Hey y’all! How is your Thursday going to far? Mine has been rather productive and I’m going to hustle through this post so I can do more things! πŸ˜‰


  • Driving up to your piano lesson, but sitting in the car while you wait for your sister’s lessons to be over, doing your written theory homework. Through the open window, you can hear your pastor and a guy with a giant crane talking about how the area of Bucksnort got it’s name. Something about a guy named Buck always snorting whiskey. 
  • Taking two hours to do 20 minutes worth of chores. Went like this: Catch Emma on the mower who gives me the feed recipe: 5 scoops regular feed, 4.5 scoops cow
    peas, 1 scoop corn, soaked in a gallon of milk.
    Walk inside to the refrigerator; we’re out of animal milk. Okay, run
    upstairs, find $10 (that actually took 4 times climbing stairs before I
    found it), grab the keys, drive to the Dairy. While I’m there near a friend’s house, I
    pick out some movies for Mommy to watch. Put 6 gallons of milk in the
    van. Drive home. Unload milk, stepping over the new puppy who loves
    doormats. Realize that you forgot to get the pig scraps from the farm
    earlier in the day, and you need to run over there and get those before
    it gets any later. Grab keys, wallet, and phone again and drive to church to switch cars with Daddy (who had taken the truck) so I can put
    compost in the back of it. On the way past the neighbor’s, I
    realize I am not going to make it on fuel fumes. Thankfully I had gas in
    the back of the truck, but the spout was too short to get it in the
    tank. So, borrow a tube from them. Stand there fueling, have a
    nice little chat, and drive to the farm. Reclaim kale scraps from the
    vicious worms in the compost pile, drive home.
    Get a text: “Hey! What are you up to?!”
    “Just pulled pig food out of a compost pile full of mealworms! It was so gross!”
    “EWW. I’m eating split pea soup! Thanks a lot- I’m sick now!”
    Drive behind the house to the pig pen. Find their trough, move it back
    to it’s correct spot without letting them touch me, dump in two lugs of
    rotting produce, close fence, scoop cow peas and corn into the chicken
    bucket, and drive back down to the garage.
    Dump a gallon of milk into the bucket to let it start soaking while you
    go get the normal feed. Find a bucket, get the feed, dump it in the
    chicken bucket with the milk, etc. Drive down to chickens. Try to stir
    bucket with a bent hoe from the back of the truck, didn’t work too well.
    Awkwardly divide the feed between two chicken tractors, check the water,
    and finally make it back to the house. Rinse out lugs and buckets, go
    upstairs and get an egg carton, go outside and collect the eggs. You have reached the end of my epic saga.
  •  “Olivia, did you run out of shirts?!”– my sister’s awkward way of saying she doesn’t like my clothing choice.
  • “There’s no one I’d rather send skirts to than you!” — Madeline‘s way of commentlianting me.
  • Turning on the radio to hear the last of one song and the beginning of the next. “Wake me up before you go-go/ don’t you dare to leave me hanging on like a
    yo-yo…(next song)…I’m wide awake /I’m wide awake”
  • Thinking you’re totally alone as you spill your heart out on the phone to a friend, and then realize a person you were just mentioning is standing within earshot. 
  • Having a guy tell you that if you make your herbal tea that way it’ll turn out bitter. 


  • Working with a friend and another friend calls and says, “Hey, can I bring y’all lunch?” So, she brings a huge bowl of chicken salad and eats with us. Another friend stops by to join on her way home, and eventually two more friends finish their hauling job and also eat with us. So, eventually we had 6 young folks from church each from a different family, randomly eating lunch together on a weekday.
  • Chasing cows. Why do I enjoy this so much? In the cold windy rain no less. And maybe barefoot. 
  • Finally getting a chance to work on my denim skirt ebook! I’m totally stoked, y’all. 
  • The Morning Center. Please, be sure you’re voting every day! Since the website sells wine, for legality purposes they have to ask you to be 21 to enter the site, but they don’t mind if you are under 21 and vote. So, please, if you have a facebook account, go vote! And, sign up for email reminders!
  • “For central to the meaning of the cross is this- You are not in charge; you are in trouble.”~ This article is really good.
  • Chocolate pudding craving! I finally got around to coming up with a healthy recipe for  

Chocolate Pudding
    •  1/2 cup cocoa powder
    • 1/4 cup tapioca (or corn) starch
    • 1 1/2 heaping tablespoons marshmallow root powder (not necessary, but it has throat-soothing qualities, perfect for this time of year)
    •  1/2 teaspoon salt
      • Whisk together in a sauce pan and then mix in
    • 2 1/2 cups of milk
    • 1/2 cup honey
      • Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until pudding boils and is thickened (about 8 minutes). Reduce heat to medium-low and cook for 2 more minutes. Remove from heat, add
    • 1/3 cup unsalted butter, cut in 1 Tbsp pieces
    • 2 teaspoons vanilla (or 1 T homemade)
      •  Stir gently until butter melts. Transfer to bowl, place plastic wrap directly on top of warm pudding; cool 10 minutes. You can serve it warm or chill it first. Really yummy with whipped cream,  walnuts, and/or sprinkles. πŸ™‚
 Shirt: Thrift store
Skirt: Made by me
Tank: JCP
Shoes: Thrift store

I don’t recommend getting distracted reading about the health benefits of marshmallow root powder while you’re trying to thicken your pudding. πŸ˜‰ Hope y’all have an awesome day! What’s been awkward or awesome about your week?

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22 thoughts on “Cows and Marshmallow”

  1. Cute outfit! Cute shirt! Love the hair! How did you fix it? Personally I would either untuck the shirt or put on a big western belt. I will have to try the receipe sometime! My Thursday isn't going to bad. I have been working on an 8-10 page paper for school that I think is due tomorrow. I didn't even start working on it until this morning! I have been so distracted by all the problems at work that I've pretty much had to force myself to work on school! I'm so distracted I can barely focus. Ican barely focus on school because, I can't seem to think about anything except all of the problems going on at work! Hence, I have not accomplished much school since Monday!
    Love, Katie

    1. My hair is just put in loose pigtails and then I pushed them against my head to give them fluff and bobby pinned them… if that makes sense. πŸ˜›
      And I totally agree about the shirt- I was taking pictures for the ebook and had to show the skirt's waistband, but then forgot to take the shirt out for outfit pictures. πŸ˜›
      Hope you get your paper done!

  2. Hooray for denim skirt ebook ! I can't wait to download it !!!
    Sounds like you're always busy ! Do you sometimes to breaks? You look tired on the pictures !
    Have a great day !

    1. Haha, I think I am always busy… that's a good thing I guess! πŸ™‚ I do take a break if I need it, but I also try to make the best use of my time! I think I look tired in these pictures because I didn't put on eyeliner like I usually do. πŸ˜›

  3. I love denim and pink together, it's super cute on you. =) I will def be buying the denim skirt ebook whenever it's available! And I'll have to try that chocolate pudding recipe too… I love it but the store-bought stuff is sooo unhealthy. Thanks for sharing!

  4. LOVE the outfit! So classy and cute! I especially love your skirt and shoes…and your hair do is super cute as well! Thanks for the laughs! I really enjoy your Awkward & Awesome Thursday posts! πŸ™‚

  5. Love that skirt-but I have a question: where do you find jean fabric? Because I can't find any decently priced (that wouldn't cost at least $30 for a skirt when I could buy one for the same price)?
    That pink is a really good color on you!
    Awesome: 130 Calorie mini drumstick cones! YUM!
    Awkward: Telling people it snowed at my house and then having it all but melt off!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  6. I love the shirt! And I think I've told you this before, but pink looks great on you πŸ™‚ Your hair looks really cute too πŸ™‚


  7. Love the epic saga! πŸ™‚
    Awkward: Thinking you're alone at church outside and singing a Taylor Swift song really loudly to yourself and then looking behind you and realizing that a 13 year old boy is staring at you…

    Taking your dog on a walk and wearing your brand new earmuffs that plug into your iPod and singing loudly, not paying attention to anything, and then realizing that your dog pooped in the middle of the street…

    Having yesterday be 85 degrees and wearing shorts and wake up this morning and having it be 30 degrees…

    Watching my brother trying to draw my mom during art this morning and him ending up saying, "You look like a Japanese man!"

    Watching Romney tromp on Obama at the debate last night!!
    Peanut Butter Bars…:)
    A big fuzzy blanket, a warm puppy, hot chocolate (imported from England!), and 35 degree weather.:)
    Going to freshmodesty.com and realizing that there is a new post! πŸ˜‰
    Messy Mondays videos!!

  8. Okay Olivia, this is really weird, but when my family and I went down to TN a year or two ago, I remember we drove past the area called Bucksnort, and we thought it was the most ridiculous name to ever call a town! And now you mentioned it in your post! :0 how funny! πŸ™‚


  9. Thank you so much for the pudding recipe! I found it turned out a wee bit salty though. But, I was using salted butter (whoops), so I would suggest, if you use salted butter, DON'T put in the salt.
    And I love your skirt, and your outfit too!

    The middle singer and sister

  10. oh my gosh, i love this. a lot. that disciption of you completeing a chore that would take twenty minutes in two hours is pricless…!
    oh, and nice outfit πŸ™‚

  11. I love your skirt!! I have been trying to find a pattern for one almost exactly like that one! Do you think you could tell me what pattern you used (that is if you used on)? I have been wanting a skirt like that, that I could wear as a casual skirt. I have two denim skirts, but neither one of them has pockets and I SO want one with pockets.:)


    1. Thanks, Maria! I made the pattern myself and am working on an ebook to explain it…. but it's taking forever. πŸ˜› So, someday, you'll be able to make one! πŸ˜› Sorry I can't help immediately.

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