I’m digging up projects from the bottom of my closet that I never showed y’all… these skirts I made nearly 3 years ago.

This is a blue gingham circle skirt with pretty lace trim. You’ll notice on this one and the red one that I didn’t hem them- I just added lace. I’d heard horror stories of hemming circle skirts, so I just avoided it. 🙂

…and you can tell I made this one a long time ago. The waistband is floppy! I remember having such a hard time figuring out how it went on- and I think I did it upside down afterall. But, that hasn’t stopped us from wearing it. Notice the rip in the side? This gets worn at least once a week.

I loved this blue skirt a lot, but it was thin. It definitely needed a slip, but if I wore a regular one and twirled, the slip showed! So, I just made a white skirt from the same pattern out of an old table cloth- it works wonderfully! We (I speak of “us” a lot. I mean my sister Emma and I who basically share a wardrobe) wear the slip under so many skirts and dresses- these two, my bedsheet skirt, my dress– the list goes on! Because it is of a stiffer fabric, it gives great body to whatever we wear it under. I avoided hemming the slip too by just putting seam binding around the hem- in two colors, no less!

I learned from the trouble I had with the shaped waistband on both the blue skirt and the slip and just used a rectangle for the top of this red version. It doesn’t flop nearly as badly and sits well over the bulkier waistband of the slip. These are perfect summer skirts! They have rolled down many a hill and waded many a creek with us! I will admit, though, that for a while the blue skirt had… uh… um… should I say it?

It had…


*whispers* deer poop on it. Yes, on one of those trips down the hill was unfortunate. The stain came out after about 82 washings and it may still be there. Hasn’t kept us from wearing it, though!

6 thoughts on “|~ Circle Skirts”

  1. How relaxed and fun! I often think of "imperfect" projects as inferior, but am trying to change my attitude. 🙂 Having something that is less stiff and prim halps relax your whole outlook…as long as you don't get selfconscious about it!

    And I LOVE circle skirts.

  2. Cute skirts! The first skirt I made without a pattern has a waistband like the blue one 😉 I just made my first circle skirt about two weeks ago, and it took me *FOVER* to hem…(Okay, about three days of working 3-4 hours a day :))


  3. You have a lot of followers. And a lot of profile views. ARE YOU FAMOUS OR SOMETHING AND HAVEN'T TOLD ME YET?!??!?

    xoxo you,

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