Mommy has wanted a Christmas tree skirt ever since she was first married. She could never bring herself to spend money on it, though. When Wal-Mart put all of their fabric on clearance at 75% off, we bought some beautiful red material to make a table cloth. However, our tree looked quite bare without presents or a skirt underneath, so I used the fabric to make a tree skirt.

I measured around our tree stand to get the inner circle measurement and out from the stand to the edge of the branches to get the diameter.
To get a full circle I had to cut some fabric off of one end and sew it onto the edge. This is at the back and it is completely invisible. Cut a slit from one edge to the inner circle so that it could be wrapped around the tree and narrow hemmed all the edges and I was done! Took me an evening– Mommy had been waiting 19 years. 😀

4 thoughts on “|~ Christmas Tree Skirt”

  1. that’s a really nice tree skirt. it’s funny b/c we’ve bought tree skirts, not neccesarily for the tree, but to use as capes for dress-up when we were younger. they were actulally quite beautiful, we’d buy them on sale after christmas….we have a gold one w/ feathers, a red one w/ fur, a medieval joker cape….ok i’m probably boring you, lol! 🙂

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