault over a fence in the wind, so pants are the easiest for me.

  3. I love seeing the "real" everyday parts of your life! I have never bush hogged, but I have raked hay and I know how hot the tractor can get in the summer!

    A belt clip for your phone sounds like a good idea, I may have to get one! I love listening to podcasts while doing chores and working in the garden. What podcasts do you listen to?

    What kind of clip/holder do you have for your gun? I've been trying to get used to carrying and so far I haven't found a holster I like that doesn't add a ton of bulk. It's kind of hard to conceal that way! 😉 Tunics would be perfect for conceal carry though!

    I look forward to more Farm Style posts! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Great post – love the practicality and ''keepin' it real'' 🙂 (though your other posts keep it real too!) Can I ask what you're carrying (or are you saving that for next Monday?) My husband looked over my shoulder while I read and saw your ''utility belt'' pic and wondered what make and model your piece is?

  5. Love this 🙂 Bushhogging is a big part of my life on my farm – also in Tennessee, woohoo! – so I love seeing these down-to-earth jean outfits that I can take some inspiration from. I typically end up in boots, jeans and a ratty t-shirt, haha!

  6. I listen to sermons/ studies too!!! not on podcasts, but on the radio, sometimes 3 or 4 different ones 2 times a day. I used to think I was weird :). I've learned so much from them! ~Kelly M.

  7. Love the reality of this one!! We all have "those days" when we just don't look like a princess and that's that. But, you still managed to look cute despite the challenges! Love it 🙂 This was also super encouraging as I wear pants quite a lot.

  8. So cute and practical! Hope to check out thredUP's sale. I wear pants pretty regularly, and am very encouraged by your pants posts!
    By the way, I'm sure I'm not the only one here who doesn't follow you on Facebook or instagram or anything.(I would if had a Facebook or instagram!) Are we missing out on important Fresh Apparel stuff? I was clicking around the website (great job, by the way!) and noticed some updates and surveys that I had never seen. I understand if you don't want to clutter this blog with stuff, but is there somewhere else we can go to see updates?

  9. You look really nice. I love your top. I would have guessed you were going grocery shopping or something. When I would mow grass, I usually wore my grubbiest clothes. It was kind of embarrassing tho, when unexpected company comes. I was wearing an old t-shirt and bleach spotted shorts to mow when the census take stopped by to verify our family info. I wanted to hide, but I had to talk with her.
    Jenny K.

  10. I love this series! I know I don't look that great after riding horses or cleaning stalls but you do. My hair would stay nice if i was sweating for hours.

  11. Please tell me you weren't actually going to use your gun on a stupid snake…….how awful. Now if you had said that you were mowing far from the house, and took it in case of "two legged problems" then I would say go for it! lol

    1. I'm terrified of snakes and we have some pretty poisonous ones around, so I'm definitely going to attempt to shoot one if I see it. Harmless snake maybe not.
      And, yes, it was far from the house, so two legged problems are always in the back of my mind. 😉

    2. Yeah, I don't know about you, but we have snakes of the Copperhead and Rattler variety, and I don't even live in the country… 😉 I like the way you said two legged problems. I haven't heard that one before. 😉

  12. Cute outfit! I live in Alaska and was raised Pentecostal. I wear leggings, knee high xtratuf rubber boots and a very stretchy skirt with a tshirt and rain coat to work in. Lately we have been hauling brush, burning it, cutting and hauling logs in the rain and mud. I am a longtime blog reader of yours and love the inspiration you give. Thanks and hope you have a great week!:D

  13. This post was great, Olivia! 🙂 It's fantastic to see the ways to be modest while working hard outdoors. Thanks for being real with us… I wear skirts as a rule, but I love how you pair long tunic tops with jeans for outdoorsy things. I'm used to working with a skirt on, but I love the practicality of your outfit so much! Blessings!

  14. Yay! This post was one that I was particularly looking forward too! I love the idea of a tool belt for phone, etc. Will have to look into one of those! 😀 I intern at a friends farm and have several other friends who are country folk, and I choose to wear jeans, mud boots, and old t-shirts when driving tractors and working with animals, mainly for safety reasons. Sometimes the animals are bothered by blowing fabric… Not to eager to have a rooster attack my leg 🙂 When I do wear a skirt for farm work, it is a heavy denim… durable for even roosters 🙂 Usually when I am gardening, I am more comfortable in a loose skirt. (Helps to eliminate the bend, pull, tug routine 🙂 Oh, and I loved seeing you carrying your pistol! Thank you so much for adding this series! I so enjoy reading this blog!

    In Christ, CLB

  15. I love reading your blog. When I do farm work, I usually wear long pants, usually jeans, and a somewhat loose t-shirt. I like to wear skirts when possible, but pants feel safer working around machinery and in the wheat and hay fields, the grass doesn't eat me up as badly. I really liked that you were open about carrying. In the country it is necessary for safety. Thank you for your blog and may God allow you to continue being an inspiration.

  16. Olivia, I just have to say that I was encouraged by this post. It is so good to see a young lady at home, dressing modestly AND femininely, and doing real hard work. I just think that this is really what it's about . . . this is Proverbs 31 in the twenty-first century. Love how you've capture all of that in this outfit.

  17. Hey Olivia, Love your outfit. I am looking forward to bush hogging in October. It is so nice to be outside and looking at the clouds and birds fly by. Sometimes I scare up a deer resting in the tall grass. I also wear jeans along with my pink rubber boots incase of snakes. I really love living on the farm it is so peaceful. God is all around us. Have a good rest of the week. Stephanie

  18. Did you know that there is really an animal called the Bush Hog?! It's true! 🙂
    Cute outfit! eeww! snakes, weeds, cow pastures? (Oh my!) I'm glad I don't live on a farm! (if that's what you call your place! ha-ha!) -Abi
    I'm opening up a shop on my blog for lotions, lip balms, sugar scrubs, etc., so I would LOVE it if anyone would come and look! 🙂 thanks!

  19. I never bush-hogged when we lived on the farm, we had a friend do it, or my brother or dad. But whenever we had our chores, milking the goats, getting eggs, feeding all of the animals, and all that, I normally wore just jeans, a long T-shirt, or something. I would keep my hair up in a braid or ponytail, something to keep it up. Love your outfit!
    Daughter of the Prince of Peace

  20. Hey, I love this post! I wear jeans about 50% of the time, so I really like your outfit. 🙂

    Have you ever thought about doing no make-up Monday posts?

    BTW- what's your secret to keeping your hair stay soo nice after all that work?!

  21. The concept of a girl carrying a gun is totally alien to a British person but on the other hand we only have one poisonous snake and that is now quite rare.

    I still don't wear jeans but I wear smarter trousers (which I think you call dress pants) to work quite often when it is colder and always try to wear a tunic or long cardigan with them to increase modesty thanks to your inspiration.

    Do you ever wear dress pants or just jeans when you do outside work?

    1. Hi! I didn't know there were any British people following this blog! It's fun to me how you said it was totally foreign to y'all, because my family carries guns everwhere it's legal and I very much grew up around guns. I guess Texas and wherever are much different. 😉 -Grace

    1. Yeah, me too! What kind of gun is that by the way? A 9mm? I really prefer revolvers myself, but they are a lot bulkier. Any tips? -Gretta

  22. Hey Olivia, I love the outfit! Thanks so much for blogging, I always look forward to reading a new post and I love your new schedule and website design!! I am especially looking forward to your wardrobe basic series, I don't think I know much in that area at all! 🙂 I also wanted to say thanks a lot for blogging because you have inspired me to want to dress modestly. Oh and I really like your jean posts, I wear jeans most of the time so I am now starting to try to find tunics, but I hope to start to wear skirts a lot more. I have made a destination skirt (and love it) and am hoping to make an Errand 17 skirt soon. 😀

    Anna (13) 🙂

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