Hey y’all! Sitting here wrapped up in my big fluffy blanket wishing morning hadn’t come quite so soon. 
  • Having to split into two cars to get home from the market, you choose to ride with Mrs. L, just y’all. As soon as you sit down in the passenger seat, you excitedly see an iPhone 4 charging cord and help yourself to charging your phone because it’s about to die. As y’all are going through people-heavy traffic, music starts playing. You think, “huh, didn’t know Mrs. listened to this kind of music!” and just keep chatting over the sound of Owl City, Nathan Clarke George, and Scotty McCreery. On the hour and a half drive home, you stop at Walmart for lasagna. Of course you take your phone with you and plug it in again when you get back in the car. This time, Generations with Vision comes on. Finally, it clicks… that soundtrack is coming from MY phone! How embarrassing you didn’t realize that, but it gave you both a good laugh. 
  • Walking up to the porch: “Hey, what are y’all up to?” “Rebagging Grandmother and Granddaddy’s ashes so that each family member has some!” 
  • “Is that you, Olivia?! I didn’t recognize you!” – what I get for going to the neighbors without makeup.
  • Standing in the driveway chatting with a neighbor. You’re just looking off to the distance and all of a sudden, exactly where you were gazing, a miniature horse hops out of the creek and waltzes up the long driveway towards you. You just stand there in shock as the neighbor calls to it, but it just keeps going. Right past your face it turns, walks through the yard, and heads down the valley. You’d never seen it before and haven’t seen it since, but it gave y’all a good laugh about the randomness.
  • When three of you go to do the farm chores and you get put on calf-sitting duty while the others move fences. Never babysat a cow before.
  • Filming the “brick wall” scenes of the Kickstarter video. You are using friends’ business storefront so there are loooots of interruptions, people moving equipment, and several people watching you the whole time. They even had a teleconference in the next room that you had to ignore as you try to remember your script. Oh, and did I mention only half an hour before you had to be someplace else? It worked out fine though. πŸ™‚
  • Being proud when you set the smoke detectors off while cooking steak for the first time.
  • Getting stung. IN THE SHOWER.
  • Editing the popcorn out of my teeth in the picture below.
  • A guy asks for a hug and you willingly oblige, but accidentally BANG your head into his shoulder so hard you say, “Ouch!” and he’s embarrassed. heh.

  • I would be remiss if I didn’t mention first the Fresh Apparel Kickstarter being fully funded!!!! (There is still today and tomorrow to claim a skirt if you haven’t yet!) You all are the absolute insane best and I’m so grateful. 
  • Not having my piano piece comfortably memorized, but getting up and playing it without music at the recital anyway. Ended up completely fudging the second half but nobody knew the difference and it was a big milestone for me. I’ve never gone without music in front of people before. πŸ˜›
  • Needing and getting to spend a day road-tripping and taking a class with friends I don’t usually just spend time with, in the midst of an insane season for me. 
  • Jordan Taylor writing the music for my Kickstarter video in about 8 hours. It’s nice to have friends with abilities like that! It would be a different video without it. 
  • Going to your neighbors house at 10:30 pm just to eat their Doritos. “Hey y’all… don’t mind me…”
  • Little victories. 
  • That my Lyme’s stayed at bay for a few weeks while I got the Kickstarter going. The Lord is good. 
  • My church family who have been rooting for me and praying for me for a long time as I’ve desired to start Fresh Apparel. And, y’all too! Wow, I’ve gotten so many messages of “I’m praying for you!” that I can’t even count!
  • Working on projects with friends that keep us watching movies until 1 am.
  • Protection during the storms this week and last. We’ve had flash flood warnings nearly every day and tornado warnings several days. My parents were out of town most of last week and being the responsible adult it was slightly worrisome, but the Lord took care of us and our neighbors started the generator when we needed it. πŸ™‚ 
  • Seeing God’s hand so very clearly in the every day. 
  • The increased opportunity for fellowship and hospitality we have because of the guest house my grandfather bought. We keep it clean for last minute guests and Sunday afternoon fellowship times and it’s been a huuuuuge blessing. 
  • That my dad’s extended family is coming to visit us this week! Howard family reunions are the best and I’m looking forward to it. 
  • MUD. It is the perfect remedy for Lymes-detoxing-hurting-like-crazy feet and an emotional balm for me. We have several spots on our property where there is usually fresh mud and it is H O M E to me. πŸ™‚
// outfit details //
Earrings: Thrift store: $2
Necklace: handmedown from Grandmother

My absolute favorite part of living in the countryside of Tennessee is seeing God’s happiness so often. The valley swelled with fog last night and so did my joy. I love this place so much. It is part of me. 

I hope y’all have an amazing day! I’m off to clean for family! Don’t forget– the Kickstarter ends TOMORROW night so don’t miss the chance to get a first edition Errand #17 skirt! What’s been awkward or awesome about your week?

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  1. Love your dress! When I order dresses online they always seem to be shorter than I want on me. When looking at dresses online how do you determine if the length will work? Do you have a problem with most knee length skirts or dresses being too short or is it just me?:) I also have long legs and think that may just be the problem!

  2. I'm glad you got fully funded!!! I'm sorry I couldn't back you but I'm sure I'll be buying an Errand #17 skirt soon!


  3. I love Generations with Vision!! One of the best radio stations out there πŸ™‚ So good to hear you're fully funded! Yay – praise God! And I love your dress! It's so hard to get nice, cheap, online clothing all the way down in NZ πŸ™ Anyway, love reading your blog!

  4. So beautiful…I love Tennessee so much too! A very dear friend lives there and I used to come to the US for a month in summer to see her…summer memories come flooding back right now πŸ™‚

    I flipped a coin and finally decided to order the skirt, it's so pretty πŸ™‚ Wishing you lots of succes on this new venture, it's awesome!!

  5. You are so hilarious.
    Awkward for me would be trying to take a couples order at work (I'm a waitress) and they are fighting about what they should eat. So I just stand there and try to look like I'm not hearing them.

  6. Hey Olivia! I haven't commented on your blog in forever. I feel guilty. :/ That's awesome that Jordan Taylor wrote the music for your video. I recently discovered him and Blimey Cow. It seems like everyone knows everyone. πŸ˜‰ That's also awesome that you listen to Owl City! I'm a huge, huge Owl City fan! πŸ˜€ An awesome thing about my week was celebrating my brother's birthday and my parent's 20th anniversary. We went out for subs, pizza, and frozen yogurt. πŸ™‚ An awkward thing about my week was losing my voice due a nasty cold and still going to work where I am training a new employee. O.o That was a little difficult. God bless, and I'm praying for you Olivia.


  7. You like Owl City? I loove Owl City/Adam Young, what would be your favourite song? πŸ˜‰ I love that dress! I really like the big ruffle at the bottom.


  8. If you reach your second goal what second skirt will you manufacture? Will the price be any lower than the Errand #17 skirt?

    1. Backers will help me decide which skirt style to do next! Most likely it will be either the Sailor Skirt or the Destination Skirt. πŸ™‚ The Destination Skirt I'm hoping will be able to be produced for less, but I haven't explored that yet.

  9. Just wanted to say congratulations on reaching your goal and I'm praying for you that you reach your stretch goal! I would love to see the Destination Skirt manufactured! – I would definitely buy one!

  10. I know you haven't mentioned it in this post but since I was introduced to Charming Charlie on this blog I thought I would return the favor. An online accessory store called mycentsofstyle.com they sell jewelry, scarfs, and shoes/boots and always have free shipping. Every Friday they have a Fashion Friday discount and I've gotten some really good deals so I thought I would share. Thanks for all you do.

    -Mere Sue

  11. I so love this outfit! And what an absolutely stunning photo that last one is!

    -Your flip flop breaking on the way to meeting your friends to go see a movie and so you have to go back to your house with said friends to grab a different pair of shoes before you can go.
    -Not having enough money to buy the popcorn after taking way too long to count your change, but then the kind cashier just pays for the extra 50 cents.
    -Showering and putting cookies in a tupperware minutes before you have to leave.
    -Forgetting a step in the dance you're rehearsing for a musical then being totally confused since you're way ahead of everyone.

    -My homeschooling group's summer musical gaining process. This is our sixth year being a part of it!
    -Running through the entire show.
    -Seeing my friends' incredible acting, singing, and dancing talents come out.
    -Bit awkward too, but eating almost an entire popcorn bag and describing your life at the moment in one sentence in a friends' van.
    -Spending all day in the sunshine putting a performance together with friends. One of my favorite times of year.
    -Scoring a casual cotton dress at Old Navy for $3.
    -Our friends' graduation including loads of tears, hugs, and dancing.
    -The soothing sound of rain. And feeling of tea on sore throats.

  12. The dress is very nice, but this would look so much better with black flipflops/sandals/shoes/brogues! If I might say so: you mess up your outfits by putting too much distracting colours into it. An older post on this website shows you wearing a black/grey dress with a beautiful knitted black/grey pullover. Beautiful in it's simplicity, but thΓ©n you add silver sandals, a skincoloured pantyhose and a pink necklace. Would be so much better with black pantyhose, black shoes and no or minimalistic necklace! Fashion is all about minimalism these years.

    Some illustrations (of minimalism, not necessarily modesty):







    Hope it inspires you, fashion is fun πŸ˜‰ Greets from Holland πŸ™‚

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