Hey y’all! I’m so sorry it’s been so long since I’ve been here to chat! It’s been a hectic, but productive, couple weeks as I try to get some housework done before I hide away next week to start hemming the Fresh Apparel Denim Co skirts! My sister Willa looked so cute recently that I wanted to share her outfit with you. She’s 16 and the one who usually takes my pictures. 🙂 Brace yourself: I’ve got quite a few Awk+Awes to share since it’s been so long since the last one!
  • Hiding waiting in a bathroom stall for the Panera employee to finish washing their hands so you can brush your teeth (with charcoal, which is even more awkward). 
  • The fact that it’s January 22nd and the Christmas decorations aren’t put away yet.
  • Sitting at a table full of guys for lunch and after about an hour chatting and smiling and laughing, you realize you had a huge black seed in your teeth for probably the majority of that time. *cringe*
  • Finding the verse “So you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing” scribbled on a moving box containing three porcelain clowns on swings from Germany. Lacking nothing is for sure. 😉
  • That my shower radio has a phone button on it so you can answer calls while lathering. 
  • When you come home to find your entire driveway and yard toilet papered. And then spend days cleaning it up with 18 ft bamboo poles.
  • Having a truck that will only make it about 3.25 miles before it overheats and you have to let it cool down. To the dump and back is 4.6 miles, so I’ve broken down in the same spot at least 4 weeks in a row. -_-
  • Waking up so sick from your Lymes that you throw up twice while staying at a friend’s house. This makes you late for your coffee dates– “Hey how are you!?” Actually really really awful, how about yourself? 😛
  • Having wet red nails as the party guests arrive (careful hugging!) and you’re supposed to be arranging crackers in bowls. 
  • Rigging a metal shelf to be a tailgate for your truck with some bailing twine so you can haul firewood. 
  • When you’re in a restaurant’s waiting room and it gets so crowded you stand half behind the Christmas tree and half on a bench, in the frozen window. And then y’all end up just going next door and ordering a pizza.
  • Not knowing your guest house had a deer processing room until your dad shot a deer and suggested you to come see it. 😛 It’s got a sink, air conditioning, shelves, the whole shebang. 
  • Sitting at a really fancy dinner and fidgeting with your shoe so much that the liner comes out and gets separated too far from your toes to fix without bending down to pick it up.
  • When your really-not-musical dad gets up and sings a verse of Blue Christmas, Elvis style, for the whole church. 
  • Going hunting for ugly Christmas sweaters and not finding any from here to Georgia. 
  • When you get an email from someone asking if they saw you at a store as soon as you get in your car in the parking lot. O.o
  • When you’re with a friend at Starbucks and have nothing but coffee on your stomach so you just start vibrating your leg uncontrollably because of the caffeine. “Are you cold?!” Not really… “Are you okay?!” Yeah, actually…
  • When your sister tries to make the music louder by putting her earbuds in her nose and opening her mouth…. (doesn’t work, btw) 😉
  • Eating shrimp. The legs are too much. 
  • The laughing mood that my cold+ exhaustion put me in for about 36 hours. Every little thing sent me laughing uncontrollably. Especially burrito jokes or comments about ancient Rome. 
  • When your friend in med school sends you selfies from the cadaver lab. 
  • The part of doctors visits when they ask if you’ve been consistent taking your vitamins and medicines and you have to say not really…

  • Safe travels. I have another long drive coming Monday (12 hours round trip to pick up skirts!) and I’m really hoping our car makes it. 😛
  • Attending a formal Christmas party and the evening ending with everyone throwing card stock airplanes from the third story stairwell in their suits and formal dresses. 
  • Homemade dairy-free ranch dressing that takes less than 2 minutes to make. Have I shared that recipe here? We based it off of The Pioneer Woman’s super fancy recipe, but here’s mine:
    • 8 oz plain coconut milk yogurt (we get the SO Delicious brand at Whole Foods)
    • 8 oz mayonnaise (we get the 365 organic brand at Whole Foods)
    • 1-3 Tablespoons dried oregano (we buy ours from Mountain Rose Herbs)
    • 1 1/2 teaspoons garlic granules 
    • 1 teaspoon salt
    • plain coconut milk to desired consistency
      • Mix together and store in the fridge! Keeps for a long time. 
  • Our dog having 8 puppies. New experience for everyone. 😀
  • Having the stamina to work 45+ hours last week cleaning/organizing/purging/caulking our basement. I posted one of my work outfits on Instagram
  • CallieRashida, and Meadow singing me a customized version of Taylor Swift’s “22” for my birthday back in October! 
  • When your wifi automatically connects at the gas station.
  • Having a sauna 8 ft from your bedroom. Being able to be completely warm (130* warm) at least once a day during the winter is SO nice. 
  • Getting all my emails sorted out… for real this time. Took my inbox from about 1,000 to 4 emails. 
  • Taking care of business paperwork (read: taxes and bills) on the porch because it was 60* and sunny outside!
  • Finding 39 pieces of glasswear at the thriftstore for $10! 
  • Midnight snacks.
  • An awesome Christmas trip with my family to my grandparent’s house.
  • The post office in Frostburg, Maryland. Absolutely gorgeous old building with fancy P.O. boxes, double wooden doors, and ornate carvings everywhere. I’ve spent a long time in post offices lately so I appreciated the unique beauty of that one. 
  • The Lord providing even when His children are… well, stupid. 
  • A french press and organic coffee. 
  • My Elvis Presley personal checks. I figured if there was ever an acceptable time in my life to have them, it would be now. (plus now I get mail order offers for The King figurines and who doesn’t want those!?)
  • Everyone who is being so patient about getting their Errand #17 skirt! The plan is to start hemming Tuesday. 
// Willa’s outfit details //
Shirt: Ann Taylor : ThredUP
Jacket: ThredUP
Skirt: ThredUP
Tank: Forever21 $1.80
Shoes: Converse: $35 on sale

I hope you all have been well! Please, fill me in! What’s been awkward or awesome with you lately?

26 thoughts on “Awk+Awe | Willa’s Casual Look”

  1. I'm so sorry to hear that you've been feeling badly lately. I pray you feel better soon! My awesome this week was FINALLY picking a name for my business and placing 2 orders on ThredUp!!! My awkward was being on antibiotics and having to eat like 7 crackers with peanut butter on them right before I go to bed, all for a pill… and then even after brushing my teeth… my mouth tastes like a peanut butter milkshake :/

  2. Hi Olivia!
    That must have been so much fun seeing you dog have puppies! Our dog is going to have some end of February, too (can't wait till they're here)!

    I have a question about the errand #17 skirt:
    Do you maybe have a cheaper version?
    I absolutely LOVE (!) the skirt!!!! But I don't think that 80 dollars is something that I ill be able to spend right now… .
    Thanks anyways for putting such a great skirt out on the market!
    God bless,

    1. Hey Emma!
      Aw, awesome! Yeah, it was really cool watching them be born!

      Right now, no, there's only the expensive skirt. :-/ I'm hoping maaaaybe sometime in the future I'll have a shorter skirt version that's not so expensive, but sadly it's quite costly to have skirts made here in the US. So sorry!

  3. Cute outfit and I enjoyed reading your post! 🙂

    Is your sisters hair naturally wavy/curly or did she use something?? If so, what did she use?

  4. Willa's outfit is so cute! She is so pretty and her hair is simply stunning. I wish my hair was like that! 🙂 Has anyone ever told your sister that she looks like Jill Duggar? Because the minute I saw her picture it reminded me of her.
    So excited for the skirts! I hope everything goes smoothly for you and that your health improves!

  5. Oh my goodness, Willa, you are absolutely beautiful! I loooove your shoes and how you do your hair! How do you do it?! 😀 Do you crimp your hair? I hope I will see more of your outfits on here soon! ♥


  6. Haha, I always love your awk/awe posts! I'm sitting here in my bedroom alone laughing out loud.:)
    Willa's outfit is super cute, it totally looks like something I would wear. I just love that jacket! I always enjoy it when you do sister posts.:)
    SO excited for my Errand #17 skirt!! Do you have any idea when we will be receiving them?
    Congrats on your productivity these past few weeks, hope you feel better soon!

  7. Wow, looks like life has been busy for you lately! Willa's outfit is cute. It's nice to see the face that's often behind the camera. I need to get a pair of converse one of these days. Prayers for traveling mercies on Monday and for the energy to hem all the skirts in a timely manner!

  8. Hey Olivia! Willa's outfit is great! I loved seeing her after such a long time. I always love your A&A posts! Ha ha! Ooh! Exciting news on the Errand #17 skirts! I SO wish there was a way to help you out with all that hemming. Keep me in mind if you think my long distance help would be worth it in the long run!

    Thanks for being willing to be featured Willa! Your hair is fabulous by the way! Never let anyone talk you into chopping it off! 😉 Your jacket really brings the outfit together so well- great TU find! I'd LOVE to see you on the blog sometime! Thanks SO much for all your behind the scenes work you do to help out Olivia! Your photos are always wonderful! 🙂

    the elder of the two

  9. Your sister is so pretty :)! And these posts are absolutely hilarious! I love them, haha :)!
    Charcoal? I have never heard of that… haha! And I thought I got odd looks for washing my hair with baking soda, hahaha!
    Heehee, the caffeine! That is hilarious! Sugar makes me giddy… lol… and I just had some… ;). And laughing for 36 hours straight… that may or may not have happened to one of my sisters this week!
    And that is awesome that you've accomplished so much this week :)! I've been project busting, as well :)!
    Bri 🙂

  10. This is suuuch an adorable outfit. I love it, Willa! Your hair also looks impeccable. 🙂 Awkward is probably strange encounters with strangers in Washington, D.C. and having to use the bus bathroom. Awesome is being able to stand with 650,000 others up against abortion at the March for Life in D.C. with most of my friends!! Such a beautiful, incredible, life-changing, though most definitely exhausting and adventurous experience.

    1. Well, I had two kinds of toothpaste with me… normal and charcoal, and since I was super sick to my stomach I thought getting a little bit of charcoal into my system might help. 🙂 Haha nothing awkward about being healthy! 🙂

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