Hey y’all! I’m here wearing another tunic + jeans outfit! In the Tennessee wintertime when going out the door means instant mud on anything that can be swept in the wind or hit the side of the car, I wear jeans quite often because sometimes dealing with keeping my skirt clean and carrying all the packages or grocery bags is just not practical. And y’all know I’m alllll about practical. πŸ˜€ 
  • Trying to break through the ice so the cows could drink the water but as soon as you hit it, the wooden stake you were using broke in half and went flying. By the time you had broken it all up, the stake had broken four times and you couldn’t feel your fingers. And your lilac pants had green water all over them. 
  • Your wool coat sticking to the metal bar you leaned over. 
  • Fitting a couch in the back of your passenger van and driving home with the doors open. 
  • Saying “ouch” audibly every time you move. 
  • Trying to plan a “girl’s night” with your friends for like a week and a half working around everyone’s schedule and when the night finally came after about an hour the guys crash your party and y’all end up watching a movie together instead. 
  • Everyone asking, “Do you like your hair cut?” before they give their “oh, I love it!” opinion. πŸ˜‰ 
  • Sitting on a wooden floor in a black skirt at a party and getting covered in dirt/hair/food particles. 
  • Taking the kids to the country store and the only snack they can eat in the entire store is pork skins, so you buy a bag and they devour them saying “These are the best things ever!” while you are inwardly gagging at the smell. 
  • Packing your car full of groceries so much that to get in you have to pick stuff up and keep it in your lap. 
  • Waking up to your phone’s “weather alert” saying to be cautious because of freezing fog. O.o
  • The cashier at Costco keeping a thing of dog treats behind the counter for the furry visitors. One of them was as big as me, not even kidding. 
  • Wondering why people are staring at you. Is there something on my face? Am I not smiling enough? Do I look like someone? Am I that much of a homeschooler? 
  • Running out of money on your debit card at the cash register so you have to put stuff back. 
  • Buying gifts for people pro-actively but by the time they come in the mail you’ve forgotten who you bought the gift for. 

  • Getting really thorough test results about why I was feeling bad. Lyme’s disease and four co-infections should knock anyone out! 
  • This quote I found as I read through old journals: “Meekness is being so committed to the will of God that you accept whatever He brings into your life without complaining.”
  • Going “sledding”. Although the snow was practically all melted, a friend invited us over to be pulled behind his 4-wheeler on a carhood through his cow pasture. Insanely fun. Insanely muddy/gross. Insanely physically taxing as you hold on at high speeds and around turns. Insanely worth the major soreness and bruises and 40 minute shower to get the cow blech out of your hair. 
  • Bridal showers where your friends are talking about flowers and venues and their husbands-to-be. 
  • Good southern gents who are concerned about a lady’s safety, even if they don’t know her. 
  • Being super inspired by the idea of living in a super tiny cabin while you can to save money and/or not have utility bills. I stayed up late watching Simple Solar Homesteading‘s YouTube videos one evening this week. Love. That kind of creativity is awesome. As if living in a log home isn’t redneck enough for me….
  • Running into readers while doing errands! 
  • Getting a new eShakti dress in the mail today! I can’t wait until it’s warm enough to wear it! Get $25 OFF your first order! Shop www.eShakti.com  
  • Getting to help my daddy with work deadlines. I realize not many girls have the privilege to be able to help their dad so directly and all in all, there could be worse things to do than tedious computer work. πŸ˜›
  • 5-minute paleo chocolate mug cake. Or vanilla if you’re out of cocoa. 
  • Ordering fabrics for new swimsuits! I’m excited to try some new styles. πŸ™‚ 
  • Movie+hot cocoa nights with friends even when the roads are bad and you have to use a 4×4 to get up your friend’s driveway. 
  • All the great sponsors I have this month! Please check out The I Love You’s, ScriptureScapes, Jamberry Nails, The Head Covering Movement, and Lilla Rose and let them know I sent you! 

I looooove tunics. They make dressing modestly in jeans so simple. I’m always on the lookout for cute tunics because finding ones that don’t make your waist or hips look huge is kind of hard, so I was really excited when this one came in the mail and fit so well! And it doesn’t need a tanktop! I’ve been waiting and waiting for the perfect Aztec/ chevron print item to incorporate into my closet and this is it. I love the slight hippie style of this one while it’s still chic and super wearable. Looking at it now, though, I realize I should have worn a long necklace with it. Next time. πŸ™‚ It was under the “dresses” section of the ThredUP website.

Tunic: Forever21: thredUP: Free w/credit 
Jeans: American Eagle: thredUP: Free w/credit
Boots: Shoe Carnival: $35
Nails: c/o Jamberry
Earrings: Walmart: $1.50

Yeah… I had to wear heels with the jeans when I went to run errands because they’re too long. πŸ˜› Just makes me taller, right?

Do you wear jeans more often in the wintertime? What’s your favorite style of tunic? Do you have a favorite brand of jeans? What’s been awkward or awesome about your week?

191 thoughts on “Awk+Awe | Chevron Tunic”

  1. I wear jeans with long tunics (for farm work) mostly in the wintertime when the animal yard is so gross and muddy (not to mention the dirty goat kids playfully jumping on me), that a skirt would be torn to shreds in a moment. The type of smelly freezing mud that makes you sink 4" into it, is not conducive to skirts, unfortunately. I've tried and tried to wear skirts in that situation, but to no avail. I try to keep my tunics below mid-thigh length for ease of wear and no uncomfortable tugging down when I bend over. Brand of jeans? 'Lees' jeans definitely.

    You've mentioned your lilac corduroys, twice now. When will we see them? Lol. πŸ™‚ LOVE your bangs!!! I used to have bangs and now, you make me want them again. I was just wondering if you got any layers cut in your hair, as well…?

    1. Hey Sayna! ahh mud. πŸ˜€ Hehe, yes, I will share the lilac pants eventually. I just get so busy on the days I wear them that I don't get a chance to take pictures. πŸ˜›

      Yes, I got a bunch of layers in my hair, too, especially around my face. πŸ™‚

  2. The tunic top is so pretty! I love seeing examples of how you wear jeans… I love my skirts, but this winter, the average 20* weather has often had me reaching for my pants and I've grown tired of my 4 tunic tops worn over and over >.<

  3. I have to disagree with this "modestly with jeans" business. The Bible says in Deuteronomy 22:5 "The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God." Abomination is a very strong word, and we all know what it means. I can't understand how you can say that wearing pants is dressing modesrly. Just covering your rear doesn't make it okay!

    1. Olivia, I hope you don't mind me making this comment!

      Esther, this is true, but men actually wore a lot of skirts and dresses in that Biblical time! So, we would have to relate that to men nowadays, and while they do where pants, they definitely don't wear tunics! πŸ˜‰

    2. In the context of the other verses, I read that passage as one where the Lord is instructing us to be aware of our surroundings and not just doing what we want.
      That verse is the reason I don't wear the "men's workwear" look like ties, or pant suits, or even some blazers. Nor would I wear cargo pants or straight-legged jeans or get my hair in a pixie cut because those are very manly styles as well. However, I believe that if it's quite obvious you are a woman, even wearing pants, that is thinking of others so they are not confused. Plus, if you're able to be of more service to others because you're wearing something more practical, I believe that is following the principle of the verse. πŸ™‚
      I never caught the part of the passage that says to wear four tassels on the corners of your clothing… I love tassels but always thought they would draw too much attention… hmmmm…

    3. A very simple question for the ladies who wear pants for a "practical reason". If you were to see me in the store and I had on jeans and a tshirt or tunic ( I can still see very high up your leg with the tunic on by the way) would you automatically think I was a Christian? What if I had on a skirt or dress? Do not take into account as to how I act or what I say, because you are only going to pass by me in the mall and not get to know, or speak to me. Anther question. would you wear a skirt or dress that is the length of you tunic? I can still see the same amount of you legs whether they are covered with pants or if they are not.
      Just something to consider.
      Lindsey Miller

    4. Hey Lindsey! You're right– it's not as much of a witness to the watching world when we wear pants as it is when we wear a skirt and it is for that reason that I try to limit how often I wear a tunic/jeans "out of the house". This particular day I had errands to run in the mud with siblings in tow and I wasn't going to see anyone who didn't already know I was a Christian, so I felt it was okay. I try to be very aware of what my outfit says about Who I represent. πŸ™‚

      As to wearing a dress that length, there are two different things going on. First, I wear knee-length skirts and dresses because I don't want to show too much skin above my knees. Second, I don't just wear jeans (which cover skin) because rear ends tend to be a problem-area for guys. So, by covering my legs with jeans (notice not leggings) I take care of the skin issue and by wearing a tunic I take care of the backside issue. πŸ™‚

    5. In the first place, it's not just a matter of skin – everyone can still see the shapes and outlines of your legs, which is not right. Secondly, if you go by your theory, then basically you're saying as long as people know I'm a Christian, I can wear whatever I want. In that case, wear an "I'm a Christian" t-shirt and wear pants everywhere! It just seems hypocritical to me to wear one thing at home, and another thing when you go somewhere. I wear skirts or dresses all of the time – gardening, fishing, biking, shopping, to church, etc, and I have never had a problem serving or helping people in them. It all boils down to an unwillingness to obey what the Bible clearly states. And Kalin – men wore pants under their cloaks/robes in Bible times.

    6. esther, I understand what you are saying, but jumping on Olivia like that isn't biblical either. olivia can have her view on pants and you can have yours. you don't have to jump on her because you don't agree. and if you didn't notice those pants aren't even that tight. they are very modestly worn.

    7. I'm not suggesting it's just a matter of skin– otherwise I'd wear skintight things. For my own standards and those of my family, jeans are okay.
      Please don't take what I say to the extreme. I take a lot of things on a case-by-case basis because life is complicated and I want to be wise. Not that I can pick and choose which things in Scripture I listen to depending on circumstances, but I know the Lord would rather have me eager and ready to serve my family than stressing about which skirt won't be ruined by the mud.
      I have done. it. all. in a skirt and know it's possible and commend those who wear them all the time! But for me in this season of life, it's not something the Lord has placed on my heart.

      I'm honestly curious– do you also not wear mixed fabrics like the verse says later? And put tassels on your clothes? And if men put pants under their cloaks, then should we not wear leggings or bloomers under our skirts?

      Thank you for sharing what you believe Scripture commands. I'm not sure I'll have time to continue this discussion, but I'm glad y'all feel you can address these issues with me. πŸ™‚

    8. I must say "Anonymous", that Esther presents a pretty good case. Since she is using the Bible to back herself up, I would say that she is not giving her opinion. She is giving Gods. As to the fact that the pants aren't tight, you can still see the shape of her leg much to far up.
      I must say that Olivia has a wonderful sense of openness and that she doesn't seem to get miffed when it comes to controversial issues….She is cool.
      Ellen Marie Kane

    9. Olivia I too was going to mention the mixed fabrics, but since you did I guess you've got that covered. πŸ˜‰
      Let me just say, there is a big difference between men's pants and women's pants. Having three older brothers, I am quite aware of the difference in design and needs of the two.
      The verse doesn't say that women shouldn't wear pants, it says that women shouldn't wear men's clothing. (And vice versa) Who says pants are only for guys?
      That verse is talking about cross-dressers. It saying that you shouldn't try and look like the other gender.
      We need to be careful not to add or take away from the Scriptures, and also not to pick-and-choose which ones we want to follow.

      Olivia, keep up the good work πŸ™‚

    10. Firstly, Olivia, I think that's a lovely outfit. Your hair looks really cute too. πŸ™‚

      Secondly, I'd like to address everyone's who's being negative about the outfit. Of course we should try to follow the scriptures as good as we can, but a little bit of common sense to go along with it while we're reading it wouldn't hurt. I agree we should dress modestly, so that the way we look won't be distracting for guys, but I don't believe that outfit to be a distraction. Of course, you'd have to ask a guy's opinion on that to know for sure. Anyway, I don't believe that dressing a certain way makes you a better Christian (doesn't mean you don't have to try to keep it modest, though, as I said, to not be a distraction). That way you're just judging people on appearance. In the end, it's your actions and intents and thoughts that count, not if you look like "the perfect Christian" on the outside. You can wear skirts and dress modestly but have wrong thoughts all the same. God looks at the heart and knows our intentions.
      Thank you, Olivia, for taking the time to keep this blog up to date and giving us all inspiration. πŸ™‚


    11. Thanks, Ellen! And, Olivia/everyone – I am not attacking anyone, I'm simply presenting a Bible-based opinion. I am well aware that men's and women's pants are different. The point of all this is that panta aimply are not modest, whether one's behind is covered with a long shirt or not, and by wearing them we are making ourselves look exactly like the world. We are to be separate from the world. By wearing skirts, we are having a godly testimony to those who we may never even speak to, as Lindsey said. I don't think we should pick and choose when to dress modestly (not like the world) and when we shouldn't. How about one or the other.
      I mean no disrespect to anyone. Thanks, Olivia for allowing this not-so-little discussion!

    12. I hope Olivia won't mind my contribution to this lengthy conversation πŸ˜‰ That verse does not necessarily mean that women cannot wear jeans or pants. Taking it in that form is taking it out of context; back then, as Kalin said, men also wore skirts/dresses. However, the principle is that we shouldn't cross the boundaries between genders–God made one male, the other female. We should be dressing and acting appropriately as females–we shouldn't act or look like boys. It doesn't necessarily mean that we can't dress in pants.

      walking in the air.

    13. I read once about when women started wearing pants it was more to keep warm. They put them on under there dresses thought. "Esther" do you think that women should dress like they don't have legs? I'm not trying to be rude so don't take this wrong;) ~M.

    14. To clarify the Deuteronomy passage, it is not dealing with skirts versus pants. The context of the passage is not about modesty or even clothing at all. This is seen in multiple ways. First, the previous verses all deal with men within the community, taking active responsibility to protect the livelihood of their neighbors by returning or safeguarding lost animals. Animals were used for all agricultural tasks, and thus the loss of any animal was a huge financial burden. Therefore, each man was expected to not ignore a wandering animal, but instead to seek to restore it to its owner.

      Second, responsibility is seen in verse five by revealing the nature of the clothing. The Hebrew word translated "pertaineth unto a man" is actually a reference to battle gear (weapons, armor, etc). This is doubly seen by the Hebrew word used for man, which literally translates as "mighty warrior." The same "mighty warrior" is not to put on a woman's garment or "cover." Thus, the real problem is that this man is running from the responsibility of defending the home, by disguising himself as a woman. He is a coward, and thus is worse than an idol worshiper, for not taking care of his own family. The woman would be neglecting her duties and enabling her husband to sin, thus also contributing her own sin to the situation.

      In conclusion, the passage is dealing with men taking the responsibility to ensure the survival of the community and the home. The word "abomination" has several Biblical meanings including idol worship. Here it is an abomination, because by neglecting responsibility each is behaving worse than an idol worshiper, which makes them a greater abomination.

      Source: Seminary graduate; having studied Biblical languages, culture, and hermeneutics; pastor for 12 years.

      My wife asked me to answer this point on her behalf.


    15. The whole discussion is based on modesty. Pants, in which the shapes of our bodies are distinctly defined, simply are not modest. They show our figures, causing men to look and be distracted in a wrong way. By wearing skirts/dresses, we are covering ourselves, making ourselves modest, and having a testimony to those who see us. As far as not being able to find skirts to wear, they are readily available, if you look for them, and you can also sew any style you want.
      The word abomination has a basic meaning, which is loathsome, wicked, vile, etc. I truly believe it has nothing whatsoever to do with idol worship in this passage. Idol worship is not being discussed at all in that passage.
      I respect your beliefs, Mr. Bousquet, but I beg to differ with them.

    16. Hi David,
      So lets not even consider Deuteronomy, in this discussion. Lets look at this from another point of view.By wearing pants, you are identifying yourself with the world and how they dress. The world considers pants on women as normal and expected. So since the world does it, do you think we as Christians should dress like them? Since you are a seminary graduate I do not need to tell you all of the places in the Bible that talk about " not conforming to the world", "to be separate", and ' if any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him." By dressing according to the worlds expected standards you would not be identifying yourself with Christ, you would be identifying yourself with the world.
      In Christ,
      Lisa J.

    17. Lisa,
      There are non-Christians who wear skirts, either because they like them, or they like being "old fashioned," or some other reason. And they there are some that wear them modestly. When you see a woman in a skirt, do you automatically think that they are a Christian?

    18. Esther – Mr. Bousquet didn't say that the verses in Deuteronomy were talking about idol worship, he merely listed it as an example of an abomination.
      He said, "Here it is an abomination, because by neglecting responsibility each is behaving worse than an idol worshiper, which makes them a greater abomination."
      That means those who neglect their responsibilities to their families and communities are worse than the heathen idol worshipers, and therefore qualify for abomination status. I believe he thought, as I did, that when you said, "Abomination is a very strong word, and we all know what it means." that you were referring to homosexuality (cross dressing), so he was listing other things that are also called abominations in the Bible.

      – Sandy

    19. Lisa J.,
      There are lots of non-Christians who wear skirts, I definitely do not automatically think someone is a Christian just because they are wearing a skirt. Our goal in how we dress should not so much be to be different from the world (not that we shouldn't be, I'll explain in a moment!) as much as it should be dressing modestly in a way that glorifies God. I think Olivia definitely is an example of this, and since the Bible does not give us specifics in this area, it is up to each of us and our personal convictions and how the Lord leads us. If long skirts come in style, does that mean we should all start wearing something different, like jeans, so that we don't look like the world and people can tell us apart from the world? As others have said, this is more a heart issue than anything else. You can't say that jeans are always immodest, or that skirts are always modest (I have been around friends who would have been more modest in jeans than the skirts they were wearing because of the activities). The Bible is not that specific. Everyone has their own convictions and we should respect that! πŸ™‚

    20. On average how many times do you see the world wearing MODEST skirts or dresses? Either they are super tight or super short or really really low cut. . In both cases I would not say " My, my . There goes a nice Christian lady"! I think that Lisa has a point.

    21. I went shopping with my wife and girls yesterday and I think it is safe to say that we won't have to worry about the world wanting to cover their bodies up any time soon, and trying to be more Christ like! πŸ™‚
      Owen, Father to 3 teen girls ( who follow this blog)

    22. I would have to agree with Amy and "horse gal"….I know some friends that are not Christians but wear skirts pretty much all the time. Yes, sometimes they go above the knee, but most times they are "Christian modest" as others call it. I don't think that saying "Oh that lady or girl is wearing a skirt, she is a Christian is right." That is just a form of saying that only Christians wear modest skirts and if a Christian is not wearing a modest skirt she is not a true Christian. I don't think that is correct.

      Lydia K.

    23. It is unreasonable to call a woman a hypocrite for wearing one thing in the house, and other out in public. Would you have her to shower in a full set of clothing? Should she wear church clothes while doing farmy-type stuff? What if she's not feeling well? Shouldn't she be allowed to be comfort driven in her clothing choices for the day? There is a certain amount of privacy, in the home and around family, that all human beings have a right. Otherwise we (especially the introverts among us) would all go insane.

      There is no scriptural mandate that says that a woman should not wear jeans, because if she does so, she is an abomination. What is up for discussion is whether or not jeans pertain to a man. That is where personal liberty as a Christian comes in. Romans 14 (along with other passages) clearly gives Christians the right to have standards, and to not be judged by other Christians for those standards. Olivia operating is operating, not only within the bounds of her own standards, but her father's, which is commendable. I suggest that those who take issue with this, go to her father (her protector and head) instead of harassing her. That is the right, and natural order of things.


    24. Hi Lydia,
      Wearing an immodest outfit, drinking, doing drugs or any number of things will not make you lose your salvation at all. I agree with you on the point that wearing pants does not make you an unbeliever. However, by doing any of the things listed above ( and other things the Lord would call sin) you would be out of fellowship with him because you would not be walking after Him. If we are not following Him he will have to lovingly chastise us to bring us back into the close relationship that He wants with us. If a Christian is not wearing a modest skirt or dress, she does not have the relationship with God that a Christian should have. She WILL NOT lose her salvation though. However, she is not a light in this world, saying unashamedly " I am a Christian, because I act, look/dress, and talk different."Jesues suffered so much for us on the cross that we can afford to be willing to be "different" in this world.

    25. Hi Lynn!
      Yes, that is hypocritical to wear on thing at home and another in public. You should dress modestly and like a Christian at all times. The analogy of taking a shower in full clothes doesn't even really make any sense once you think about it. The bathroom door is locked and no one will see you. ( unless you are trying to be Bathsheba) The fact that you are around family does not make it right for you to wear anything you would not wear in front of someone you may not know. If you have kids, do you let them see you in your under things? After all it is family. I do agree with you however that scripture does not say anything about not wearing JEANS. It also says nothing about wearing a very low cut shirt, doing drugs, getting drunk or any other number of things Christians shouldn't do. For that matter it doesn't say anywhere that you shouldn't stick your tongue out at a person. What comes into play here is principle. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and that is why you shouldn't do those things. Scripture does say for women not to dress like a man. If you put pants on you are dressing like a man because that is a mens garment. Using other cultures and how they either dress or how they did dress does not apply. We live in America and men do not wear dresses or skirts. It is not normal. Another blogger pointed out something that I had never thought of before. How many times have you gone into a ladies restroom somewhere and the stick figure had on pants? Did the mens restroom have a stick man in a skirt?
      What the world needs to see is that we identify with Christ not the world and they need to see us consistent.
      Kat H.

    26. Hi Kat!
      I agree with a lot of what you are saying in principle, but jeans are certainly not underwear. When I mentioned having privacy within one's home, and around one's family, I was thinking more along the lines of flannel pajamas bottoms, and other such comfy clothing that one would wear in the home, but not necessarily to the grocery store. I'm sure that skirt's only ladies have their own version of this – i.e. a skirt that's supremely comfortable, but not exactly presentable to the general public. Sometimes we have off days.

      The shower example, perhaps, was a bit over the top. I've heard of a question on questionnaires written for missionaries, asking (redundant, sorry) "What does your wife wear to bed?" I understand that the question is designed to find out if she wear pajama pants, but really how much of a woman's life should be an open book where the modesty issue is concerned? Also what concerns me is the fact that so much of a Christian woman's life is a target nowadays. I am very happily married, and try to keep my home running in a way that pleases my husband, and in so doing, honors God. My husband is in the ministry, which, in some people's mind, makes me fair game. Over time, I've had many people come to me, to tell me what my role is in my husband's ministry, what I should be doing, what I shouldn't…Big things, little things..My standard answer is now, "I appreciate your concern, and I'm sure you have a lot of good ideas. I think the best thing for you to do would be to share them with my husband, and he can pass along the things he'd like applied to me." Because, ultimately, my husband and the Holy Spirit are who determine what my role should be. To go directly to me, is to violate my husband's headship. I believe the same principle applies to standards, which should also be directly determined by the head of the home. Single women are a different matter, of course.

      The Bible does specifically talk about alcohol and drunkeness, and I believe that drug use can be lumped in with it. Revealing your chest is considered nakedness in the Bible. Those things are specifically mentioned. Many things in the Bible are spelled out in black and white. I.E: do this, and don't do that. But other principles are left to the Holy Spirit to apply within us. Don't dress like a man, and don't reveal your thighs. That's pretty clear cut. But does that mean no pants? I understand why you would draw that conclusion. But not everyone does…and that is (and should be) okay. I believe that modesty principles should be preached, for sure. But how they are applied should be left to individual families.


    27. Hi Lynn!
      Thanks for replying! I understand about being "under the gun "as you are a pastors wife. That would be a difficult position to be in all the time, and I admire you greatly to be able to deal with all of the stress that comes with that job. πŸ™‚ I agree that jeans are not underwear, ( good thing, because that would be uncomfortable lol) but you are still showing people, who have no business to see, the outline of your legs. (By saying the outline I certainly don't mean that you can't show your leg from the knee down. ) The only person who should see anything above your knee is your husband only. Jeans reveal your thighs and that is not modest. Just because you can't see skin doesn't make it modest. Revealing your thigh ( man or woman) is considered nakedness in the Bible.
      Thanks for your reply!

    28. Hi Everyone! So many opinions! I hope that as believers, even if we disagree with each other on this issue, we can still be united in Christ, and try not to cause even more division in the church πŸ™‚

      If I'm not misunderstanding, some of y'all are saying that since you can see the outline/shape of her legs, it is like she was wearing a dress that short. Well, my twenty-year-old brother saw the picture of Olivia's outfit, and he basically said that if she was wearing a dress that short it would a whole different picture, but the jeans made a huge difference in covering her and he didn't think her outfit was immodest or a problem for him.
      My dad also saw her outfit and he didn't think it was immodest. Just for what it's worth!

      Blessings, Joanna

    29. Exactly, Joanna. So many women are so concerned about clothing meeting THEIR approval that they seem to forget why we dress modestly in the first place!

  4. This is SO CUTE, Olivia! I love the chevron print! And I gotta admit, I was a little unsure about your bangs when I saw them in the Instagram picture, but in these photos I see that they're actually adorable and PERFECT on you! I definitely wear jeans a lot more in the wintertime since here it's sooo frigid this time of year. My favorite brand is Old Navy. πŸ™‚

    So sorry about your Lymes disease! Praying for your full and speedy recovery.

  5. I love your outfit! That tunic is incredible! I wear jeans all the time (I'm not a full time skirt wearer). They are my go to comfort item. I am so happy I stumbled across your blog…it's awesome! I'm a new follower. Have a great rest of the week!

  6. I love your hair so much! I'm in need of a new haircut and now I want bangs again, haha!!

    I wear jeans a lot, no matter of the season, since we have horses and I ride them a lot, plus living in cold, bipolar Tennessee and having a farm (and soon to be more acreage, Lord willing!) it's hard to work in thorns and thickets in a dress! I've been trying to find more tunics but it seems like they are hard to find, I never thought about looking in the dress section!


  7. Love. your. blog.!!! Just found it thru another blogger. Where has it been all my life?!:) Love your outfits! This one is so cute! God Bless!! {Heidi Ebersole}

  8. I love your boots, loveeeeee to much!!! I hope they are comfortable too.
    I wear dresses more often then jeans or skirts πŸ™‚ you looking great in your tunic + jeans outfit πŸ™‚
    Have a brilliant weekend lovely girl!

  9. Olivia, I am amazed that you have lymes disease and are feeling fine! One of my friends has lymes and it is so bad right now that she is in a wheelchair and sometimes forgets who she is. But she said she would rather have Lymes and draw closer to God through her suffering than be healed and not rely on God 100%. She is one amazing woman!
    I hope your week is wonderful! I'm praying for you and your recovery even though you don't know me. πŸ™‚
    P.S- I really like your outfit and am encouraged that there are still people in the world who sincerely care about modesty. πŸ™‚ I wear jeans a lot and usually get mine from Wal-Mart. They fit nicely and comfortably enough to wear outside to take care of our chickens.

    1. Hey Hannah! My sister also has lymes and is in bed most of the time from it, so yes, I'm soooo thankful to be feeling well! We caught mine immediately and started to treat the next day. When the first round of meds didn't work, we realized it because I was having the same symptoms my sister had and I started on more medicine. I'm also blessed to be seeing a Dr. who specializes overcoming it naturally. πŸ™‚ I'm sorry to hear that your friend is suffering so much with it! It's definitely a nasty disease and not one to fool around with. Thank you for your prayers!

    2. I'm so glad you're going to treat it naturally. My sister also has Lymes disesase, and i know she's been to a lot of traditional doctors who tell her she doesn't have it, and that it's all in her head. But she hurts all the time, and even has halusinations at night so she doesn't sleep well at all. (My point is it is clearly not "all in her head".) Anyway, way to go treating it naturally! My family has a really good friend who treats lymes disease naturally, and I know she has had really good success! Natural is always best. Really cute outfit by the way!

    3. I agree natural is the best, at least with this disease. I know a lady from church who got Lymes disease, and she couldn't have children for fifteen years. After undergoing rather intensive vitamin C therapy, she felt much better and has three kids now!
      I'm sad to hear you got it, Olivia. I'm thankful you're feeling okay and I hope your family members get better, too.

  10. Love the outfit! And your hair is simply adorable! Wish I could pull that off. . . :] Yes, I too wear my jeans/tunic/boots ensemble ALL winter long. My favorite tunic is a pale blue peasant top with pink flowers from Rue 21 ($3!)

    Also, as to an above-mentioned comment, I believe it is possible to successfully and modestly wear jeans. Your outfit is a perfect example! I could go on, but for the sake of time, I won't. πŸ˜€

    Sarah <3


  11. Your tunic is AWESOME!!! I love it so much! Well I guess that means that i'll have to find one like that!
    By the way your hair looks very good on you!
    Bubbles and Blessings!

  12. Love you're outfit! And you're bangs! We used to believe wearing pants was a horrible sin, but a lot of that was actually from churches who pressure you into wearing what "They" believe is right. We recently looked into the bible ourselves and the Lord really convicted us about a lot of things! There are so many little things you have to examine about the verses people use to tell you how to dress. My Dad's a pastor so one Sunday we did a bible study and studied the scriptures as well as the verses people claim that tell you not to wear pants. I don't believe wearing pants are a sin, but that's kind of a LONG topic and I have some things to accomplish today, so I will just stay clear of that πŸ˜€ jk. Anyway, don't know why I'm going off on this rabbit trail but yeah πŸ˜€

    Thanks for sharing what you believe in! And everything about the pictures are adorable!

  13. Hiiiii,
    O my word i love that so so so much! It is amazingly cute! I am only like 11 but i still just ADORE your blog plus you wear stuff that is cute and modest it is a good change from what every body else wears <3
    God bless you!

  14. I love the tunic/dress! A very cute outfit. Hope you are feeling better now. Has anyone ever told you that you resemble Kate Upton? I think you are prettier though. πŸ™‚

  15. Hey Olivia!

    I love this outfit so much…your sweater is just adorable. I've noticed that there has been a little confuffle on whether jeans for Christian ladies is ok. (I hope I'm not jumping in or anything). I just wanted to tell you that in my opinion, the way you wear jeans is very modest and Christ honoring. I have been following your blog for a little while now, and I have clearly noticed that honoring Christ is one of your main goals. Just wanted to say that you are very inspiring to me and I am sure to a lot of other girls and ladies. Every one has and is entitled to their own opinion…but I think your "tunic 'n pants" is a Godly way to be practical when necessary. =)

    Ashley B.

  16. CUTE! πŸ˜€ I have a similar outfit I just got last Dec. from ThredUp (THANK YOU for sharing that website awhile back) I LOVE being feminie and also modest, my Mom and Dad taught me the value of being modest – but it got harder as I grew older and my style changed. So I want to thank you for your posts, they have helped inspire me to new & fresh ideas that are also modest AND PRETTY! I always look forward to what outfit you are going to post. πŸ˜€

    As far as awkward moments:
    –That Moment you catch two teenagers looking on in horror at your brightly colored (burnt orange) exercising shirt you couldn't pass up for 75% (off of $26), and thinking catch yourself thinking that are funny being horrified in their faded tie-dye shirts.

    That is the best one I have, but I am sure there are more…I just cannot think of them. ;-p

    I didn't know you lived in TN! What city do you live in if you don't mind me asking? We are planning to move to just outside the Gatlinburg area within a couple years. I hope you don't think I'm a creeper for asking. lol

    1. Oh that sounds lovely! πŸ˜€ I fell in love with TN when I visited my great-grandmother in Knoxville when I was about 14(?) – it has topped almost everywhere I have visited to date (which isn't many places in the grand scheme). We(Hubby and I) have been trying to scrimp and save to buy our own farm land and build our forever home. πŸ˜€

    2. I was wondering the same thing as our growing family has been feeling drawn to the Tennessee area:D. We have checked out every book in the library about TN and have a ton of houses for sale save on an app! Our desire is to find a solid church first before deciding on a specific area…where does your family attend?

      As always, I'm blessed by your blog! ~Jen

  17. Oh, Olivia, thank you so much! I have been wearing skirts for a year, but was finding that I needed some pants for certain occasions. I just got some jeans and a tunic to wear, and I'm loving it. And then you're post came with added inspiration! Thank you so much! I love love love your blog. πŸ™‚


  18. Love your blog Olivia! Thanks so much for the inspiration of jean + tunic outfits! I just got my first tunic along with jeans and I'm very excited. Your post came at just the right time!! Thank you!


  19. I love the tunic!!! Plus the outfit looks retro, which I love!! I enjoy reading my old journals, I often think, "what was I going through"!!! I love to see where I was and what I was thinking. By the way, what is freezing fog?? Never heard of it!!

  20. Smashing cow water can certainly be an excellent place for funny stories..:) I don't wear jeans, simply because I find it easier for me to be modest and feminine and besides, I enjoy feeling bookish and old-fashioned. πŸ™‚ However I like how you always style your jeans in such a carefully modest way!

  21. Love your bangs and the outfit! πŸ™‚ Im a dancer and dance teacher…most days I wear dance clothes or jeans. I love skirts…and maybe someday I will be an "all skirts" kinda gal. So thankful for your site…it inspires me to try my hardest to dress modestly. Thank you for blogging! Praying for your Lymes and your sister. Blessings -Rebeca C.

  22. Haha! I can relate to the black skirt "awk" (guess I shouldn't have scratched the dog's neck while wearing that…) and the one about people staring. My mom has a theory that it's because society isn't used to women wearing unique, ladylike clothing.
    I hope that you soon have a full recovery from Lyme disease and the infections!

  23. Your new hair style is very cute and becoming! I have been debating bangs for quite some time but haven't take the plunge. I was wondering if you were thinking about getting bangs from some of the pins I was seeing from you.:)

    I really like this outfit! I like all of your outfits but some just aren't necessarily my style. I would wear this outfit though.:) My you are getting quite a lot of good finds on ThredUp. I have looked on the site, but can't seem to figure out how to successfully search for what I am wanting. Do you have any tips????

    Oh the joy of breaking animals water. The pigs has to be the worst though. I will sometimes just use my foot since I have muck boots on. Ever try stomping through the ice of pigs water while at the same time trying to keep three pigs back whom you know have razor sharp teeth??? Awkward and slightly scary.:) Sledding behind a 4 wheeler is definitely awesome!

    I am sorry about the lyme disease. What a blessing to have caught it first thing though! I will be praying for you and your sister! Which sister has it?

  24. Bravo, Olivia! — giving you a round of applause — I love how this outfit shows that you can be modest and feminine in a pair of jeans. I love everything about this look! You rock!
    ~ Gwen M.

  25. hey Olivia, yes I wear jeans in the wintertime most of the time. especially when going into town; I hate, hate, hate pantyhose, but most of the time I have to wear them if I'm going to wear a skirt out in 10 degree weather. This last year, though I haven't had too much trouble with the weather here in Ohio being either decent or so-dreadful-we-aren't-going- anywhere-until-the-snow-finally-melts-off-the-gravel-road. L-O-V-E your blog!!! ~Kelly

  26. This looks like something I'd wear… The too long jeans with tall boots, the long dress/shirt, the pigtails, the bangs… Are we related? *twilight zone music plays* lol my bangs have grown out though. You look nice with them!! I thought you looked dif, and I was all 'is it the hair color? Is it cause she's wearing pants?' LOL

    Thanks for posting, Awk and Awe is always a blast to read!

    And I do wear jeans and skirts year-round. Modestly, of course…lol

    And about people staring… lollll I wonder the SAME thing. Awk moments O_o "I'm not an animal…I'm a human being!"

    -Abigail of happysnappingphotography.wordpress.com

  27. Olivia, I love this outfit. πŸ™‚ It looks comfy, feminine, and just plain darling. I myself am a huge advocate for wearing tunics with pants. I am in love with the Indian culture, and when I was little had an Indian tunic with pants that my grandparents brought back on an extended mission trip over there. It's funny that we make such a huge deal over here of the pants being a "men's garment" when the women in other parts of the world have worn the tunic and pants look for centuries… and that's in cultures in which modesty is a HUGE deal. Like countries that are predominantly Muslim or Hindu, etc…
    I guess we tend to over think things here… πŸ™‚

    I get that guys have a hard time with pants being defrauding because it can accent the, ahem, rear. πŸ™‚ But I think the tunic is practical and functional. And if I ever go live in a third world country, I'm totally adopting the clothing.

    Also, I love watching how your style and taste has evolved. I think you dress a little more simply now then you used to and have learned to use accessories well.

    Keep on following after the Lord, sweet girl and inspiring us to live a modesty life!


  28. Hi! I love your blog and your modest outfits are such an inspiration to me! I have a maxi skirt that looks almost exactly like your top! πŸ˜‰
    ~Sam H

  29. Hey Olivia! Awesome outfit, it's totally chick yet super modest and comfy my favorite kind of outfit to wear on a lazy day. I am absolutely in love with your haircut, I've been thinking about getting bangs, but I'm afraid that once I cut them I won't like them lol! Your blog is such a great encouragement and I love reading Awk and Awe Thursday's!


  30. Awk:
    Almost passing out twice after I donated blood for the first time.
    Putting my tights on backwards and not realizing it until I was walking down the sidewalk of a busy street.

    Getting assigned my THIRD Mary's Meals kitchen.
    Getting some awesome chevron fabric for a maxi skirt!!
    Getting more snow.

  31. That is such a great casual/work outfit! It is so sad though that dress styles are so short now that really all they should be called is a tunic shirt! That actually leads to my question: How can you tell the length of things on ThredUp? It's really hard for me to tell from a lot of the pictures. I will put things in my cart but then worry about a skirt/dress/shirt not being long enough and basically abandon ship from there. I supposed it's probably just trial and error with all the different brands. I'm 5’7” so just a bit taller than average.

    1. It is hard to tell the length of things on ThredUP– I've bought several things now that I thought would be tunic tops but ended up reaching my knees and can be dresses! So, yes, definitely trial and error with brands, as well as looking at the proportions. I do a lot of googling of size charts for each specific brand and then guess by the measurements what the length would be. I'm 5'2" so even things that are supposed to be short end up being modest on me. I wish they had the length information, but yeah, guessing is your best bet. πŸ˜› Sorry I don't have better advice!

    2. Sorry I saw this late, but you can actually email the ThredUp help desk for measurements. Just include the link for whatever item you want, and they pull and measure it for you. I've done that multiple times now and always gotten a fast, cheerful response.

  32. Olivia, you are doing a wonderful job being a light through your blog! Keep walking the path you are on, and don't let any negative feedback discourage you. Blessings!

  33. Olivia

    I thought this post was great!

    I debated the biblical v women wearing pants (sorry trousers as I am in the UK) subject at great length with 2 of my friends at the end of last year. We are in our 30s and had been skirts/dresses only all our lives as we try to live a strict Christian lifestyle.

    We came to the conclusion that the biblical references did not preclude women from wearing trousers as long as the trousers were cut specifically for women. After much prayer and thought I eventually decided that I wanted to buy some trousers but it took me a long time and a lot of persuasion from my friends before I made that step.

    Like you I always try to keep my bottom well hidden for modesty reasons which I still feel are very important to me. I have yet to buy denim jeans as I am still not too sure about the image.

    I have documented my story in a new blog http://rebeccatriestrousers.blogspot.com
    You may like to take a look sometime.

    Please do not let one or two negative comments upset you and I hope that you will soon be better.

    Take care


  34. hey Olivia, I was just wondering if you've ever shopped at Cato's Fashions? it is a boutique-like store, but their clearance is awesome sometimes, and you can find really great skirts there. just wondering!!~ Kelly M.

    1. Hey! No, I don't think I've ever bought anything there. I've gotten some Cato items from the thrift store and have walked through one maybe, but I guess I haven't explored it enough! Thanks for the suggestion!

  35. I think the best way to solve this question on whether it's modest or not would be to see it from a guys' point of view. When you bend over – the, ahem, rear is still seen. I completely agree with Esther on this modesty issue… I am not trying to be negative or anything and I do understand everyone has their views, but the figure is still seen and that is something that distracts guys. I love your other posts though and your style of dressing. I just don't quite agree with the "jean modesty". Thanks for letting me comment and God Bless!

    1. If that "tunic" is being sold as a dress, I have a hard time believing that any normal way of bending over would actually reveal her rear end.

  36. Olivia, I really enjoy your posts! I also like that you incorporate a modest way to wear jeans because I am a jean wearer. I want to be modest not just for guys, but to obey the verse in Timothy that tells women to be modest. It is hard these days to find long skirts and loose fitting jeans these days without cleaning out your wallet. I am so glad that you explain a modest way to wear jeans!


  37. Yes, Olivia, I do were jeans in the winter time. But as a personal conviction for myself and a conviction for the rest of our family we wear long skirts to church, winter or summer. I do believe that pants are modest as long as they are very loose fitting. Many people believe much differently, but the most important thing is that we love the Lord and respect the way He tells us to dress.

    Thanks for the post, Olivia!
    Kathryn B.

  38. Olivia, I really like that you have given a modest and sensible way to wear jeans. From my search in the Bible, I believe in modesty but I also believe that pressure from others to wear jeans/skirts. It is our duty as Christians to obey what the Holy Spirit lays on our heart. Man looks at the outward appearance but the Lord looks at the heart, so if we are going out looking very pure and modest but we are smug about our modesty inside, man thinks we are strong followers of Him. Inside, the Lord sees our true heart. I believe that each one of us has our own convictions and feelings. I don't ever want people to think that I am perfect when I am vain inside. I do value strong opinions for modesty, nevertheless. Thanks, Olivia, for this post!


  39. I already made a comment, but here's another interesting point of view. My husband and I are very strict reformed, but I do wear 'normal' clothes….that includes leggings/pants. (No cleavage or belly showing however) The people in our area that do wear full length skirts are mostly seen as 'those crazy strict Christians'. It scares people away more so then draws them in to talk….like we would want when we're sharing the gospel.

    I've also had lengthily conversations with my hubby about this, and he's not at all 'tempted' by someone's butt in a pair of pants. Seriously girls? You think when you're wearing a pair of jeans immediately a man's going to lust after you because he sees your butt? I think hiding all your female curves can also be part of 'dressing like a man'. We're woman, God made us beautiful. Why should I hide my breast under wide clothes, as if they weren't there? That looks far more like 'dressing like a man' then wearing a pair of jeans in my opinion.


    Just some

  40. I like the new haircut! I think the whole look is really cute hippy throwback and I agree a nice long necklace would finish it off nicely.

    ~Esther (not the Esther in the comments above)

  41. Wow Olivia, is this the most comments you've ever received on a post? I really admire your writing style and how you always handle criticism gracefully πŸ™‚ And awk+awe is such a fun little thing πŸ™‚ I wouldn't have guessed that jeans were so controversial. Thanks for doing what you do!

    Blessings, Joanna

    1. Oh wow! Where I live jeans are just what we wear, so I wouldn't have thought much about it. Thanks for replying, Joanna πŸ™‚

    2. Olivia- do not be discouraged! This nearly all the time pants wearing fan loves getting to see how you wear them cutely and modestly! Thanks for making a post that is more relatable to me.

  42. I love your outfit, it is very modest and cute at the same time! You have a wonderful heart and smile. Continue living for God and desiring to please Him alone. I'm proud of you for following His leading and that of your family instead of others. Stand strong in your faith.

  43. Some awkward's and awesome's from my week:

    -Auditioning for an ensemble dancing role in a homeschooling group play and not knowing the dance too well, thinking you would just be behind a line of girls, so you didn't make yourself positive you knew it 100%, then realizing they were doing it in groups of four, and forgetting some steps when you audition. πŸ˜› It really makes a significant difference if you know it all well.
    -In that same audition, a guy is supposed to support you as you leap into the air, but then you just fall mid-jump and mildly hurt your foot from it, and are only able to resume the audition after an explanation of how to hold yourself from the director, many laughs, and "Are you OKAY?"'s.
    -Forgetting your coat at the library and having to go back to get it after you left your chrochet class. "Yup, still below freezing, would probably be useful."
    -Being the only whimpering at a movie theater during the most stressful parts. Let's just say I'm not the strongest person when it comes to plane crashes and murders one after the other. πŸ˜›
    -Having your friend "read" your hand and predict your future (I don't actually believe in it, I was just letting her do it because it was fun to hear what she said) and her telling you the strangest things about "your future." Was so fun to laugh at and joke about, though πŸ˜€

    -Movies, frozen yogurt, tea, lemon bars, and laughing late into the night with friends. β€œFriendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art…. It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things which give value to survival.” C.S. Lewis
    -Pride and Prejudice in my PJ's with the curtain open on sunny Saturday mornings in bed. <3 And throughout the week in between events. Jane Austen is just purely brilliant.
    -Painting with your four-year-old sister and talking about how much you love art and creating it. They understand more than you may think.
    -Being motivated to make the resolution of less television, less sugar, less computer, more chores, spiritual/fun/constructive reading, spending more time with the littles, and more prayer, and doing pretty well! Increases my relationship with the Father and helps me to accomplish more during the week. All-in-all a very positive influence on my life. Now can it pleeeease just stay this way? πŸ˜€
    -Chatting with your dear friend you and your sister met through the lovely world of the internet (meant both literally and sarcastically), encouraging, consoling, and exchanging knowledge with each other.
    -Successfully online and catalog-shopping, since I just haven't been able to "real" shop recently, so I had to resort. Now to actually PURCHASE the items? Somehow the most difficult/wonderful/best step. ;D
    -Taking the semi-annual tour of how they make maple syrup with the sugar maple trees in your state! We got to sample the incredibly fresh stuff as usual and it was as sweet as ever. Also, watching your brother assist the professional, experienced gentleman demonstrate how they do it was pretty awesome, too. I already put a bit of the quart of the maple syrup we bought in my tea today and it was amazing.
    -Making lemon bread today and coating it with lemon-y- and sugary-goodness which makes it looks so picturesque, then taking some pretty good pictures of it. …If I do say so myself. xD
    -Taking huge steps in learning to crochet! Hopefully I'll be able to actually make something soon since I've the got the double knot pretty much down.
    -How hilariously mature, quick-thinking, articulate, and imaginative your little sister is. I just love her.

    Haha, hope this wasn't too long! It was a good week πŸ™‚

  44. Olivia, honey, just wanted to point out a piece of your thinking on this very important issue (if it wasn't, then there wouldn't be 84 comments). You said that, "I wasn't going to see anyone who didn't already know I was a Christian, so I felt it was okay. I try to be very aware of what my outfit says about Who I represent". Hmmm… Well, if that was true, then we could smoke, drink, use drugs, or walk around naked so long as everyone knows that we are Christians or we were in a Christian place? You represent Christ, not only in the world, but amongst other Christians as well. Just because someone is a Christians, that does not mean that they themselves cannot be tempted. We still have our sin natures which will be with us until we die.
    Paula, I'm very glad that you and your husband have a really great relationship that allows you to talk about this subject. However, maybe your husband wouldn't be tempted, but someone else would. We cannot be selfish in wanting to show our bodies to promote our 'womanliness', but how about the verse that says, "If meat make my brother to offend, I will eat no meat"? This verse is not talking solely about whether or not we can eat meat, but what we should or shouldn't do as Christians. Too often we can get caught up into thinking, "Well, those nasty minded men need to look elsewhere and leave me alone. It's not my job to control what he sees!". This is selfish and we are merely catering to our own whims and desires without regard to how we can come across to others and affect them.
    Blessings on a peaceful day!

  45. I know this comment is a little late but I just felt I had to say something. I've read the comments about this debate whether pants are modest or not, and I'd like to share my opinion.
    I never wear pants- but one of my main reasons for that conviction is one that I haven't seen listed here (as far as I could tell). Of course, modesty is a main issue for me, but, you could argue that if you wore REALLY loose-fitting pants, what's the big deal? It's the issue of IDENTIFICATION. No, not identifying that I'm a woman. Identifying that I'm a Christian. A skirt identifies you as someone who takes modesty seriously. I've heard comments from non-Christians, and when they see us women in skirts, it sets us apart. The Bible says that we are to be a "peculiar" people. Not strange or weird, or ugly, but SET APART. When I see a girl in pants, no matter, how "modest" they are, I assume she's not a Christian. But when I see someone in a skirt, I think "Oh, they're a Christian like me".
    Like others have said, I'm not judging anyone's heart. I can't know if they're sincerely trying to be modest or not. All I see is what's on the outside. And if I want people walking by me in the grocery store to know that I am a child of God, I'd better dress differently!
    This is an issue very near to my heart, and I hope my comment helps those of you out there who aren't sure which way to turn. And remember, you can never go wrong by taking the higher standard. I have never regretted for a moment my conviction to wear skirts.
    And if you're wondering how to do certain jobs in a skirt, I do it ALL THE TIME! I live on a farm, and I clean cow stalls, help with haying time, and do tons of other manual jobs. And if you're wondering what I wear to do things like horseback riding, I've worn culottes. They work perfectly!

    1. I find the argument that wearing "skirts = Christianity" to be odd. I live near a large city with a very diverse population, including many conservative Muslims and conservative Jews. Many of the women in these religious groups wear skirts and headcoverings … I could NEVER assume going into a grocery store (as in your example) that the woman in front of me in line, who is wearing a headcovering and a long skirt, is a "child of God." (She would most likely be a Muslim.)

      This is – as I believe Olivia and others have so well stated – a heart issue, not a commandment issue. While I'm glad that you are following your own convictions, it is wrong to put the heavy burden of legalism on other Christians who are also following their convictions … and not going against the clear teaching of Scripture by so doing.

      In Christ,

    2. I wouldn't assume when I saw a robe with a head covering ( Islam) that the person was a Christian. The Bible says women don't need to wear a head covering since that is what their/our hair is for. The reason that skirts = Christianity is that you are being modest in your clothing and identifying yourself with Christ. So when you see pants do you think that person is a Christian right off? Or do you think that when you see a skirt? Also I think that the world has the best idea ever of the difference between men and women's clothing. How many times on the restroom sign for the ladies restroom, have you seen a stick figure wearing pants? How about the men's? Does he have a dress on?
      Amy K.

    3. It is true that other religions the women wear some kind of a skirt or dress. But I've seen conservative Muslims and Jews, and there is a definite difference between what they wear and what I wear. I also think it might depend on where you live. I live in a rural area, and there are VERY few Muslims or Jewish people around, so I think I do stand out as a Christian.
      . If you are walking around wearing pants, I can pretty much guarantee that no one will guess you are a Christian. But when you wear a skirt, people WILL assume that you are some kind of conservative at the very least, if not a Christian.
      I also don't believe in wearing a head covering, so most people wouldn't confuse me with the Mennonites, Amish, or Muslims.
      Amy, that's a good point about the restroom signs!
      I know this comment is a little random (I'm not the cleverest, most concise writer in the world). I just want to emphasize that what I personally wear as a Christian does look different from the majority of conservatives from other religions wear.

    4. I think that wearing what you believe God wants you to wear is very important, but what is just as important is your actions. If someone is at the store wearing pants, that are loose fitting, someone may not think you are a Christian. If your actions, however, are honoring to the Lord(respect for parent, kindness to siblings, etc.), people can see that your heart is right and guess you are a Christian. The most important thing is that God is the focus, it isn't about what we wear as much as it is our heart. The Lord dictates how we should wear and act……if He doesn't lay on all peoples heart to wear skirts, they are no less a Christian than one who does wear skirts. I do not think skirts=Christianity. Modesty to the degree of one's own convictions=Christianity


    5. I agree with you, wifeandmom. I wear jeans (loose), yet I am a very strong christian and love the Lord. I have four other sisters (all younger than me) and we all wear jeans during the week. But yes, we love skirts (and dresses) too, and wear them quite frequently!

    6. This is a very late comment, but if others happened to read this, this is what I think. Wifeandmom and Alyssa are who I agree with. Abby, I'm sure you love the Lord, but when you say you want to "stand out" as a Christian, is that prideful? I want to stand out in my actions(like wifeandmom) and my dress. Modest dress doesn't give a good heart.

      That's just my opinion,
      Eliza Grace

  46. Hey Olivia!

    I love your awe+awkward!! I would like to share an awkward from a couple weeks back…

    Awkward is sitting in a van with your three sisters in a parking lot, while waiting for mom to finish shopping, and having a pickup truck full of rednecks park in the asle across from you and start showing off their loud music and cami tshirts. And the fact that they don't have their girlfriends with them. A.w.k.w.a.r.d.

  47. Olivia,

    From what I've seen, you have tripled your comments compared to the last couple posts! I love your outfit(No offense to the skirt wearers of course). I am thankful that we do have Christians that will hold fast to their convictions no matter what others say.


  48. Wow, Olivia!! your hair looks darling!! I love it!
    Even though I personally don't wear pants, I still think this is a cute outfit.
    I love your blog, keep up the good work!


  49. Okay, it's too late to reply directly, but earlier, Olivia and Lindsey Miller were talking about how it's a "better witness" to wear a skirt than it is to wear pants (no matter how modest the pants are). That statement has been bothering me all day, but I finally figured out why:
    "By this all men will know that you are My disciples, IF YOU LOVE ONE ANOTHER." John 13:35

    If you wear only skirts, all men will know that you are a Vision Forum/ATI/fundamentalist, or maybe Amish. πŸ˜‰
    If you are careful to dress modestly, all men will know that you respect yourself and are an upright citizen.
    If you show concern for your appearance and always go out looking your absolute best, all men will know that you value your beauty as a woman.

    Yes, it's good to dress modestly, and it's good to be able to embrace your femininity and love skirts, and it's good to pay attention to your appearance, but the way all men will know we are Christians is by our LOVE. When Olivia goes around town in a tunic and jeans, people will still be able to know she is a Christian because of her other-worldly agape love.

    P.S. I wear skirts 99% of the time, but when I wear pants, I cover them with a long tunic, exactly like Olivia does. NO complaints or criticisms from my father, and he's a man, so I trust him to know what's tempting.

    1. On the other hand I know MANY un believers who are the kindest people in the world. And they dress in jeans and t shirts, and could pass off any day as a Christian because they show love, kindness, and compassion, (and wear "modest' jeans and t shirts). T shirts that are not super tight and not low cut. How are you going to know if someone is a Christian based on that attitude? People who we may never get to know, need to know right away we are Christians. Another commenter pointed out another good point. What about people you walk by in the store, mall or wherever. You will never know them. They will never experience your love and kindness. We as Christians need to dress differently at all times. That way there will be no mistake that we are identifying ourselves with Christ.
      Kelly Jo

    2. Amy, thank you so much for pointing out that verse! It's been on my mind also when reading through this discussion and I'm glad someone brought it up. πŸ™‚
      I agree completely with your thoughts here, thanks for commenting.

    3. Thanks for your reply, Kelly Jo!
      You say you know many unbelievers who are so kind and compassionate they could pass as Christians. So you're proposing that all Christian women wear skirts, so people can tell the difference.
      But I'm sure many of those kind ladies you know like to wear skirts now and then. Lots of unbelievers do, and long, flowy skirts are in fashion these days. Then, as previous commenters have pointed out, there are cults that require all their women to wear skirts or dresses.
      Therefore, if some random unbeliever passes you in public, he STILL has no way of knowing you are a Christian. He can know you are confident in your femininity, he can know you value your womanhood, but that's it. Even if you wear skirts 24/7, my statement still stands: your love for one another is the only way men will know.
      I agree that Christian women should not dress like the world, but there's NO WAY to wear anything that is completely unlike anything the world wears. "The world" wears skirts, too!
      See, Christ's kingdom is spiritual, not physical. People can't know you're a Christian unless you tell them you are. And if your words are not backed up with love, it will mean nothing, no matter how long your skirt is.

    4. Hi Amy!
      Yes, I propose that Christian women wear skirts/dresses( or culottes) all the time. I agree that may of my friends who are unbelievers wear skirts too. Yes, even long flowy ones. However, they almost always wear a shirt on top that is not modest, whether it be to tight, to short, or two low. They also don't wear a skirt every day of the week. They generally wear a skirt in the summer once or twice a week. Shorts are generally their choice in the summer though. I agree though with you on how the world should see us as loving, caring people. When you combine that with our clothes that ID you with Christ, can you imagine how much more you will be telling people, " Yes! I am a Christian, and I am not ashamed of being his child!"? I agree, you can wear a skirt to the floor, and if you are arrogant about your modesty you defeat the purpose, and pride is something that God hates. You can also wear a long skirt like it is super short. I have seen that many times and that also is the wrong attitude to have.
      Thanks for your reply!
      Kelly Jo

    5. Thank you for sticking around. πŸ™‚
      Okay, here are two simple questions: why are skirts more Christian than [modestly worn] pants? And: is it true that skirts identify us as Christians?

    6. Hi Amy!
      The reason that skirts are 'more Christian' is because the Bible says we should not wear men's clothes. Cut and dried plain and simple. No matter how 'modest' the pant is we shouldn't wear it. Culottes work just fine if you are doing something that a skirt is not suitable for. May I ask why there is a aversion to culottes? Yes, skirts do id you as a Christian. How many times have you worn pants and were asked if you were a Christian? You shouldn't have to wear a t shirt that says you are one and like another commenter stated, people who will never experience your loving, compassionate nature need to see a difference right away.
      Kelly Jo

    7. So … culottes are basically split skirts, right? They have a section for each leg, with a bunch of extra fabric, making them very loose. Yet you say that even loose pants are ungodly because they "pertain to a man." So how are culottes a more Christian option?

      I don't say this in scorn of the skirts-only belief, but to try and figure out where the culottes fall in the whole argument. Are they pants or skirts?

    8. Thank you so much for replying, Kelly Jo. πŸ™‚
      Please don't make me say why I don't like culottes. That's not the issue. Moving on…
      No, skirts do not identify a woman as a Christian, because, like I said, the world wears skirts, too. No, people do not need to SEE a difference right away. What good does that do them? It is our actions and words (smiles, kindness, love) that make them wonder.
      I can't say anybody's asked me if I am a Christian when I wore pants, because nobody's asked me that EVER. God hasn't seen fit to put me in that situation yet, even though I wear skirts 99% of the time. But how do you know that no women in jeans has ever been asked? I'll answer that one for you: you don't. Maybe with a little Googling of testimonies we'd find many, but we don't know, and we can't support an argument with what we don't know.
      Here's something you do know: Has anyone ever asked you if you were a Christian? If so, was it because of your skirt, or because of your words and actions?
      You don't have to reply to this one. Just think about it. And see my comments below, where I show how pants are not men's clothes. πŸ™‚

  50. Olivia, I have been very encouraged by your blog. Thank you!
    On the subject of women wearing pants, I agree with you that there are situations where pants are acceptable. I have worn only skirts about 99% of the time for around fifteen years. I've hiked, bucked hay, climbed trees and even swam in a skirt. That being said, I've come to realize that even though almost anything technically can be done in a skirt, it isn't always safe. Skirts can be cought in things, can restrict your movements, etc.

    I believe women should wear skirts or dresses most of the time. But if wearing a skirt is the main thing that identifies us as christians to the world, we have a major problem. Wether I'm wearing modest pants or a skirt, my face and actions should be conveying love and compassion to the watching world. I don't believe that Jesus is limited by our clothes.
    If you are convicted to only wear skirts, wonderful. But please show grace to ladies those who may not hold your convictions. Wearing pants does not make them any less of a christian.

    1. Kimberly,
      It doesn't make them a lesser Christian, but you are not doing what God says to do.Why don't you wear culottes? I live on a farm and have never had to wear pants. Why do you feel the need to wear pants? That is not meant to be mean, I am genuinely curious.

    2. I'm curious about her answer, too, Ashely. While we're waiting, I must point out:
      God didn't say women must wear skirts in all situations. He said not to wear man's clothes. So I don't agree Kimberly is "not doing what God says to do." And isn't calling someone a rebellious Christian basically the same as calling her a lesser Christian?

    3. Hi Amy!
      Pants are men's clothes. I don't know any guys who wear dresses. So obiviously they think dresses and skirts are for girls and pants are for guys. God says that wearing men's clothes is "an abomination" and to not do it. So if she is knowingly going against what God is saying then yes I would say that as a Christian, that is direct rebellion against God.

    4. See my reply to Kylelee below. Kimberly is not going against what God said. WHAT we wear is not a moral issue. WHY we wear it is the issue.

    5. Ashley, I totally agree with Amy's replies in this discussion, so I'm not going to take the time to reiterate much:) I personally have not been convicted that it is sin to occasionally wear loose pants. ( However, let me repeat that I firmly believe that women should wear skirts/dresses in most situations.) Personal examples: Fishing Alaskan rivers in hip waders, slogging through deep muck and manure milking cows on a friend's dairy.
      As to coulots, I honestly hadn't thought of them until you mentioned it. I havn't ever seen them while shopping, and I don't really sew. I 'll have to look into it.
      The bottom line for me on this issue, and on any other issue/conviction that is not clear defined in scripture, is this: what is the Holy Spirit leading and convicting ME to do? It may be different from what someone else is led to do. The most important thing is that I/we are walking hand in hand with Jesus, and then He WILL lead and guide us. (By the way, I don't discount the advice or input from family and other believers. We need to challenge eachother!)

  51. Hi there! I'm a christian girl and I have always struggled with wearing clothes that are cute but modest and comfortable. I have found that wearing a skirt makes me uncomfortable because-no matter how modest the skirt is-I felt judged because the common view of girls who wear skirts is that she's dressing up because she wants a guy to notice her. It isn't just in my high school; it's everywhere, and that feels very wrong to me. If my jeans are totally modest, more comfortable, and less likely to make people scrutinise my appearance, why would it be wrong to wear them?

    1. Fascinating! I was homeschooled all the way, and I had no idea that's how things are! Probably a number of other readers here don't, either. In fact, in the subculture we grew up in, it's almost the opposite. Wow.
      In my opinion, you should keep wearing your jeans, because, for you, they are actually more modest than a skirt. And no, it is not wrong to wear jeans. πŸ™‚

    2. Because, in our culture, women wear jeans, and it is not seen as unusual, wrong, or twisted. People think nothing of it. It isn't cross-dressing, and it isn't rebellious: it is normal.
      You shouldn't be afraid to wear a skirt (Emily has some great advice below), but God never said not to wear jeans. He said not to wear men's clothes, and to dress modestly (so as not to show off or draw attention to yourself). There ya go. It's not wrong.

    3. HI Amy!
      So if the argument you are using follows other things, it is ok to drink and do drugs because our culture does it. God said to not wear men's clothes. Wearing pants is men's clothes. How many men this week have you seen in a dress? Just because our culture says it is ok to do something does not make it ok in God's culture. Wearing pants was not always our culture either. So were all of the generations of women who wore modest dresses wrong? There was a reason they didn't wear pants….

    4. Whoa, hold on: I'm not saying we disregard God's word when our culture does. God didn't tell us not to drink or do drugs, either, but He gave us guidance on how to treat others and treat ourselves, which, of course, our culture ignores. Many women in our culture also ignore God's guidance when they wear their ragged, racy, skin-tight jeans in public.
      But wearing women's pants is not the same as wearing men's clothes. How many men this week have you seen in women's pants? (None, I hope! Yuck.) If it would be weird and wrong for a man to wear women's jeans, doesn't that mean they are women's clothes?
      I know American women have not always worn pants. But they were in a different culture than the one we're in now. Regardless of how it happened, our culture has changed, and so have clothing norms. See above.
      So it is wrong to dress like a man, and it is wrong to dress immodestly, but it is not wrong to wear women's pants, just like how, in ancient Israel, it was not wrong for a man to wear a man's skirt.

  52. Olivia, love the modest jeans not tight, and out of this world flattering tunic top, covers the seat nicely and so very slimming and modest. You look great, totally inspiring outfit!

    Sheridan, if you don't mind I'll take the liberty to add my thoughts to your question as looks like Olivia gets totally tons of comments to be able to answer every question. I do notice that you've got to have confidence to pull off a skirt because when you do it for yourself, your God and to feel so lovely and feminine, you can pull off a skirt just fine. Especially if you do little things to say 'casual' in your outfit like in a sporty pair of keds type shoe (that was the dressy tennis shoe of my day….but you get what I mean) a hoody, a striped shirt, an outward seam or worn jean skirt edge…all of these things say casual and playful.
    Then once in a while you should go as pretty as you want for yourself. And by now the opinions of others can melt away cause you are so kind and loving and loving of everyone that they know you much more than your dress. You'll mostly get people who respect you and if there is a snarky opinion here and there…its nothing to worry about. If you have awkwardness in your eyes people sniff it a mile away and for some reason the judgements just flow. So just pray, and dress for yourself and Heavenly Father. Also, this world does need girl's examples in how to wear jeans modestly. But don't neglect the womanly in your divinely created body, we need to wear those things that helps us feel like nurturers, blessings, and fine lillies of the field. πŸ˜‰ Good luck! SOunds like you are really focused on being in-tune to your Father in Heaven!

  53. Thanks for answering, Emily, it was actually really encouraging. It's true, I do struggle with confidence. I do have one other question, though; does how we look really communicate to people whether or not we are Christian? I mean, obviously it does to some extent-I would never look at a girl wearing a low cut, skintight top and short skirt and think she's a Christian-but within the bounds of modesty, does it really make that much of a difference? For example, I had really long hair and just got it cut short-there isn't a strand over three inches long now. But I don't feel that it's hindered my witness for Christ at all; in fact, as shorter women's hairstyles grow more popular, I think it's helped because people see me as easier to connect to and are more likely to be comfortable around me and let me talk to them. This is my experience; do you feel that me cutting my hair and wearing jeans and t-shirts is wrong?

    1. I don't think it's wrong, but in my opinion, longer hair and skirts are prettier and more feminine. That's all I have to say. πŸ™‚

    2. Sheridan,
      As long as your hair is not so short you look like a man, go ahead and chop it! πŸ™‚ I mean in reason, I would awful in short hair, so just make sure the look flatters you. πŸ™‚ However, we are not to try and look like the world to connect to people. Use your kind, Chris like, personality to connect with people.

  54. (A sort of side note: So, Kelly Jo … culottes are basically split skirts, right? They have a section for each leg, but with a bunch of extra fabric so they're sort of like skirts? What makes that any different from other kinds of loose pants? How are culottes — which are technically pants, right? — morally equivalent to skirts?)

    1. Hi Allison!
      Because with culottes, you can not see the shape of your legs at all. Which is why they are different than "lose pants". The only kind of pants that are lose enough to compare to culottes are very baggy sweat pants. Who wants to wear that in public. So culottes are not pants in any sense as they are lose enough to cover your leg shape. You just admitted that they look like a skirt, so no one would think you wear wearing pants and then your lower body would be covered.
      Kelly Jo

  55. This discussion seems to have produced a record number of posts!

    I would just like to point out that in biblical times, pants/trousers did not exist. Clothes evolve over time. Men started to wear pants/trousers long before women so that they probably became regarded as mens garments. When women started to wear trousers (largely because they were undertaking men's work during World War 1) they probably did wear men's trousers. However when some women chose to continue wearing trousers during the 1920s to 1940s modifications started to take place to their style to better fit the female body.

    Trouser wearing gradually became more popular for women during the 1950s to 1970s and slacks and jeans were specially designed for women to wear – not men. These could definitely not be regarded as men's garments.

    Most women wear trousers and jeans these days and after many years of being a skirts/dresses only person I finally joined their ranks last year after giving the matter much thought and prayer. I am still very careful to dress modestly when wearing my trousers in public and usually wear a tunic or something similar to cover the crotch area etc.

    I do not consider myself any less of a Christian because I wear trousers designed specifically for women neither do two of my friends who also started to wear trousers last year.

    1. I have been reading a book by a godly Christian couple called "The Witness of your Wardrobe". It deals with this matter of pants/ versus skirts and the Biblical principles involved. Very helpful!
      It is obvious by doing your research that the idea of women wearing pants was not for good reasons. It is just plain not true to say that ladies back in the old days only started wearing them for purely practical reasons. Look up what non-Christians of the day said about them- or even the early manufacturers. THEY KNEW WHAT WAS GOING ON! Don't take my word for it- look it up from a trustworthy source! Ladies back then knew what message they were sending when they stopped wearing their lovely and feminine dresses and took up wearing pants.
      Now, it's true that I don't take my dress convictions from what people in the past did. But I think it's very telling to look back on the history of women wearing pants. They have been the hallmark of feminists longing to break from the mold of the submissive housewife. I want to stay away from something with that kind of a history. Again, I want to emphasize that I am not staying that what was stylish/ not stylish back in the old days is what I will or will not wear. Please don't misunderstand me!

    2. We're not denying the culture has changed, and much of it for very bad reasons. The question now is how we interact with our current culture. Do we go with it where possible, or do we revert to the standards of how things used to be?

    3. Okay, I won't misunderstand you this time. πŸ˜‰
      That is a hard issue. Yes, many women started wearing pants for very bad reasons. But now pants don't send any bad messages. The shift is long over. Skirt styles have shifted dramatically, too. We don't wear all the modest and protective undergarments we used to, for example. What message is that sending? (I don't know. What do you think?)

    4. Amy,
      I don't think under garments have anything to do with the discussion as it doesn't contribute to the modesty issue….
      Elizabeth J.

    5. Hello Everyone!
      Abby is correct. Why don't pants send a 'bad' message today if they did back in the day? They still are pants, women still wear them and they still mean the same thing they did a long time ago. Yes the message they send is wrong? Just out of curiosity Amy, why do you wear pants? Do you feel "funny" in a skirt at ALL times? Are you worried what others will think of you if they always see you in a dress or skirt? I do not want to sound mean, but I really am interested to know why you do. The only reason I am asking you is because you have stayed in the conversation the longest. πŸ™‚

    6. Okay, Olivia just asked us to end the discussion (and I promise I am!), but I'll go ahead and answer your question, and that will be all:
      I wear skirts maybe more often than Olivia does. 99% of the time. They are just so comfortable, modest, and effortlessly feminine. I wear pants (with a tunic) when I'll be doing something that would be immodest in a skirt, like bike riding or rock climbing or strenuous hiking, which I really don't do very often. No, I don't feel "funny" in a skirt. Yes, sometimes I worry that people might assume I'm some hyper-conservative who thinks pants are evil, but I'm not, so I try to be confident in my style and let my smile and kindness overshadow any uninformed judgments about my flowy skirts and long hair. πŸ™‚

  56. I just fail to understand how skirts are "Christian". Hindu women wear skirts. Muslim women wear skirts. We would never want to be identified with one of them. So why so we insist that the only "right" thing for Christian women to wear is the same thing women are required to wear in religions with which we vehemently disagree? It doesn't make sense; there's no logic in it. When I have worn skirts in my high school, I have never once been asked if I was a Christian, but that's not because everyone knows I am by what I wear. Generally, when I wear a skirt, I am asked who the guy is that I'm dressing up for, and if he's cute. If anything, wearing skirts makes people think things of me that are LESS Christian, therefore rendering the idea of wearing a skirt for identity entirely counterproductive.

  57. To quickly address the argument about culottes: first, I have never heard of culottes. Not until I read a post by Kelly Jo did I even know what they were. I don't know where on earth I would buy them or how much they would cost-I have never seen anything like them in any store in my area-and it would seem pointless to me to scour half the earth and pay an arm and a leg to purchase clothing in the hope that people will see me and think "Christian", nor do I have the time and resources to make them myself. I would also like to point out that the Bible doesn't say "don't show the shape of your leg-it's wrong". The Bible says not to dress in men's clothing (Deut. 22:5). In the time in which this was written, men and women alike wore tunic-style clothing. If we want to take this passage as literally as many of the posts I've seen, men and women should both wear dresses because that's what people wore then and that's the only way they will be seen as Christian. Does this seem slightly ridiculous to anyone else?

  58. Additionally, there are some parts of the Old Testament that are considered to be no longer strictly in use because they were a part of the old covenant still followed by Jews, whereas we as Christians live by the new covenant in Jesus' blood. We don't still sacrifice animals to cover our sins, nor do we insist on stoning disobedient children as is instructed in Deuteronomy 21:18-21.

  59. Remember that Jesus himself criticised the Pharisees for following the rules but not caring about people. The New Covenant is about love, not about doing this and that and the other thing so we can convince ourselves we're living separate from the world. The world is there for us to reach out to, not to scorn and keep our hands out of. I'm not saying we should follow the world and all of their ideas, but I would rather have someone be touched by my compassion and then find out that I'm a Christian and be surprised and curious rather than have people go "oh, it's another one of those Christians, they always act like they're better than us". Let's face it; in our world, Christianity has a pretty bad rep, and by insisting on putting ourselves above the world, all we're really doing is reinforcing those opinions. That doesn't bring anyone to Christ; it pushes them away and leaves all of us open to attacks by Satan. In the words of Relient K, one of my favourite bands: "the Enemy is much ignored while we fight this Christian civil war".

  60. Please understand that I don't mean to offend anyone, or make anyone mad, or stir up resentment or anything like that. I don't always say things in the best way. I don't want to make anyone angry; I just want to convey exactly what I think, and if I try to reword it I know I'll end up watering it down and it won't mean anything. If you honestly feel God has laid it on your heart to wear only skirts, go for it. I just had to say something because in reading these posts, I felt like I was being told that I had to go with this belief or I was a "lesser Christian", as someone put it earlier, and in my opinion, to paste this label onto someone you don't even know just because their opinion differs from yours is rude and, frankly, offensive, and if I wasn't already a Christian I don't think I would want to be after hearing that. I don't want to criticise anyone else's convictions, but I would appreciate it if people didn't toss around the label "lesser Christian" to describe people like me just because we disagree. I feel strongly that there is no such thing as a lesser Christian; you're either a Christian or you're not, and God will look into our hearts and judge whether or not we truly followed him. It isn't our place to judge, because-as is pretty bluntly stated in Mathew 7:1&2-if you judge, God will judge you just as harshly. Our place and our mission is to love others as Christ loved us, and to offer compassion and show people with our ACTIONS-not how we dress or what we say-that we are followers of God. It will do more good than looking and speaking just right ever will.
    Sorry if I've offended anyone with these posts.

  61. On a side note, I know it's been mentioned that skirts are suitable for pretty much anything and culottes can fill in the gaps, but I have to disagree. I rock climb-like, on actually boulders and rocks and stuff-a fair amount in the summer, and my jeans are the only things saving my from some serious embarrassment. Can you imagine your dad or brother or guy friend being underneath you on the rock wall if you were wearing a skirt? Embarrassing, not to mention that it's hard for the skirt to be modest if they can see right up it. And culottes just aren't durable enough; they would rip and then we're right back where we would be if I wore a skirt-if it rips down the seat or upper thigh, it's far from modest. Just thought I'd point that out.

  62. I've only been sort of following this discussion due to time constraints. Sheridan has some excellent points. I hope that those reading these comments realize that opinions are obviously very varied on the topic and I'm not sure the church will ever be united on this issue, and that's okay.

    I would like to ask that the discussion ends now, and that each of us examines ourselves for the motives behind OUR clothing choices and we focus on Christ and showing His love towards each other, regardless of what another person is wearing. We all have issues and there is no such thing as "lesser Christian". Christ's blood is never thinner or thicker, it is only ever completely redemptive… if that makes sense. πŸ™‚

    Thank you all so much for being civil in this debate and I hope it has been good for y'all to articulate your positions. Blessings!

    1. Hi Olivia!
      Thank you for keeping your blog open to readers to comment on! It really shows a lot about you. πŸ™‚

  63. I am a conservative Christian. I hardly ever wear skirts. I asked my husband if I should start wearing skirts, and he said no because he thinks it's weird. He thinks I dress conservatively enough. I dress in a feminine way.

    On this whole thing of being in skirts as identifying you as Christian, I totally disagree. I live in the NJ/ NY area. Whenever you see women in conservative skirts here, they are 90 % of the time Jewish. When we drive to other places and see women in conservative skirts, my husband and I assume they are Amish. My non-Christian friends would probably assume women in skirts who did not fit the above categories belonged to a cult and would avoid them.

  64. I hesitate to write this because I love what Olivia has said as pertaining to Christ's blood being redemptive to all. I only want to mention to Sheridan, that I myself have struggled with confidence most my life, it certainly never came naturally. In fact one time I asked my Dad if he thought I was pretty and he said "Do you think your pretty", newsflash Dads should always say yes to this question. But he challenged me at that point to go to the Lord for answers. And ever since that day 20 + years ago, I've been trying to gain my confidence from the happiness that comes from trying to follow the Lord, and from feeling His love for me as it manifests itself in so many ways. Each day I have grown a small bit closer to shedding off earth dust and coming closer but I still care too much what others think of me.
    Sheridan you've got the ticket for rock climbing, skirts wouldn't be a good idea. heehee. I wore jeans all through highschool and only wore a dress now and then just for me, though I got some comments from it when I did. I think you are fine wearing jeans, modesty is a multi-facetted principle, and its more than covering the body appropriately as to not make it so tempting for men who are enamored over us anyway. Its also about not drawing undue attention to ourselves. Which is something we have to consider if we choose to wear skirts. The last principle of modesty I believe is that men and women have importantly different and distinctive roles. With equal rights rampant, it is important for Christian women to realize all that is glorious in their roles of womanhood. For we are equal in inherent worth, but we are not the same, we each have separate and priceless roles in God's plan for us….to be continued.

  65. As a mother, this latter reason for modesty is why I've chosen to wear skirts most of the time. Let me explain why I started wearing skirts. I am 36 years old and didn't come to wearing skirts till I was in my adult life, and due to actually a Mennonite friend…I adored the way she was so feminine but inside I was sure she thought she was better by the way she dressed. But I don't feel that now, I realized in time she was just doing what she felt was best and she didn't consider herself better. But due to her example, I decided to experiment and for three weeks I wore skirts. And, in the end, I do think that loose pants are just as modest, tunic tops being an especially great idea to cover the rear end. This I say being married and knowing how sensitive males are to the female physic. In my older years, I have come to actually immensely respect and admire any women in any religion including Muslim because I know it isn't easy to stand out due to the way you believe.
    Anyhow, I found that personally I felt I judged my weight less (because if my pant leg felt a bit tighter I felt obsessed that I'd gained a few pounds when our weight naturally fluctuates a little bit) and I felt just more womanly, tender, kind and gentle, not to mention prettier! Hey I have a long torso and pants exaggerate that! Having a personality that can get intense, this meant a lot for my motherhood to help me feel more sweet and tender. Course some days I wear pajamas and or old sweats and act just as well my part, but in the end it is nice to look in the mirror and think, "Oh how sweet!" In my religious culture, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint, (Mormon) I stand out as an odd ball, I'm one of the few who wear skirts so much. But I make this decision for I feel happier and cuter this way. But if I went back into time I don't know that I would change anything, I had a marvelous always jean wearing teen. I always dressed feminine and understood well my differences from men. But personally I am so thankful because in my religion, we have prophets and apostles who speak on the subject of modesty and it can be easier to understand than the bible for its modern context, and knowing what God would say to us in our day in regards to cultural changes. That is something I felt made understanding modesty and its many implications easier for me. But my thought for you as you study this principle of modesty in the Bible, if I might offer them, is to not look so much for specific phrases that tell you exactly what to do, so much as looking for the spirit of the law in principles, because though cultural nuances change particular to your day, principles are steady. I know you are a lovely girl and our Father in Heaven is pleased that you care a lot on this subject. You will find the answers that are best for your life each day coming closer to Him and His plan of happiness. Some of my hugest exemplars wear only jeans except to church and some of my biggest exemplars wear only dresses, always….to be continued.

  66. I hope it hasn't felt I have bossed you one way or the other but just to encourage you that if your experience is anything like mine, you will feel the Lord more and more each day as you seek after Him and seek to be a blessing to all around you. And by the way, there are times when although I've found my preference, that the Lord tells me through the Spirit, that this situation to be the best tool, you'll need to wear pants to relate better with others…and then I do. Relating to others is very important so we can be a tool for Him, but lets follow Olivia's saying: Dress outside the box, but within His Book, I think it was. Meaning shine for the glorious gal you are, and not feel like you need to be some minion or faceless fashion factory style that is supposed to fit every body, as the world spits out its styles; and find you, and enjoy it, but mostly, to be a happier girl, to bless others!
    One thing I might add is being modest you will stand out in one way or the other, because the world will always be offering things a little too low or too tight or revealing or loud, or crass, or unfeminine, etc. Those ways that you end up feeling are the world's ways and not the Lords, and you choose to be different in, when you stand different in those ways, you will be blessed to be an example to others…no matter what they say to you they will respect you and wonder what makes you want to be different, and that in addition to your service and kindness to others, will help you be that tool for Him. Wishing you all the best dear girl! ~Emily
    (Sorry so long Olivia! I would email this to her just as happily as post it. What ever you feel is best.)

  67. Hi Olivia! I just found your blog today through Caroline's Modest Mom blog post. I have to say I really appreciate your desire to be a godly example to young ladies who have so few godly role models these days, even if they are members of a church. I couldn't read all of the comments, but I really appreciate those who strive to search the Scriptures for direction and obey what they find. I grew up in West Africa where it was more important that a woman cover her ankles than her chest, yet the Christian women did a very good job of being covered to be respectful of both their culture and Christ. They all wore wrap skirts where I lived, just a rectangle of fabric, and according to some here, the definition of their waistlines and rear ends would be reproachful. Yet this is all they have there (it's a "bush" town in the sub-Sahara region). Consequently, some of the views presented here were completely foreign to me until today, but I don't mind because it challenged me to go to the Word and see what God says in the verses mentioned above. I am grateful for the guidelines we have been given in the Word and I love the fact that godly women such as yourself and Caroline are willing to lovingly encourage me to think about things I may not have considered before. And I confess that while I strive for modesty, I probably have not considered the topic enough; in fact, since having my first baby 9 months ago, it's been a lot harder. πŸ™‚ I will renew my efforts to be more modest to best serve Christ and His Body! Thank you for sharing your thoughts! ~christine

  68. Hi Olivia! I just found your blog today through Caroline's Modest Mom blog post. I have to say I really appreciate your desire to be a godly example to young ladies who have so few godly role models these days, even if they are members of a church. I couldn't read all of the comments, but I really appreciate those who strive to search the Scriptures for direction and obey what they find. I grew up in West Africa where it was more important that a woman cover her ankles than her chest, yet the Christian women did a very good job of being covered to be respectful of both their culture and Christ. They all wore wrap skirts where I lived, just a rectangle of fabric, and according to some here, the definition of their waistlines and rear ends would be reproachful. Yet this is all they have there (it's a "bush" town in the sub-Sahara region). Consequently, some of the views presented here were completely foreign to me until today, but I don't mind because it challenged me to go to the Word and see what God says in the verses mentioned above. I am grateful for the guidelines we have been given in the Word and I love the fact that godly women such as yourself and Caroline are willing to lovingly encourage me to think about things I may not have considered before. And I confess that while I strive for modesty, I probably have not considered the topic enough; in fact, since having my first baby 9 months ago, it's been a lot harder. πŸ™‚ I will renew my efforts to be more modest to best serve Christ and His Body! Thank you for sharing your thoughts! ~christine

  69. Really enjoyed reading this post, Olivia. Obviously I have arrived to this party late (I'm a long-time reader but missed some posts), but I appreciate your strong convictions and practical defense of your family's beliefs. I have always believed modesty to be defined by circumstances and physical needs as much as by the Lord and his teachings, so I love posts like these that showcase a need to sometimes wear what is outside the "norm" for traditional Christian modesty. Though I grew up in the plain community, I have not remained so and my personal standards for modesty are different than yours (some here would condemn me as "worldly). I genuinely enjoy reading your blog, and your take on fashion and modesty is refreshing to someone who lived so long in a world of absolutes. You are a gem. God bless.


  70. http://weeklysilence.wordpress.com/2011/12/09/research-paper-pants-phenomenon-the-switch-from-skirts-to-trousers/
    Read this article and tell me your thoughts. Men never had to fight for the right to wear skirts. So why did women have to fight for the right to wear pants? This is not about modesty, its about joining the group of women who fought to be equal as men, not for God's design for women. We live in modern age where women wear pants, but also where women also get the right to abortion, gay marriage, divorce, and immodesty. The bible may not say no pants or only skirts, but the bible is clear on being separate from a mans role and womens. We are called to something higher than this world. There are no manly skirts accepted in our society, but there are feminine pants. Who are we associated with when we try to be like the world? I honestly cannot wear pants after learning it is a symbol of feminist equality rather than biblical womanhood. Pray and grow, i judge not, but speak in concern and fear. I once wore the hijab as a fashion statement and modesty untill i was convicted and reminded that islam is false and many of our brethren are persecuted by muslims. We speak a loud message with the clothes on our backs. People judge people. Send the right message, clear and seperate, the holy gospel of Christ in whom we are free from this world of sin and death, not his guding spirit. Blessings and prayers in Christ,

    1. That's it I love your blog too much to ever read the comments section again, sorry. They make me sad, and angry. The ignorance and the self righteousness and the judgement just pours out like venom. And frankly when I see ultra conservative "christian" dress is all I can think is what abuse is that poor woman enduring. Because I have known women who have suffered the abuse of "Godly" men and what they wore didn't make a bit of difference. Besides I don't think "Thou shalt not wear Levi's" is one of the 10 commandments and if jeans keep you out of Heaven then Heaven is going to be lonesome.

      Mere Sue

  71. Wearing skirts is not modest if the wind blows it up or it so long you step on it. Jeans can be modest if you cover your "special areas" that only ur man should see. As for Deu. "Pertaining to a man" have you seen our culture? I dont think that deals with jeans at all. To me its the LGBT movement. That is abomination to the Lord. .. just my thoughts

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