Hey y’all! How are you doing today? If you don’t follow Fresh Modesty on Facebook, then you probably don’t know that I got to spend the weekend with Callie from Creations by Callie! She’s been in my neck of the woods (literally) for the last couple months and it finally worked out to get together!

Callie is a fellow modest fashion blogger and so creative and confident in her fashion style. I love reading and seeing what fabulous looks she’s pulling off this week. But, she’s also down-to-earth and practical and an incredible thrifter. She’s definitely had my attention since she pulled off her guest post on Bramblewood Fashion with pizzazz. ๐Ÿ˜€ Her heart for the Lord shines through and I was so blessed to be able to hang and talk with her.

Callie and my sister and I were talking about how we love when Madeline posts legitly awkward photos on her Awk+Awe posts, so I’m including this bad boy in with today’s. The whole photoshoot produced some doozies. 
  • Finding your favorite nail file in the freezer. 
  • The crazy things in the antiqueish stores we laughed at. Like, what even is that? 
  • Watching + doing a yoga video on your phone to stretch in the morning and just as you get to the difficult balancing position with one leg above your head it freezes and you have to push play again without falling over. 
  • Trying on footie pajamas at the thrift store because they were just so atrocious. 
  • When you, your friend, Callie, and her two friends are the youngest people at a tiny hymn sing by a margin of about 40 years. So, the nice elderly people make y’all stand up in front of the congregation and sing “Come Thou Fount”, just the five of you. The first verse the pianist played so slow it was painful, but then we asked him to speed it up and it was much better, but still hilarious. I almost couldn’t sing I cause I was on the verse of laughing so hard.
  • 1990’s quilt pattern books. The colors, the designs, the uses… O.o
  • The amount of animal fats this diet has you ingesting. Our soups solidify if you don’t eat them while hot. 
  • Offering Callie frozen green beans for a snack 20 minutes after she got to our house. 
  • The postman leaving packages in the truck parked in our driveway. 
  • Making such a big salad for dinner that you end up having it with every meal for the next 4 days and it’s still not gone…
  • Your dad making up a ridiculous story about losing his pants and emailing it to the whole church.
  • The little chain in your toilet being broken, so to flush you have to reach in the tank and lift the flap that lets the water out. I did manage to fix it for a few days with a paperclip but it keeps slipping. 
  • When the 4 year old wants you to peel his apple with a pairing knife because he’s convinced it makes the apple juicier than if you peeled it with a vegetable peeler. 
  • YouTube telling you it’s going to take another 1951 minutes to upload your video. 
  • When your dad uses “your” phone when running errands and your friends text you personal stuff while he has it.
  • People coming to the door when you’re in the middle of breaking up a sibling argument that’s right there by the door. 
  • Just getting on the highway when you get a call from your mom and she says, “I think you better turn around and come back…” and then your phone totally dies. 
  • Flushing the toilet and at that exact moment the power goes out. 
  • The response to Tuesday’s “Life | Right Now” post… I was totally blown away that y’all liked it that much! I seriously almost didn’t post it because I thought it was kind of stupid, but I did anyway. Y’alls comments were the best! Please feel free to use that format on your blog if you’d like. Maybe we could do a link up every other week or so with the “thinking…smelling…believing…” list? Is that too often? I think it’d be great to connect with y’all like that and for us all to take the time to observe our surroundings and analyse what our hearts and heads are saying to each other. Please let me know your thoughts. I don’t want to annoy people with posts they don’t like and I also don’t want to post too much about myself. 
  • Generators. Seriously. The power went out for several hours one morning this week and it was soooo nice to be able to still shower, cook breakfast, and use the internet. 
  • Getting boxes of clothes in the mail you forgot you ordered. For free
  • Getting my order from The Healthy Farm Girl in the mail! LOVE the Morning Glory Tea and I’m still testing my theory, but I’m pretty sure the Dreamsicle lip balm has single-handedly cured my dry lips. 
  • Sleepy eyes in the early morning hours on people you know worked hard the day before. They just make me praise the Lord for His grace and purposes. 
  • My family’s responses when I decide I have to try a new fashion idea which they think is ridiculous. They’ll make fun of me and occasionally question my sanity, sure, but I know they still trust my judgement and want me to have fun being young. 
  • Jamming out to Sound Of Music with Callie while cleaning the kitchen. Yodelay yodelay yodelay heeehooo! 
  • Being sore from working. It’s been so long since I’ve exerted myself physically that I forgot how good this feels. 
  • $1 day at the thrift store, and no tax. We walked in with 3 dollar bills and 8 quarters and walked out with 4 name-brand shirts and a leather vest. 
  • Finally seeing LesMis! We watched it with ClearPlay and it did an excellent job of making it family-friendly. Loved it. 
  • Living in a creative family. Poems, photography, literature, drawing, and dressing up are daily activities around here. 
  • Meeting people and making odd connections. “Wait… I had lunch with your cousin once!” 
  • Taking selfies with a group of people and using three different phones.
  • Hearing from people who have used my eBooks! There are so many great seamstresses in this world! 
We laughed at how “model” like this looked, because it was so a fluke. ๐Ÿ˜€ 
Isn’t my scarf beautiful!? Callie made it for me! 
Shirt: JCPenny’s? Sears? $4ish
Tank: Forever21, $1.80
Skirt: Made by me: $2 for materials (Click here for directions)
Belt: Came with a maxi dress
Earrings: $2
Shoes: Sparkly Sperry’s! Wish I had included them in a picture. $65

Isn’t Callie’s outfit adorable? You’ll have to pop over to her blog to find out where she got everything! ๐Ÿ™‚

Fake laughing. ๐Ÿ˜€ Saturday when she was over we thought it would be fun to do a Q+A video. We asked y’all to submit them on Facebook and we got some really good ones. So many, we had to do two parts. Here’s Part 1! Click over to Callie’s blog to watch Part 2

My family made comments about how loud we were laughing and we got soda up our noses more than once. The modest fashion blog community is seriously the best on the internet, I’m convinced. 
Hope y’all are having a great week! What’s been awkward or awesome about it? Do you read Callie’s blog? 

22 thoughts on “Awk+Awe | Weekend with Callie”

  1. Y'all are so hilarious!! Loved watching the videos, great questions!! I love y'all's happy, always-laughing personalities…it shines through in the video. ๐Ÿ™‚ And I love your scarf, Olivia! I don't think I have read Callie's blog before, but now I'm going to go check it out!

  2. Hey Olivia!

    I read about you two hanging out together on Callie's blog, and wow, that is so awesome! I am positive you had so much fun you can't even put it into words! (Ok. I'll be honest. You two made me jealous :P) I love both of your outfits, I think they both look absolutely lovely. One day I hope to meet both of you amazing ladies…you are both such huge inspirations!

    Ashley B.

  3. I love your outfit! From a distance, that skirt looked like it was velveteen. I had to enlarge the photo in order to tell that it was denim. What a blessing it must be to have friends who share your values. I am hoping and praying that for our daughters as well.

  4. Such a fun post! Loved it. Callie seem so awesome and the Q&A video was great.

    -A bus having to wait for you and your mom as your walk across the parking lot, your mom not noticing, and you don't know how to tell her to pick up the pace.
    -Your mom calling your sister about the watch she got for her birthday just to prove to you that it was the right one, with people in the store watching.

    -Making blueberry buckle for the first time and it turning out great!
    -Shopping for your sister's birthday last-minute and finding something perfect, albeit a pit pricey for your usual spending standards.
    -Making a new bracelet and it turning out awesome.

    And once every two weeks sounds AWESOME for the Right Now posts!

  5. Wow girls! That is so cool that you got to spend some time together. I met Callie on Ravelry a few years ago. She became firneds with my sister as well and they became GREAT firneds that would talk on the phone and email and all sorts of fun stuff. I have talked to Callie a few times on the phone and she has been a big help to me over the past few months. A real encoragment in my hard time right now. I found your blog and started reading it and I am loving it. I love your style it is a lot like mine in a lot of ways. I have been thinking it would be awesome to meet you in person. I love sewing and remaking clothes. It has become a career for me almost. Anyway when I pulled up your blog today I said to myself "What she knows Callie and she got to be in the same room with Callie. I am so jealous of Callie. I want to meet Olivia in person too!!!" Anyway I think it is so cool you got to spend time together and I love your outfit especially the scarf =)

  6. Love the scarf (and color!) I have one identical scarf in grey/charcoal/brown and I can't wait to wear it (it's waaay too hot at the moment, as it's summer in NZ.)
    One day when I go on my 'dream' visit to America, I'll drop by, Olivia. ๐Ÿ™‚ It would be so wonderful to be with someone who has such similar taste/standards/values! Although we're probably about 6-7 years apart in age… Myself being the younger 'party.' =) And I've always secretly wanted to use the word "Y'all" in day to day life, although my accent and background forbids it…

  7. This was fab Olivia! I just (like, as in three days ago) started following Callie's blog! I had seen it everywhere but for some reason never got around to looking it up/following!

    I loved the videos! Great job! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh yes, pulling the chain to flush the toilet- done it! :p

    I would love to have a link up every-other week! I think this is a great idea for posts that can be as casual or as spiritual as you want! Definitely count our little, growing blog in!


  8. Lovely outfit! And you two girls are hilarious! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I have a question…is that a flesh colored or light pink tank that you are wearing under your white shirt? I had to look at it a little closer because I was almost sure that your shirt and skirt were gaping or something?! lol Just maybe something to watch

  9. Olivia,
    I noticed you posted that you watched LesMis. i was wondering, do you really think its okay? i would kind of like to watch it, but i looked it up on a christian movie review site (Plugged In) and they didn't really say anything bad about it, but i was kind of concerned about the modesty and sexual content. do you think it's appropriate and worth watching?

    1. Hi Joanna,
      Olivia's mom here. I watched Les Mis before I allowed the girls to watch it. I watched it without any filters and there were two scenes I wanted them to not watch because of the sexual content. We have ClearPlay which filters out inappropriate material. ClearPlay did a very good job of taking out the scenes I did not want them to see. I would NOT recommend this movie for young people if you do not have ClearPlay. Hope that helps.

  10. Callie, you are out of control (in an acceptable way), I am your biggest fan…..haven't even seen your blog yet, but I know I'm going to love it.
    Praying God blesses you both as much as He has blessed me,

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