Hey y’all! Long time no blog! Seriously, I’ve missed yous guys. It’s an insanely busy season for me and not just because of Fresh Apparel! I love how awkward and awesomes allow me to share the highlights and hilariouslights of what’s been happening ’round here so without further ado…


  • Sitting outside enjoying the quiet campground… when your dad yells, “MARCO!” and his uncle from two cabins down yells back, “POLO”. Some other Howard joins in with another “MARCO” and a cousin responds, “POLO”. I felt sorry for all the other vacationers as we did this at random times all week long.
  • Using a toilet that had to be a hundred years old in a house that was built around the Civil War. 
  • That your sister sewed a bag out of t-shirts so she could take her fresh roses on vacation with her.
  • Chasing down a cow across the field in flip-flops because your aunt wants to pet it. 
  • When your dad photoshops a really bad picture of you and him in a tree (both being goofy and it’s just really unflattering) and swaps your faces, then tags you in it on facebook. Such a TERRIBLE photo. 😛
  • Your grandfather walks sleepily into the kitchen where everyone is hanging out at 1 am, “Y’all telling ghost stories?” “No! Exploding people stories!”
  • Sitting in a flower bed outside the state park lodge bumming wifi so you can respond to business emails. 
  • Wearing a pair of distressed jeans: “Your pants look like you had to fix them because they just popped. Like you ate too many potato chips and they went pssktchk!” ~ Dad
  • Not having answers when people ask about different aspects of Fresh Apparel because you haven’t quite figured such-and-such out yet. There is SO MUCH to think about when starting a clothing line! 
  • Spending 20 minutes driving in circles trying to find Starbucks because you have a gift card and you’re by yourself hours from home and you just need whipped cream
  • That it’s 9 am and my family is gathered in the living room watching “What Does The Fox Say?” 
  • Trying to quickly walk to your family, who is standing waiting on you at checkout, down the main isle of Target. Your shoes are wobbly and slick and you nearly completely fall on your face, but instead do a super ungraceful “catch myself on nothing” move. As you try to walk smoothly again, your mom is giggling at you.
  • Teaching your little sister Willa to pump gas and you realize she’s never swiped a debit card before. 
  • Traveling the Blue Ridge Parkway at sunset. WOW. I want to do it on a motorcycle next. 
  • Learning family history I had never heard before and visiting my great-grandfather’s hometown with my dad’s whole extended family. Wonderful, wonderful week with the How-Weirds. 
  • Sunday: Up until 1 am playing Balderdash and actually did okay! 
  • Monday: Replied to 42 emails in 4 hours.
  • Tuesday: Spent from 10 am-11pm working on my bridesmaid’s dress.
  • Wednesday: Helped my dad with coding for an app on mold– thought it was going to take 16 hours but got it done in 7! So I spent the evening working on the dress some more with a bestie.
  • Thursday: Appointment at the doctor’s and boot shopping on Broadway in downtown Nashville! I finally have a pair of dressy dancing boots! 
  • Living close enough to my best friends that I can borrow a sewing pattern for the few hours they’re not using it. 
  • Being able to pack for a 5 day trip in about an hour while nauseous, not over-pack, and have perfectly suited outfits for the week. Easy summer wardrobes are the best. 
  • God’s grace in allowing me to get the basics plus a little done even though I’ve been super sick lately. And for family who picks up my slack. 
  • My sister Emma passing her driving test! I don’t have to play chauffeur anymore. 😉
  • My whole family being able to stop by LC King on our way home from vacation to pick up another skirt sample! I had them do this one in a little bit heavier, dark denim and I loooove it. 
  • Skipping out on the cave tour to lay by the pool and watch your siblings splash around. It’s not vacation until your knees are sunburned. 
  • Going over and sitting on your friend’s concrete basement floor with her for an hour just because. 
  • Lining up all the different dresses I’m planning to wear to various wedding-related events over the next three weeks. Prepare for summer dress overload! 
  • I feel like I’m forgetting something in this list. Life has been so crazy busy awesome ridiculous.

This is the outfit I wore in to the doctor’s and boot shopping yesterday. Yay for taking pictures in Costco’s parking lot. This was a very easy outfit to throw on at 6 am. Simple denim skirt, easy t-shirt with decoration and some beading, and on-trend summer shoes that gave a little bit of height and class to my casual outfit.

// outfit details //
Skirt: Made by me: Details HERE
Bracelets: Gifts

Guess what?! My lovely sister Willa finally has a Facebook page for her jewelry business! She makes the most gorgeous things and lately she’s been into these precious book pendants. Please go “like” her page to stay up-to-date with what she has available!

Alright, I better go start lunch. What’s been awkward or awesome about your week? Tell me– I’ve missed talking to y’all!

25 thoughts on “Awk+Awe: Vacation Crazies”

  1. So fun! And funny. 😉 And I officially wanna see a picture of your new boots!

    Let's see here…
    Awkward for me would be taking the container of dirty towels out to the washer and finding 60 gazillion ants inside. Having a full fridge but still finding nothing that sounds appealing. Getting a bruise from a table at Dairy Queen. My lettuce plant just dying all of a sudden.

    Awesome would be the Lord revealing more of Himself and His Truth, grace, and love to me. Going shopping with my mama this afternoon. Enjoying the summer sunshine. My grandma's test results coming back and knowing that whatever is going on with her is NOT her heart (PTL!). And Liz Curtis Higgs' book about Ruth from the Bible.

  2. I always enjoy your awk+awe posts, Olivia. Such a fun day-brightener. 🙂 Thanks for sharing! And those shoes are super fun, too. 🙂 Let's see…an awkward would be getting the mail when a bunch of teens ride past in a jeep and yell "hi!!!" and an awesome would be finishing my first smashbook. Blessings!

  3. Awkward: My little brother (5) saying (right after he sniffed me) "Yummy! you smell tasty!"
    Having sweaty feet in a conference and walking to the bathroom when my flip-flop slips off and I keep walking, then I realize "wait! I only have one shoe on! so having to walk All the way back to my seat with just one shoe on,just to put your other shoe on!"
    Awesome: getting everything you need for a wedding.
    Thanks for the post!-Abi

  4. I love reading your awesome/awkwards. They really brighten my day!

    Awkward: Cleaning the men's bathroom at work, singing while doing so and all of a sudden having the door behind me open and staring into the startled faces of two boys.

    Awesome: Finally finding a shirt to go with a skirt I bought 6 months ago and was worried I would never find a matching top to.

    1. Same here – 🙂 I was at work cleaning the door on the mens bathroom and out comes a guy and almost bumps into me. Oops! He was pretty embarrassed.

  5. I love it! So cute! I'm glad you are having fun. My foot is doing better…three more weeks to put weight on it! LOL, chasing a cow in flip flops. I've chased a dog that wasn't listening to me in bare feet, so you are in tippietoes trying to grab the insane dog. 🙁 And on a busy road so everybody sees.

  6. You're right about shoes that give you a slight lift. Totally flat sandals can look so…dumpy or something, but I have had a hard time finding some that have just a SLIGHT wedge without having all kinds of bells and whistles that draw attention to my feet. I sure would appreciate any suggestions anybody has for where I can find some non-gladiator, comfortable to walk in, good with casual skirts sandals. Also Olivia, I have read your blog for a long time and I am really proud of what's going on with you lately. I think you have a very bright future ahead.

  7. These were awesome (ha) and I lovelovelove your hoes! They're just my thing and they look like they don't get in your toes' way at all.

    -Losing your new tights you need the day of the first musical showcase and having to borrow your friend's which have holes in the toes and having to hide them in your flats. Thankful I at least had some though, I was really afraid I wouldn't for a while.
    -Forgetting a step and turning the wrong way in your dance like you usually do for the actual performance. Just keep smiling…
    -Requesting a song to be played for your cousin but the person who's playing the songs either ignored you or didn't hear or misunderstood you.
    -Partly awkward but mostly awesome: yelling and dancing and waving at every car that passes by at your homeschooling groups' annual tag sale to try to get people to come. Even stuff like "I love your car!" was shouted.
    -When someone tries to take a candid photo of you and you notice and try to pretend not to… doesn't really work.
    -All the hilarious and weird stuff you find donated to our homeschooling group's tag sale; the ridiculous amount of brass and the fact that someone just bought a ton of Goodwill stuff and dropped it off to sell. Oh, plus folding men's long underwear. Yeah, I don't know either.

    -Having your cousins and grandparents finally come to your musical who weren't able to for a long time.
    -Deep conversations, ice cream, and music with cousins until 2am.
    -Being able to put on a beautiful show for an audience of over 300 people at both showings.
    -All the work, sweat, laughter, and strengthening of friendships that occurred because of the process and rehearsing and preparing of this show.
    -All the incredible and entertaining dances which were choreographed and lived out to look amazing.
    -Spontaneous, literally last-minute sleepovers when you bake until 11pm for the bake sale part of the tag sale next day with your friend jamming out to her ipod and being ridiculous. …then having to get up at 5am the next day to get there early enough. The blueberry muffin from DD and seeing my sister doing an great job working in the drive-thru almost made up for it, though. 😉 And the awesomely fun time I had that day.
    -Getting sunburned.
    -Swimming for the first time since last summer.
    -Being able to connect, laugh, joke with, encourage, inspire, and be encouraged and inspired, and relate to friends. They are one of the biggest blessings in my life.
    -Oreo coolattas at the end of looong day.
    -That we made approximately $2400 to benefit our homeschooling group through our annual Giant Tag Sale this year.

  8. I love the outfit, Olivia!
    Awkward: Going to the bathroom at a restaurant and opening the door to the men's bathroom on accident.

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