I made this skirt last fall and have worn it at least 3 times a week since then. It is so practical, comfortable, modest, flattering, and versatile. I’ve had several requests for a tutorial on how to do the pockets of this skirt. So, here are the steps finally! {yeah, okay, so I toootally forgot to put that extra little pocket on one side while doing this tutorial and I’m still trying to find my pattern for the back pockets. =P They’re really simple to figure out yourself, though. The little pocket is just a rectangle hemmed and sewn on, and I just traced my favorite pants’ pockets for the back pockets’ pattern.}

 Start by getting yourself a simple 4-gore A-line skirt pattern. My favorite (as you know) is Butterick 3134, view C. You’ll need to figure out exactly the size of gores you need so that it will sit at the right spot on your hips. This took a little bit of trial and error for me since, because of the slight bias stretch of the fabric, just measuring my hips, dividing by 4, and adding seam allowance to get the top-of-gore measurement didn’t work- it ends up way too big. For me, if add seam allowance to the front pieces, but not the back, it works perfectly. (Plus it gives a little bit of a smaller rear illusion. πŸ˜‰ (More on testing fit later)

So, cut out your four gores. For my long denim skirts, I add about 4″ to the bottom (hem) of the pattern. [for this tute, I used scrap denim and made it only 10″ long so I can make it into a tierd skirt later. Please just imagine long pieces.]

Next, click on the above picture then print it and cut it out.

Lay this pattern on your skirt pattern to see if it fits correctly. Make sure you have the front seam and the side seams identified. The pocket goes on the side seam, obviously. =)

If it fits, cut 4 out of your denim. To do this, lay the fabric right sides together and cut twice, so you have four but two for each side. Make sense? If not, keep reading and you’ll see what I mean.

 Let’s test the fit of the skirt. Sew your front and back center seams together, but not the side seams. Pin one side together and wrap it around you to check the fit. It should be fairly snug, but not too.

Alright, now we get to sew some pockets! On the pattern, I put a dashed line where I like to have my pocket start. You may like it a little farther down, a little deeper, a cooler shape, or anything. I just found this shape to be the perfect mix of flattering and functional. Pin one pocket piece to one side, right sides together.  Trace on your shape and pin all around it. Sew through both layers on this line and then trim close to the stitching.

 Like so. =)

 Clip the curves and turn the pocket to the inside and iron the seam.

 Now, to make sure you have identical pockets, pin another pocket piece on the other side, and trace it like shown above.

 Yeah- that way. πŸ™‚ Now sew this one the same way. Trim, clip, and press.

 All turned in! Starting to look like pockets!

 Go ahead and top-stitch along the edge.

 Now take the remaining pocket pieces and put them over the turned-in pockets.[If putting on a little inner pocket, sew it to this new pocket piece now before you put this piece on the skirt]

 Now pin the pocket pieces together (the one that’s sewn on and the one you just laid over it) and sew along the edge.

 Like that. πŸ™‚ This is the front seam here in the middle of the picture.

You’re going to want to finish the raw edges now. I serged them this time (yay!) but in the past I zigzagged the edges.

 Look! It’s a pocket! Baste the floppy edges to the side and waist seams to keep things easy when you sew the skirt together.

 Alrighty- we can sew the side seam together! I don’t know if you can read what I wrote on this picture, but it’s just showing that to insert a zipper [you also could have put this in the center back seam, but I kinda like having it on the side instead], simply baste the part where the zipper will go in the seam, back stitch a couple times, and then continue the rest of the seam in a normal stitch. You may or may not have needed to know that. =P But, hey, I’m more for TMI than NEI. (too much info vs not enough info) πŸ˜‰

 Install zipper. =)

 Now sew on a waistband (I just use a long straight piece of denim for this), starting and ending at the zipper.

I just sew it right-sides-together to the skirt, then fold it over (with a serged edge- otherwise I fold it over twice) and try to stitch-in-the-ditch along the seam.Then I top-stitch the top of the waistband. πŸ™‚

And that’s it! Wasn’t it easy? You’ll be a pocket pro in no time. πŸ™‚
I really hope this was clearer than mud. Let me know how it works and feel free to ask questions!

P.S. Sorry for the odd quality of these photos and my PJ’s in the last one- I did this by lamplight on my bed before the rest of my family got up Wednesday morning so it was actually still kind of dark out.  =P

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  1. Thanks for posting that! I always make myself skirts… but have never taken the time to figure out pockets. Now I have no excuse πŸ™‚ Looking forward to trying it….

  2. Thanks so much for the excellent tutorial! You made it so easy. I finally have a denim skirt that I LOVE, looks good on me, and has functional pockets.

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