Natural finds, make-up tutorials, and recipes for homemade products.

Favorites | EcoTools

Hey! When I sit down to blog I ask myself, “What am I passionate about right now?” and today the first thing that came to mind was “ahhh those make-up brushes!” then I tried to tell myself that was silly and that I just did a make-up post and that I really should find something… Read More »

Study Your Face { + a free printable!}

Hello! Today we start a new series: How To Transition To Natural Cosmetics! I’m excited to share with you what I’m doing as I make this change myself and I hope you come along for the ride! There is SO MUCH out there on makeup/products/brushes/skin-care routines/what’s good and what’s not/miracle cures, etc. I know I’m… Read More »

How To | Boho Braid

Hey y’all! I received several hints for a video on how to do this hairstyle, so here it is!  (click here for the original outfit post) (click here to watch that updo video I reference) Read More »

Beauty | Summer/Fall 2014 Daily Make-Up

Hey y’all! It’s time for this month’s Beauty post! I decided to change the series name from “Make-Up” because not every month will be make-up related. One of these days I’m hoping to get into researching and doing more natural types of beauty regimens and sharing those… *sigh* Alright, here’s an update to how I’ve… Read More »

Review | Natural vs. Conventional Mascara

 Hey y’all! In all of my mentions of natural cosmetics here on Fresh Modesty, I’ve had the most requests for a natural mascara review/recipe. Well, I have not yet attempted to make my own, but I did find and buy a natural mascara to see how it works.  This is a totally clean face after… Read More »

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