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For Days of Computer Work...

Hey y’all! Life goes so fast, doesn’t it?? It’s been forever since I’ve shared even a simple outfit.  My wardrobe choices lately have been based on comfort and ease. I’ve been doing tax paperwork for weeks now (Business advice: keep extremely detailed records, don’t have large amounts of inventory sitting in a closet, and hire… Read More »

DIY All Natural Makeup Primer/Setting Spray

Hey y’all! One of the best ways to get your makeup to last longer and go on smoother is by beginning with primer and finishing with setting spray. Here’s my favorite recipe for a two-in-one bottle of spray that’s all natural and made with ingredients you probably already have (or if you don’t, you should… Read More »

How To Give Yourself A Polish-Free Manicure

Hey y’all! I think it’s time to give our fingernails a little TLC, don’t you? When my health was poor, my nails really showed it! White dots, ridges, cracking, breaking, general brittleness- I could just tell my body was not happy. I’m doing a lot better now and I’m super excited my nails are reflecting… Read More »

Reader Round-Up | Your Deodorant Suggestions!

Hey y’all! Wow, thank you for comments on the last post! I mentioned that I hadn’t found an aluminum free deodorant that worked for me yet and y’all really came through with suggestions via email, FB messages, comments on that post, even Instagram! I thought I’d just round them up here in a simple list… Read More »

Skincare Cleanout!

Hey y’all! Does your dad ever send you emails with subject lines like “read this” or “look at this” with just a single link to some random article he ran across on facebook? Oh, that’s just my dad? 😉 Well, one of those articles he sent me I finally clicked on when cleaning out my… Read More »

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