Where do you live?

Northwest of Atlanta, Georgia.

Where can I find a natural make-up recipe?
I don’t currently have one worked out, but you can read my beauty posts here.

What do you recommend to avoid being bulky while layering for modesty?
Answer coming in a blog post soon!

Can we swap blog buttons?
As much as I would love to, this is an area of my life that I need to keep simple by keeping it non-existent. 🙂

I noticed you wear a hat or scarf to church. Why?
In studying 1 Corinthians 11, I believe it is commanded that women should cover their head during worship to symbolize that they are under the authority of their husband or father. So, I wear a headcovering for worship services as a reminder to myself and as a testimony to the angels that I am under my father’s headship. This is not a burden of any sort to me– I love honoring the Lord this way.

How do you curl your hair?!
I just happen to have a video to show you how! Since this video, I was given a Curling Wand that works 50% faster and is a whole lot easier to use. Highly recommend it!

What kinds of diets and exercise do you do?
Here’s a post I wrote about it. 🙂

What are your modesty standards?
Shirts can be fitted, but not too form-fitting. Skirts/dresses should come to my knees. Pants are okiedokes, but it’s usually preferable to wear a long shirt to cover my rear. 🙂 Those are the main ones.

What do you do about swimwear?
I sew my own  and have written an eBook explaining step-by-step how you can do it, too. However, I realize not everyone sews, so here’s a post on how to make conventional swimwear more modest.

I’ve also been answering some Frequently Asked Questions in posts. Click here to read those. 🙂