Hey y’all! I hope you’ve had a productive week! Mine isn’t quite going as planned but what ever does? Tuesday I arrived home from running errands and learned I was headed to Lowe’s with my mom for the evening to pick out deck railing boards. I had about 15 minutes to find an outfit that I could easily climb around in and thankfully a thredUP box had just arrived with this dress inside! (I bet y’all are tired of hearing about that site. sorry.) As soon as I saw it, I had an outfit in mind (thanks to Pinterest!) so I ran upstairs and threw it on. Love it when that happens.

  • When a guy looks at his muscles while he helps you lift
  • When liquid goes down the wrong tube and you sit there
    coughing like you’re highly contagious when in reality the heat of the beverage
    combined with the temperature of the air is making your nose run while you’re hacking
    coffee from your lungs, just adding to the classy effect.
  • Using the cashier’s iPhone at Zaxby’s to look up their GF
    options because your phone is dying and a friend walks up and asks, “Did you
    steal someone’s phone?!”
  • Trying to act out the scene in “Love Comes Softly” where her
    husband falls off the horse and hits his head on a rock… so your friend is a
    horse and you ride on her back making galloping noises and end the scene
    dramatically laying on the ground with your tongue hanging out.
  • Our undecorated mantel. I used to change it out with the
    seasons, but since I started feeling bad in October, I’ve sorely neglected it.
    Once the Christmas decorations came down, nothing went back up except for
    random decorations I was carrying from one part of the house to the other. So,
    currently there is a sign that we got for Christmas that says our name, a dark
    blue metal chicken candle holder without a candle, a dark carved wooden
    chicken, a metal basket thing, and some random stuff people laid up there. We’ve
    had company over several times with it looking like this… and now I’m motivated
    (and feeling well enough) to do something about it. 😀
  • When there are no more chairs inside to eat lunch at church
    so you go sit on the porch… and your high-in-good-animal-fats pizza solidifies in the cold.
  • Having a conversation with someone who is speaking reallly
    quietly and so you say, “what’d you say?” literally 15 times in 40 minutes.
  • Staying so late at the neighbors you almost fall asleep on
    their couch.
  • Getting so excited that I can finally cross “Buy and install
    a new toilet seat” off my bucket list! 😛
  • The utter failure I have been at not drinking coffee today.
    I must be on my 5th cup.
  • Still not being acquainted with so many aspects of the South
    even though you’ve lived here over 4 years and people look at you with pity
    when you ask what such and such means or what kind of food such and such
    restaurant has.
  • Restrooms with no handtowels or blower.
  • Needing the help of 3 Lowe’s employees for several hours and
    holding up whole aisles with your purchasing shenanigans.
  • The closet shelf collapsing because you have so much on it. 

  • Friday night girl parties! Set up a tent in the living room and everything. 
  • This super adorable and totally practical apron. We have one in a similar style and don’t know what we’d do without it. 
  • Crayons and blank paper. 
  • The blessing of a constantly-burning fireplace. 
  • Flower-making-movie-watching evenings. 
  • Searching for bridesmaid dresses. Anyone know of any places that make them custom for cheap? 
  • Kisses from little brothers. 
  • Friends who come in for hot chocolate and to talk awhile. 
  • Fixing the closet shelf all by our big girl selves, including shopping for the supplies. 
  • Fellowship discussions on comfortable Sunday afternoons. 
  • My sister turning an AIP-diet-friendly apple pie crust recipe into a pizza crust recipe. 
  • Having the stamina to do dishes and cook and clean. I think it’ll be a long time before I take it for granted again. 
  • A chance to vote for the Morning Center! 
    Between now and Feb 23, people with Facebook accounts can vote once per day for Morning Center to win a grant of up to $25k from FedEx’s Small Business Grant Contest!
    • Morning Center’s mission is to provide quality, free maternity care to mothers in urban and under-served areas where quality care is limited and scarce. Morning Center seeks to provide Christ-honoring care through mobile maternity care units and full-service maternity hospitals. All medical staff are trained, licensed professionals who focus on the needs of the mother and her baby. 
  • The quote, “Most people live and die without moving anything more than the dirt it takes to bury them.” Motivating, eh?
  • Going to the grocery store and pretty much everything in your cart is green. 
  • The anticipation of being able to eat chocolate for the first time in over a month tomorrow! 

I’ve always loved the look of denim, plaid, and leather together, so I’m really glad I finally have a plaid dress to create this style with. This dress is kind of a linen texture so it was nice and durable for picking up lumber and sitting on piles of wood. It was freezing outside though so when we had to go through the outdoor lumber I ended up wearing a men’s jacket I found in the back of our car. Stylish, no?

//outfit details//
Dress: thredUP: Old Navy brand, Free w/credit (click here for a free $15 through February 28th!)
Jean Jacket: Thrift store: Gap brand: $1
Leggings: Handmedown: Reed Hunter brand
Halftee: c/o Halftee.com
Boots: HushPuppies brand: $185
Earrings: Thrift store: $2

Have a lovely day! What’s been awkward or awesome about your week?

49 thoughts on “Awk+Awe | Evening at Lowe’s”

  1. Hi Olivia! I woke up this morning snowed in again, so I decided to check out my favorite blogs and do some reading. I'm glad I did. I went to the ThredUp website using the coupon code and got a pretty maternity denim skirt (hard to find!!) For free only paying for shipping. Thank you because this is my third baby and I don't have much money to spend on clothes. I can't wait to get it! Thank you for the awesome link and discount code. I will be telling my friends about it 🙂

  2. Awkward:
    -Supervising your little siblings at their story hour, and your little brother telling the story-hour lady that he exercises with his dad every morning randomly for no reason. She was reading a story about drums, so it went down like this:
    Her: "And…? Do you listen to music while you exercise?"
    Him: "No."
    Her: "Oh…how funny!"
    -Going to your friend's house for a pajama party and your dad thinking that you're ridiculous wearing red snowflake-print pajama pants out.
    -Praying outside an abortion clinic and the guy that is leading the whole thing asks you to lead a part of it, then totally forgetting how to start it AFTER you get up in front everybody, having to ask whoever is in front of you what to say.

    -Watching childhood movies with childhood snacks in pajamas with two of some of your bestest friends.
    -Praying outside an abortion clinic. So powerful.
    -Singing as loud as you possibly can when you're babysitting your little siblings.
    -Finding your little sister reading a princess story to her two dolls, one in each arm and the book in the middle. <3
    -Going to the movies with your family! Frozen=best.movie.ever.
    -Sharing secrets and cuddling with your little sister in the snow.
    -Putting together a perfect outfit for tomorrow, Valentine's Day.
    -Getting over this sickness! Slowly, slowly…
    -Finishing up the Valentine-making.
    -Right now- watching the snow fall!
    -Making a summer bucket list! So.much.fun. I'm so pumped for summer now.
    -Waffles for breakfast.
    -My little sister's grins and hugs and squeals of joy and laughter that it's her birthday. Must be great to be four 🙂
    -Getting sweet valentines from your cousins in the mail.
    -Sending a care package with valentines and chocolate to the siblings at college, and another package with valentines and chocolate to our cousins. Just kinda made me happy, looking at the boxes sitting there waiting go make people happy with way too many heart stickers all over them. 😀

    Wow, guess there weren't too many awkwards and a LOT of awesomes! Kinda love it when that happens. Kinda love your outfit too. Blue tights/leggings=my FAV. I will have to buy a pair one day.

    1. Hi Anonymous, I don't think it is silly to wear that to Lowe's at all. At least she looks like a Christian lady. I like the outfit Olivia! It is really cute!

    2. I'm with Melissa! What's the worst that can happen to Olivia? She gets her dress dirty and has to do a little more laundry later? Pfffft, that's nothin'. A little dirt never hurt anyone.

  3. I think your outfit is lovely, Olivia! To be honest with you, you would probably find me wearing a dress like that to Lowe's too!

    Nothing was too awkward this week except when a friend and I were having a really long text conversation and all of the sudden it turns to "Yeah" "Yuppers" "Ahhhhh" and "Hi?"! It was pretty hard to pick it up from there.
    Awesome: Creating an outfit that you love and wearing it to lessons that day. Then getting probably at least 11 compliments…:P

    Thanks for another completely awesome post!

    Ashley B.

  4. Oh my goodness! I love your outfit! That dress is SO CUTE! I was wondering, could you tell me where on ThredUp you found it, or maybe give me a link? I would really love to look at that dress! I searched ThredUP for Old Navy dresses, and that didn't come up. Thanks!

    1. Our family has been on an auto-immune paleo diet for the last several weeks to try to heal our guts and bolster our immune systems to fight off the various ailments we have. Unfortunately a chocolate molecule looks a lot like a gluten molecule, so people with gluten allergies have to be extra careful eating it or their body might attack it like it does gluten. Thankfully I don't have a gluten allergy, but some in my family do, so we've all just avoided it for a while. 🙂

  5. Om word that is so so so cute!!! My awesome would have to be… getting to watch the skating in the olympics! Awekward…. when my friends and i sing at church and i am like the only baritone(everyone is an alto) so every one stops singing and im the only one………yeaaaaaahhhh. God bless!

  6. This outfit is darling! The colored tights are cute with the dress (colored tights are one of my new favorite things). It looks like something I would wear. 🙂

  7. had to laugh as I read about your closet shelf falling. this morning I woke up to find the rod (you know the bar you hang your clothes on) in our closet laying on the floor with all our clothes heaped around. Must have fallen in the night. I'm still not sure how we didn't hear it? Of course I had to figure out how to fix it myself. I didn't want to ask my brother for help because I'm pretty sure he would say it was my fault for having so many clothes:)
    So I laugh not because I think its funny but because I know how you feel:)

  8. How do you keep track of all your awkward and awesomes? Do you jot them down in a notebook or does it all just mentally stick? 😉 I try to do them once a month but they're sometimes hard to keep organized!

    1. Haha! I try to keep a list on my iPhone as things happen throughout the week, but if I've neglected to do that I mentally go through each day of my week and try to remember what all had happened. 😛 Sometimes I ask my family and friends if they can remember anything, too. If I'm wondering if I already blogged a moment, I'll go read my post again. 🙂

  9. Glad you are feeling better! Pardon the query, but what did you have that took you down for a MONTH? (If it's too long for you to reply, did you blog about it? I can search the post.)

    1. Hey Bethanny! Are you wondering about my health? I've been dealing with Lymes/Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever since about October. Our family's been on a strict auto-immune paleo diet the last 4 weeks to try to heal our guts and bolster our immune systems, thus the no chocolate. 🙂 I don't think I've done a particular post about it… just mentioned here or there about it. 🙂

  10. Oh, I am glad I am not the only one with overloaded closet shelves. I put mine back up myself (now the closet has quite a few unnecessary holes . . . ) except it was metal and bent . . . and I didn't just take it down and try to unbend it, so boxes fell off the shelf . . . at least it holds hangers.
    I love ThredUp. I think it is cool that you get a bunch of stuff through your link.
    I don't know about custom made, but if you google modest formal/prom/bridesmaid/wedding dresses you can find lots of modest options which could eliminate the need for customizing.

  11. Hi Olivia! I love your awkward and awesome list! I also love Love Comes Softly and would LOVE to see your reenactment!
    I just did a Fun&Fab post on my blog, and it was really fun to recount my funny and fabulous moments from this week. 🙂 One of my Funny ones was opening a DirecTV ad in the mail that was made to look like an invitation somewhere. I get all excited just to be dissapointed! 😉 A Fabulous part of my week has been getting up earlier and going to bed earlier. I have really felt the benefits of it.
    God Bless,
    P:S: Have you read the Love Comes Softly series or other Janette Oke books? Did you know their is a new series based on her book, "When Calls the Heart"? It is pretty good. OK, I'm a Janette Oke fan, what can I say? 😉

    1. Natalie,
      I am a fan of Janette Oke books too! And I LOOOVVVEEE the Love Comes Softly Series! They are great! I have the book and movie- I watched the movie but haven't read the book yet!!

    2. How awesome, Hayden! You know, I didn't read the Love Comes Softly book until years after I watched the movie! I found the first book and movie to be quite similiar. The movie series went in a completely different direction than the books around movie #4. 🙂 We get all our movies and books from the library, and I have rented her books and Love Comes Softly Series over and over!
      God Bless,

  12. Hi Olivia!
    I just bought all my bridesmaid dresses from For Her and For Him. They have so many dresses, which can be customized to your measurements–you can also lengthen them, switch out sleeve styles and neckline styles, etc. We were able to use several sleeveless dresses or dresses that had sheer lace overlays, because For Her and For Him was so good about helping us change the dress to suit our needs! After looking for months, they ended up being the most affordable/modest option, especially in the color I needed, which is hard to find (they have tons of color choices). I highly recommend them!

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