Howdy! Sorry for that uncalled for 2 month blogging break. I’ve been… busy, to say the least. 😀 But, hopefully now that I have some schoolwork off my plate and the weather’s getting cooler, I’ll be sewing again. I’ve missed it so much.

 Last night and this morning (about 3 hours total), I finished the skirt I started when I shared with y’all my Denim Skirt Pocket Tutorial.

I kind of like how it turned out.

 I used stash scraps for the denim top, given-to-me-rough floral cotton for the tiers, and a ruffle from a curtain I bought for $0.25 for the trim. 

 The plain denim top was just begging for some decoration of some sort… so out came my freehand foot {that I *love*- so glad it came with my machine) and that was that.

 I loooooove my Serger. Tiered skirts are a bit more slimming when sewn like this, I think. Plus, for the first time I think *ever* I actually finished all the inside seams of a project! So quickly, too!

What have y’all been sewing lately? 

8 thoughts on “|~ The Denim, Floral, & Curtain Skirt”

  1. love this!! I want to make another teired skirt now! Never thought of using the serger for the outside of the skirt. great idea! the skirt reminds me of the musical annie get your gun for some reason. Thats a good thing! 🙂 I love the feminine country vibe.

    In Christ,

  2. Love it, Olivia! Very, very cute! I need some of your inspiration. I've got so much fabric, and even a few projects in mind, but I'm so not motivated lately… 😛


  3. I love your skirt! And I love that both your blogs are committed to modest fashion (something you don't see very often these days).
    I wish I had a serger. I've used one recently for a project I'm trying to complete with a class I'm taking and I loved it! If I end up doing any more sewing projects that require one I'll definitely have to buy one.

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