Hey y’all! I hope you’re doing fabulously this week! I’m ashamed my posting schedule has been so erratic lately. I found out I have Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and have started another month of that nasty Doxycycline that had me cooped up over the summer. The first several days were really rough, but I’m acclimating and able to function. If my blasted headaches would just stay away I would be much more productive and almost sort of normal. πŸ˜› And… yes, today marks the return of the famed awkward and awesome posts!
  •  The static on sweater dresses. The static on anything, really. It’s my least favorite part of winter.
  • Finding a dead chicken in the coop and since your dad was hosting company, you pull on your big girl pants and crawl into the chicken coop to retrieve it, ducking to avoid getting roost germs in your hair. You throw it into the truck bed with much “ew. Ew. EWing” and drive it faraway and throw it in the woods for the wild beasts to feast on, the whole time trying not to think too hard about rigor mortis.
  • Driving behind folks on an ATV for two slow miles down the dirt road… one of whom is turned around backwards, able to look straight at you. One of those situations where you’re not sure whether to wave the whole time, stare them down, carry on a charades game, pretend to be really interested in something on the console, or drive reallllllly slow to put enough distance between you that it’s not awkward.
  • Doing the laundry and someone yells down the stairs and asks you to tell the worker outside something, so you stick your head out the basement door and end up carrying on a lengthy conversation. When you get back inside and walk past a mirror, you realize you had a down feather  from the laundry you were doing sticking straight up off the top of your head. Suave.
  • Having an hour conversation about road paint with a visitor who did that for a living. I now have answers to life’s most constant questions.
  • Realizing at the end of church that your boot had been unzipped all morning and you didn’t feel it because you had put on so many pairs of thick ugly socks to keep your feet warm… and they were visible.
  • Taking some encapsulated essential oils for the first time (lemon, oregano, Thieves, and frankincense) and whenever air escapes your stomach, you feel like you swallowed a soap store. Or one of the Wise Men.
  • Stopping at RedBox for a movie, you call your house to see what your family wants to watch. As you’re getting out of the car, you notice a couple people talking about how many “daddies” the little 3-year-old boy with them has. You have to walk past them to get to the kiosk and just as a big man asks the little boy, “Who’s your daddy daddy?” someone picks up on the other end of the phone you have to your ear and you blurt out, “Daddy?” in the same tone the man had just used totally in his hearing. Ha.
  • Having work done on your deck that wraps around the house, so to get to the driveway you have to go out the side door, across the wet porch, down the stairs, around the lumber piles, through the grass down the hill, under the tree, down a few more steps, and through the carport, trying not to get wet from the pressure washing they’re doing. Usually with an armload of stuff.
  • Taking outfit pictures in an Arby’s somewhere in Nebraska where the staff were friendly and curious. “Are you a photographer…?”
  • A friend asking you to use her phone to take pictures while she sings in a church service. No prob… except that her lock screen is a bright black and white picture of her court partner (now fiancΓ©’!) and every time you go to open her phone to snap a moment, it startles you with this face looking back. I’m so not used to people being on lock screens and I’m pretty sure the people behind me were distracted by it too. πŸ˜›
  • Saying goodbye to people when you visited a sister church. Not knowing for sure their customs for guys and girls parting, you go to offer a handshake to a guy at the same time he goes for a hug on the other side and he thinks your going for a full-on hug, and so says, “We do side hugs here” πŸ˜€
  • Having an hour to kill at a gas station while waiting for a friend to tow you home, so you wander the isles wanting to label everything with a “GMO” sticker and closely examining the car stuff, cause you’re just really bored. Thankfully the clerk is also kind of bored so you strike up a conversation about his daughters and the town he lives in. Should have asked how he lost his tooth.
  • When your little sister is tougher than you about getting blood drawn and doing IVs.
  • How many requests for sponsored sunglasses/eyeglasses posts I get. Y’all aren’t interested in $150 tortoise shell sunglasses, are you? I’ll do a review if you’d like, but I’m just not sure these advertisers have the right demographic…
  • Listening to The Gluten Summit in the car and then having to order fast food for lunch. It’s a series of discussions about (obviously) gluten and it’s multi-generational effects, but it also covered a lot about GMOs and leaky gut, and other very scary things. Needless to say I ordered a salad… but didn’t put on the nut mix, since that had GMO oil in it. :-/
  • Blowing my jewelry budget for the year with a visit to Charming Charlies… on January 3rd.
  • Visiting the neighborhood where you grew up and noticing that the Hoss’s Steak House that closed because of too many cases of food poisoning has been converted into a MedExpress.
  • When a guest finds you sleeping on the couch and you don’t know whether to wake up and say hi or pretend to still be sleeping and hope they leave soon.


  • Our incredible bodies that God created. I absolutely LOVE learning about how everything works together perfectly and how our bodies deal with invaders and environmental changes with such amazing speed and function. While in Colorado, we visited with my aunt who had a tumor the size of a softball removed from her brain two months ago. It was benign and she has made an incredible, incredible recovery. Seeing her scar and realizing that surgeons actually folded her scalp back and cut through her skull to take it out was also pretty awe-inspiring. I’m so thankful for modern medical studies that allow us to know so much about how God made our bodies and for surgeons who can save the lives of those we love.
  • Seeing supportive men with their wives at Jo-Ann’s on Black Friday. These were macho men, too, with bearded faces and camo jackets. “That one’s nice, but this one might drape better.” and “That’s beautiful, hun. Good choice.” πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
  • ThredUP. Seriously, I have earned so much free credit thanks to y’all! When we got back from our trip I had three boxes of clothes waiting for me. πŸ™‚ That link gets you a free $10, too!
  • Wintertime thunderstorms. Love the south.
  • All the love in the air! Two friends (er, four, I guess) getting engaged in the same week was almost too much for me. Meeting my already-married friends’ new babies is pretty cool, too.
  • Although I’m not a photographer, capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments with some relative skill and a nice camera brings me great joy. Family moments, engaged couples, new babies, a funeral, little siblings being silly; all precious instances that should be remembered. πŸ™‚
  • Making it home safely to our cozy house after our 18 hour drive turned into 23 hours and an overnight stay due to really bad weather. Our neighbors left us hot chili and hot drinks and built us a warm fire for when we finally pulled in, tired and frozen. Pretty sure we live in paradise.
  • Speaking of small towns, I was in Rite Aid the other day behind a lady in line who was wearing a green bathrobe, crocs, and sweat pants (with elastic ankles) and trying to redeem her membership points for some cake pans. Behind me in line was a policeman with a gun on one hip and cuffs on the other, buying pink Pull-Ups. Because this lady’s transaction was taking so long, they opened up another register and the policeman went over there. When the clerk asked if he had a Rite-Aid card, he said no, he didn’t need it, like a lot of things in life. The lady in the bathrobe heard this and said, “Oh! He can use mine!” and walked over to enter her information. His face was saying, “Ooookay” but she saved him $2.63, so I don’t think he minded. πŸ™‚
  • Going tubing in Frisco, CO with family! It was such a blast and I nearly lost my voice.
  • My grandfather letting me drive his manual Mazda Miata convertible on an absolutely gorgeous Denver day.
  • Balancing spoons on our chins with my aunt at Casa Bonita.
  • This blanket I got for Christmas: Casual Living Super Plush Shaggy Oversized Throw, 60 by 70-Inch, Ivory
    I use it *all* the time and even took it out to Colorado with me… also used it as a backdrop for baby pictures and it saved me from freezing when the car’s heat couldn’t keep up with the negative temperatures outside. “It’s so fluffy I’m gonna DIE!”
  • A sister who is an awesome manager, cook, cleaner, and encourager. I don’t know how we would be functioning without my sister Emma working so hard around here while I’m healing.
  • Friends who will roll out of bed while fevered to come pick you up on the side of the road in the dark.
  • A hand-me-down laptop for me! I’ve been praying for one for a while since it’s kind of hard to blog when all the computers in the house are being used so constantly and I don’t have my own. But now I do! And although it’s nothing new, it functions fine and has simplified life considerably. πŸ™‚
Y’all have been asking for more casual outfits… so here’s one! It’s so comfortable. And wow, super cheap.
Shirt+Vest (came together): ThredUP: $0
Black Maxi Skirt: Charity Shop: $3
Tank: Forever21: $1.80

Alrighty, better go practice piano… y’all have an awesome day! What’s been awkward or awesome about your week? (Or your past 5 months since I’ve done an A+A… :P)

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  1. I laughed so hard through your awkward stuff. πŸ™‚ I hope you get to feeling better. I love only 45 minutes from Frisco!
    Sister in Christ

  2. Haha, these posts are always funny. πŸ™‚

    The essential oil thing is true! I just became a consultant for doTERRA essential oils, and so my family ordered a lot of them. (We had them before that too, but anyway…) Well, my family has been going through a couple rounds of sickness, and just a few days ago I tried several oils in a capsule (which is SO hard, because I'm horrible at swallowing pills!), and you really can tell for HOURS that you took them, lol. πŸ˜‰

  3. Your outfit is adorable! πŸ™‚ next time could you maybe tell us about your shoes and let us see them? πŸ™‚ thanks!

  4. Awkward- ordering my meal at Burger King and thinking the guy said "You're good to go." right before I pay him. so I respond, " Really! you mean I don't have to pay for my meal?!!" He gives me the most confused quizzical look and says , "I'm sorry, what?"
    I say, "You said I'm good to go.?!?!" then he says, "Nooo, I said, for here or to go." Now I laugh at it after it happened, but it was pretty embarrassing!… and I'm not even blonde! (apologies to all the flaxen hair colored maidens out there)
    Awesome- My Lord Jesus Christ! He IS so good!

  5. Loved this! Made me grin more than once. Particularly the Despicable Me quote… πŸ˜‰

    I also had a question for you. You said that you get your tanks from Forever 21? I've got a couple from there but they are so low in the neck that I can only use them as a layer, like for under t-shirts or slightly see-through dresses. I'm really small, so that might be the problem, but I didn't know if you had found others there that came up higher?

    – emily

  6. Love the outfit and it's so cute! The Awk+Awe is so funny and so interesting. My Awk is that I'm in a mood and everybody knows it and the Awe is that I'm working with horses once a week and Sophie(our new dog) greets me estatically every time I come in the door!

  7. I typically don't comment, but just wanted to say, as a fellow Christian striving for modesty, your blog has been so uplifting and positive. I love reading your posts and am inspired to be a better example of righteousness. Thank you!

  8. Olivia, I'd like to ask you a question πŸ™‚ Have you opened an Etsy shop that features your long denim skirts? I've looked around online for a long denim skirt, but haven't really found one that was very affordable, and I love the designs of yours.

    1. Hello! No, sorry, I don't have any way to purchase pre-made skirts right now. I do, however, sell an ebook with the pattern that teaches you exactly how to make one custom for you. (freshmodesty.com). If you don't sew you might be able to find a seamstress in your area who would be willing to make one for you! Blessings!

  9. Love this casual outfit! Especially since it looks very similar to what I wore not so long ago (and the fact that you got your shirt and vest FREE from Thredup!) I adore the combinations of black and grey.

    I was wondering if you cared to share any of your Charming Charlie finds?

  10. Cute outfit Olivia!!
    Casa Bonita!!!!!!! We've been going there for years with my moms family, we hadn't been there in 12 years, we went there last year during our visit to CO. You know that lame gorilla they do the show with?! I used to be terrified of him! My cousins and I would hide under the table when he'd come by! Last time my mom asked the waiter to have the gorilla stop by our table! He was still a bit creepy to me..childhood memories die hard lol!
    A modest fashion blog: http://www.natashaatkerson.blogspot.com

  11. This post is great! You brightened my day!

    By the way, is it alright for me to do awkward awesome posts on my own blog? I have done a few that I entitled Fun&Fab Posts. I just wanted to make sure it was alright though.
    I love to hear about your adventures in Colorado! As I have mentioned before, I live in Colorado. I love my state and really want to see more of it. I would also love to go to Frisco, Colorado some time.
    God Bless!

  12. Awk: Running between neighbors houses in the middle if the night trying to find our two horses. We live near the buck in PA that's where lots of rednecks live, so lots of people with guns! Kinda freaky.

    Awe: I got 2 dresses from Thredup!!!! They should be arriving some time next week!!!

  13. Love the second picture. You are so gorgeous! Thanks for the Awkward and Awesome. If that is a Despicable Me quote…your awesomeness level just skyrocketed. LOVE that movie!

  14. Awk: Forgetting to get your change while making a purchase at Walmart, πŸ™‚ and having the cashier shout after you to come back.
    Awe: Getting a skirt for free at Thredup! πŸ™‚

  15. Thank you for bringing back these Awk+Awe posts! They make me smile every time and help me to laugh more at my awkward moments, too!


  16. It sounds like you have lots and lots of fun! Hmmm… maybe we should move down to the States… I love the 'Rite Aid' awesome, pretty funny! πŸ™‚
    I love your blog. Thank you sooooo much for doing this!

  17. Nice outfit! Wish it was warm enough to wear flip-flops here.

    Awesome: -getting a Nook and being able to read all kinds of books! I finally read Pride and Prejudice and understand now why girls like it so much. πŸ™‚
    -when the people my younger brother really looks up to are kind to him. It makes me so happy.
    -the first movement of the Tchaikovsky violin concerto. There's a part that makes me feel like crying and singing and flying and dancing all at the same time. So beautiful.

    -dreaming about guys that I don't even know except by sight, trying to kidnap me. And then seeing one of them the next day. :O
    -walking through Wal-mart with messy hair, a stained shirt, jeans and old dirty boots, looking for a glasses case for my grandma and and then running into a lady I knew who looked completely gorgeous and fashionable. I felt like the epitome of hill-jack-ness.
    -an adult walking into Sunday School this morning and saying "I was watching the movie Frozen at 6 am this morning and eating potato chips, and I'm feeling really depressed." It was awkward but funny.

  18. I recently started following your blog, and I really love it! I am not really a skirt/dress wearer (I like my jeans), but you are inspiring me to look for skirts when I shop. I'm checking out thredUP. I've heard of it before but haven't looked into it.

  19. Random question: Which style of Forever 21 tank do you usually purchase/wear in your posts? I went on their website to look into ordering some since you mentioned they were so affordable. All of the styles look like they fall rather low in the pictures, and I was curious if you had to alter any of them to fit your needs or do you find they fit alright? Any insight you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

  20. I have a vest sort of like that but it's this tan color that I'm not so sure about. I really like the gray one, and I totally know what you mean about static! Trust me, it drives me up the wall.

  21. Love your blog! SO glad to have come across it! I have started a Modest Blog as well & have a Youtube channel on Modesty!

  22. Talking to a guy you don't know very well and he won't stop smiling. Is he really friendly, does he like me, or is he just being weird?
    I got a kick out of the awkward hug thing! That really is a stumper! I'm still working on figuring out myself!

  23. I always deal with static on my clothes by putting lotion on my skin under the static-y part. If I'm wearing pantyhose, then yes, it sounds strange, but putting the lotion on the pantyhosed leg still cuts the static of the skirt.

  24. I just want to say how THRILLED I am to have found your blog!!! I have no sisters and very few girlfriends who dress modestly so it has always been hard for me to find clothes that are modest and stylish. You are such an inspiration!
    P.S. Has anyone ever told you that you look like Scarlett Johannsen?:P

  25. I always like to hear your awk & awesome stuff. It makes me laugh & always brightens my day. Thanks Olivia! ~ Sarah C.

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