Hey y’all! I’ve been crazy busy, but what else isn’t new? Styling another scarf from Bell Tower Boutique today!


  • Passing someone walking the opposite direction that you know
    their name but you don’t think they know you so you just smile and make eye
    contact for 2.2 seconds too long so it gets awkward.
  • Spending more time in the bushes and parking lot looking for
    the ball than on the court playing tennis.
  • Overhearing a group of older men with Boston accents in the
    pool’s hot tub talking about rednecks. “Are there rednecks in Kansas? Like,
    real ones?”
  • The power steering on your truck going out on the way down a
    steep hill and you almost crashing into the creek at the bottom because you
    didn’t realize it had.
  • Strapping onion and garlic slices to your feet with plastic
    wrap to help a cold go away and having to crawl up the stairs to get to your
    bed because walking would squash them too much.
  • Not knowing the song, but trying to dance to it anyway with
    tons of people watching.
  • Super gross gas station bathrooms.
  • Sunbathing men.
  • Eating oatmeal with a fork out of a goblet. The scraping is
    so not classy.
  • Trying to use your left hand to serve because your right arm was getting sore but inadvertently instead whacking your leg with the racket and getting a massive bruise.  
  • Or maybe just hilarious, but when your sister puts too much chocolate milk in the blender and it splats thick over (literally) half the kitchen. 

  • Getting back into the swing of things. I realized one night as my brain wasn’t shutting down enough to sleep that I have at least 5 endeavors going on right now that, if I let them, could each be a full-time job. Time-management has never been my strong point. :-p
  • Trying to think of a clothing line name. I’m reeeeeally picky. 
  • A family in our church lost three of their cows last month and have had “Lost Cow” signs up and down the road for some time. Our church prayed the cows would be found for weeks and weeks. When they finally found them (several miles from home), instead of taking down the signs, they put another sign up over “Lost” that reads, “Found! Praise the Lord!” and I just thought it was a great witness to passersby, one I wouldn’t have thought of. 
  • Go-karting. Seriously, I’ve been smiling thinking of it all week. 
  • All the amazing home remedies for colds. It seemed like I tried them all last week and apparently one of them worked. 
  • Being home. This crazy, messy, dirty, disorganized place is where I belong and I love freaking out trying to keep up with it and all the other things I want to do. 
  • Brown paper. Seriously, why is something so simple SO CUTE?! and practical. and lovely. and easy to use. It’s the best. 
  • Having such a supportive family who will sit around the table with me for hour after hour brainstorming.
  • The promise of spring. 
  • A blog event happening next week that y’all are not gonna want to miss! 
// outfit details //
Sweater: Ann Taylor: ThredUP
Skirt: Gift
Shoes: Sperry’s: $65: Shoe Carnival
I hope y’all have an awesome day! What’s been awkward or awesome about your week? 

30 thoughts on “Awk+Awe | Butterflies + Blue”

  1. Great outfit Olivia!
    I have been behind on commenting lately, but it is so neat that your church got their Etsy shop going!

    I'm so glad that everything was okay in your near accident! 🙂
    Yes, going crazy over trying to keep up with a fabulous and messy house is what keeps us on our toes!
    I will be praying for you and your brainstorming!


  2. Awkward:
    -Listening to music when you're sick then realizing you forgot to plug the headphones in. 😛
    -An elderly man sitting in front of you at the movie theater asking you and your group of friends after the movie's finished, "Before you go, is there a sequel?" and thinking he said something else that you would just politely laugh at and doing just that.
    -After you think you've finished ordering at McDonald's having to go back and order something else, then forgetting to wait to retrieve the food, and being totally awkward about ordering and handing the money.
    -Jumping around in the bathroom then hitting your head on the towel bar and it being sore for days.
    -Trying to keep your siblings all in the same place on a walk.
    -Stubbing your pinky toe really badly and every pair of shoes you own besides sneakers hurts to wear, and, for the first few days, having to limp in your boots.
    -Calling your cousin at least three weekends in a row and each time she's not available.

    -Cool movie theaters with old classic movie pictures on the walls, and skipping down the halls of them with friends.
    -Finally seeing your friends after a long time of your family being sick.
    -Recovering from the stomach flu and trying not to take health for granted and just show gratitude for all that I have.
    -White yarn with ornate buttons that fit you and your sister's tastes perfectly that your chrochet teacher sweetly picked out just for you.
    -Being more productive than a few days ago when my energy was zapped from lack of sleep. Realizing how truly important it is. 😉
    -Finally completing my chrochet project.
    -Trying to be more devoted to prayer.
    -Friends who lend you books without hesitation.
    -Being able to see a movie on a Tuesday afternoon. Ah, the perks of being homeschooled. 😉
    -A little sister who grabs your hand to bring you where she wants you, and her glowing eyes when she gives you the news of your being privileged to play princesses with her. 😉
    -Long walks with little siblings and bike rides in the sunshine. Helllooo, spring! Can the weather just stay like this, please, not just on the weekends? 🙂

    Can't wait for the blog event!!

  3. Awk:

    Swallowing an ice cube and feeling it melt in my throat.

    Getting a cramp because I sneezed.

    Having 5 tshirts that look almost the same and wearing them 5 days in a row.

    Not being able to pronounce anything on a "fancy" restraunt menu.


    Spending time with my 14mo cousin! ( who lives 12 hours away)

    Visiting a cute little fabric store in Boulder, CO

    Finishing some sewing projects!!

    Being on vacation with my family!

  4. Well I didn't have an awkward that I can think of this week but its awesome that the three kinds of spring flowers are up!
    BTW That sweater is SO CUTE! Love it! <3

  5. Very cute outfit! I love that top…ThredUP can definitely sell super cute stuff. I tried purchasing one of your items form Bell Tower Boutique but it didn't allow me to finish the transaction. I'm guessing it's because I don't have a Etsy account. Probably should make one! Anywho, loved your post! =)

  6. Losing the power steering sounds more scary than awkward! Onions and garlic on your feet, I'm sure you smelled like a wonderful dinner. 😉 You should make a perfume out of it. The chocolate milk incident made me think of the time where a chocolate fountain went wonky at a party and flung chocolate all over the kitchen and the people. Quite entertaining!
    The promise of spring, it's struggling but it's coming.

  7. That is one cute sweater, and I really like this color combo! Haha, Crawling up the stairs because of onion and garlic on your feet. Too funny!

    Awk: Leaving a friends home, and one of the guys from the family comes over to the driver side of your van to talk to you. A couple minutes into the conversation, your 11 y/o sister, who is highly suspicious about any interaction you and said guy have, launches herself, stretching herself across your lap. She is now awkwardly lodged between your body and the steering wheel and proceeds to try and push the guy out of your door with one hand, and close your door with the other, while telling him to go to the other side of the van and telling you to close your door. The guy, being near 2' taller than your sister, doesn't budge, and seemingly amused, proceeds to irritate her even more with comments etc.. The entire time you are laughing an awk belly laugh because the incident it is so funny/awkward, and your not really sure what else to do. Your sister ends up getting off your lap and leaving totally frustrated with you and the guy.

    Awe: Having sisters who care about and want to watch out for you, even when it does lead to awkward situations.: )

    Awe: Spring finally springing, and all the calves that are being born!

  8. Such a cute outfit! I have the exact same skirt! 🙂 I have never commented on here before, but I just love your blog!!! I think your Awk+Awe posts are my favorite! I recently went Go-Karting and loved it! So I know what you mean. 🙂 I have a quick question. Where is the best place you have found modest tunics for going over a pair of jeans? I have been trying to find one for this spring, and they all seem to have low necklines and open backs. ~Hannah

  9. Love the scarf and the ruffle on your shirt! So girly and pretty!

    LOL the too long of eye contact, guys sunbathing, and the eating oatmeal with a fork out of a goblet…too funny;) I can relate though…lol

    Awk: – almost walking in on somebody's small wedding while taking a walk at the park.
    – our park having no trails….
    -our park having sidewalks that lead to locked gates with very wet-blanket type rules for their gardens.
    -having to lean into my sister while riding in our dad's truck so that my grandpa can work the stick shift without totally banging into my leg (only happened once!)

    Awe: -healthy pizza for lunch! Anyone like green peppers?
    – warmer weather!!
    -going on walks with my mom! I love getting out…

    Abigail of happysnappingphotography.wordpress.com

  10. Oooh excited about the blog event!

    That blouse is adorable! And I love the infinity scarf 🙂

    I always love hearing about your life through your awk + awe posts 🙂 They make me smile.

  11. Super cute outfit! Everything about it is adorable. 🙂

    Awkward…and this would be the most awkward awkward of my life….. Your family going out for pizza with the guy who asked to court you about 3 hours earlier, and you said yes, and now you are sitting there and no one can think of anything to say. You've liked this guy since you were twelve, been great friends, and now you are all sitting there drinking your water like you haven't had any in a week. AWKWARD! Thankfully the ice is broken now. 😛

    Awesome….the fact that I'm courting the guy that I've liked since I was 12. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Brown paper is so neat. 🙂 My next younger sister and I enjoy cutting up the old grain bags for the immense amount of brown paper found there within, and we use it for letters and drawing, I love using the said paper, because it always makes me feel so absurdly creative and thrifty. 🙂

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