Hey y’all! Hope you’re having a good week! Mine’s had issues, but as I plugged through my to-do list today I started feeling better knowing I’m actually accomplishing something. 

  • That you still have your mom’s Happy Birthday sign up even though her birthday was a month ago.
  • Reading emails from yeeeears ago when you were in a dance group with other homeschoolers and one of the boys would email you after each class either continuing the conversation y’all had started, commenting on your outfit/hair/demeanor, or in 523 words (literally) asking to reserve the first two dances of next class with you. Now you are absolutely the best of friends, but back then y’all were the awkwardest friends ever. 
  • Taking “In Search of Dignity” by RC Sproul and People’s Style Watch magazine to read in the car. The juxtaposition.  
  • Your sister saying your outfit looks like a 1950’s tracksuit. (not this outfit. ;))
  • Sitting in the sun to answer emails and when you come inside, the front of your legs are red and the backs are still super pale. 
  • When a 12 year old boy imitates you posing for a picture and then disappears into the woods and you’re laughing so hard and no one else knows why. 
  • Getting bright green/denim fabric in the mail and wondering if you actually ordered that. Sure enough, you did. No idea what you were thinking. 
  • Little kids who love you one week and don’t want to talk to you the next. Don’t leave me hanging! 
  • Your Pinterest account being hacked by a spambot sometime between 11:30pm when you were looking at it and 3:30 when you woke up and couldn’t repin anything because of “suspicious activity”. In that time they changed your website info and added two “I recommend” boards. 
  • Realizing you have more shirts than there are days of the year. Sent you into a purging frenzy that lasted until 1 am.
  • Your sisters and friends climbing a really high hill with a drop off and you standing at the bottom yelling at them, “GET BACK! YOU’RE GONNA FALL! Ahh I can’t watch. Seriously!! GET BACK! There’s no ground under that brush!! I can’t handle this!” when really they were relatively safe. 
  • The cashier asking, when you mention that you’re buying this to wear to a wedding next weekend, if you’re “That girl who goes to a lot of weddings.” Uh… no?
// outfit details //
Tank: Arizona brand: JCPenny’s: $6
Flip Flops: Sears? $12?
Necklace: GroopDealz: $4 (my new fav. You’ll be seeing it again.)
Earrings: c/o chloe + isabel (all proceeds to go fund their adoption!)
I really enjoyed wearing this outfit. It was fun, easy, comfortable, and classic all at once. I received many compliments on my shirt today and the light blue of the contrast fabric matched my skirt perfectly. I love this skirt, but it’s hard to match with soooo win win! I felt like my bangs added to the 60’s vibe a little bit. πŸ˜‰ 
  • The rest that comes after a big deadline is finished. 
  • Sunday afternoon drives exploring dirt roads with your sisters, just because, and seeing cows being milked, an incredible variety of stunning scenery, accidentally passing the West Ladies‘ house, and going through creeks and not driving on the ATV trails was several hours well-enjoyed. πŸ˜€
  • “It is not that we are too advanced to uphold rules; it is rather that we are too backward to uphold responsibilities.” Thomas Chalmers
  • Facetiming with faraway friends. HI KENNERS!! πŸ˜‰
  • Finally figuring out what you’re wearing to a friend’s wedding. I’m beginning to think it’s easier for Bridesmaids because they have their dresses picked out for them. πŸ˜‰
  • Y’all remember that cashmere sweater I mentioned in my Thrift Store Haul {video}? It is so soft and warm and the perfect cool spring evening sweater. In love. 
  • The “40 Bags in 40 Days” challenge. I’ve tried to declutter one area a day this week and although I’ve missed a few days, clearing out feels so good. 
  • How long my {Jamberry nails} stayed on! It was a good 8 days before I felt like it was time for them to go, and I put them through a lot. Hours of dishes each day, hay-hauling, freezing temps, car-hood sled riding, laundry folding, hair-washing, and garage cleaning. I had been having issues through the cold weather with my nails flaking and the wraps really protected them from the strain of all those activities! I’m a fan. 
  • The wedding dress for sale on FreshModesty’s Facebook page! {click here} for an awesome deal on a modest dress! 
  • Finishing up the first wave of a project I’m hoping to share with y’all on Monday! 
A word from a new sponsor I am SO excited to share with you: 
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I hope y’all have an awesome, productive, blessed day! What’s been awkward or awesome in your life lately? Have you bought anything from my sponsors yet? What is your favorite item from Dreaming In Pink Boutique? 

32 thoughts on “Awk+Awe | 60’s Vibe”

  1. I love this outfit! I think sometimes fashion bloggers fall into ruts and wear the exact same types of things over and over and over again, but you really do look fresh every time you post! It's great.

    Love your "awkward" bullet points. They're hilarious πŸ™‚

    walking in the air.

    1. Also, have to ask . . . how do you normally pick out your outfits? I used to love the way I picked out mine, but I've noticed recently that that's giving me a lot of the "same" looks–and I want to "dress outside my box"! What do you usually do?

      walking in the air.

  2. I love the skirt and your bangs are beautiful. I've never liked bangs on myself but they look great on you!


  3. Okay, I just woke up, so under awesome when you said you saw cows being milked, I literally thought it said "crows". Honestly didn't understand how that was under awesome instead of awkward (let alone possible). Then I read it again and was all "ohhhhhhhh, that changes things immensely!" So yeah. Thought I'd share. Lol

    Regarding the outfit, I LOVE it. Yesterday while watching the old Nancy Drew TV series (70's) I was struck with the urge to make some 70's themed outfits. It was fun! I love dressing up like a decade;) And yes,the bangs help make your look more 60's, but you look so pretty so no worries there!

    I haven't bought anything , though I wanted to on thread up. I don't really have the money to buy things online, although that might change someday. I loved the dresses on eShakti, but they were too pricey. Plus the fact that I can't try them on, and being sort of petite (5ft), I have trouble finding my size.

    Awk: looking oddly like I stepped out of the 80s on our walk yesterday…big sweater, polka dot jeans, hair in a high ponytail, big sunglasses and a headset (headphones with drop-down mic).

    A pair of glittery pink leopard flair out pants….. That fit me perfectly. (Why can't less distracting pants fit this well?)

    Just tearing off a little piece of my ipad case….(man, did I really just do that??) lol

    Um, probably that whole, milking the crows thing…

    Awe: having a church!

    Monday madness sales!


    My sister's "practically like Red Lobster cheddar bay biscuits". Yum yum!

    Making my (technically) first speed drawing the other day! (Not online, sorry)

    -Abigail of happysnappingphotography.wordpress.com

  4. Oh my goodness! I absolutely love your bangs! You're awkward list always makes me laugh so hard, and I always look forward to reading them as I can relate to the majority of it. =)

    Brooke Jordan

  5. I LOVE your blog. Love your style and love seeing pictures of you. You are such a beautiful girl, from inside and out.
    I love your top. Skirt is cute also, but I think top is to "heavy" for skirt.

  6. You look so adorable, Olivia! I love the bangs…they look amazing on you. I'm sorry to hear that you've had some issues this past week, I hope things will start going up for you! That blouse is also very cute. Totally something I would wear. Have a wonderful weekend!

    Ashley B.

  7. Awkward:
    -When your ten-year-old brother doesn't know how to answer the phone… "I'mmmm gonna hope he just forgot…" πŸ˜›
    -Your siblings making fun of you as you exercise.
    -Arriving to crochet class with your knitting in a giant tangled mess and it takes your teacher a half an hour to untangle it all… only to get home and tangle it up again. xD Not as bad as it was though. The one thing that really irks me about it so far.
    -Having to exercise in a tight space.
    -The stomach flu… and just waiting to get hit with it. Hasn't happened yet. Last night three of us dropped like flies and today four or five of us are sick with it. Had to cancel all our plans for today. πŸ™

    -Maple syrup in tea. ^_^
    -Doubling the schoolwork you usually do for some subjects and getting more done. It's usually in March where I realize where I am academics-wise and where I need to be by the time we start practicing for our homeschool group's summer play in June, and I start going into hyper study-mode. xD
    -Warmer days when you don't need a coat, you're able to bike around the neighborhood and take your little sister on a walk, and sit and do school outdoors, all things that seemingly haven't happened in an age. πŸ˜€ Now it's crazy cold again though. πŸ˜› Ah, spring. Can't wait for it to be consistently warm.
    -Getting some headway on the poem on seasons I'm entering for the back of the Yearbook I'm currently helping to construct for our homeschool group. Forgot how soothing, relaxing and fun it is to write. Especially poetry. ^_^
    -Lazy, do-nothing-but-sit-and-read-and-write-and-drink-tea-and-tend-to-your-ill-siblings when you can just laze around in your PJ's all day. Not exactly what I was expecting, but it's His will and I'm trying to make the best of it. Plus, there's not that many days when I can just remain in my sweatpants for the entirety of it and it's becoming a blessing to just r-e-l-a-x.

  8. Olivia, this is a great outfit! I really love the skirt!

    How do you get your hair to look so good? My hair is long and thick(not just like a little thick, think thick then multiply that by three and that's the thickness of my hair), and I just can't seem to get anything to stay. Ponytails do get boring after awhile especially to church/piano lesson/ etc. Do you know any tricks?


    1. Hope you don't mind me commenting here…
      Braids are seriously the best way to get out of a hair styling rut! Half up braid, french braid, fishtail braid, ponytail turned braid, micro braids pulled into a sock bun (google 'sock bun'), side braids, dutch braids…. You name it. πŸ™‚ I've got a lot of really fine hair, but some of my sisters have very thick hair, so I know what you mean.

      Awesome outfit, Olivia! It's nice to see the skirt again.

  9. Awkward: My 19 year old brother getting his wisdom teeth out and while he was still under the anesthesia, he said a bunch of funny and slightly immature things. Hearing my mom recount the 5 hours later is HILARIOUS!!
    Awesome: Having aforementioned older brother home from college.
    Going to a friend's house for a four-hour co-op yearbook designing session…and the had KITTENS! They were born 2 days ago and they were adorable!


  10. awkward: chatting with a friend and telling her all this personal stuff-girl talk ya know. we talked for about 10 mins and then i got this message, "omg! do you know who you've just been chatting with? my 12 year old brother!!"

    ugh. it was badddd.

  11. Hi Olivia,
    I'm a first time commenter but I love your blog. I was wondering where you ordered that bright green denim fabric? I am looking for colorful denim to make different skirts.

  12. Awkward:
    driving home with two of your friends and not saying anything the whole trip.
    wearing your pajamas till 9 o'clock in the morning.
    my birthday party!
    little nieces and nephews
    watching "Tangled" with friends and singing the songs together:)


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