Hey y’all! How is your week going so far? I just ate a bowl of orange coconut milk ice cream so I’m pretty excited about life at the moment. 😉

  • That it took 45 minutes to clean up a mess you made in 5 while looking for a shirt to wear to the event you’re late for. 
  • Doing your hair in an updo and it making your head another half as tall. 
  • Looking through clothes online and finding a sweater for sale that was quite something. A horse head coming out of each armpit and then they crossed noses on your stomach. Cute, right? 
  • The complete lack of coordination you have when you’re super tired and sore. You walk around like a stiff tin man with a loose monkey inside until you wake up and get hot coffee. 
  • Trying to apply these Jamberry nail wraps at the downstairs bathroom counter and having to vacate the room every 5 minutes for someone to use the restroom, so you stand in the hall with hands half through the process until they’re done.
  • When you realize someone has been watching you be crazy with your friends.
  • Not having the gumption to do something and explaining your reservations to people and them basically saying, “Don’t be silly. I’ve never had that problem. Get over it.” and you’re standing there thinking, “I needed a hug, not a lecture…”
  • All the thread fuzzies that stick to your clothes when you’re sewing. 
  • Being more limited than you’re used to in terms of movement when you are helping move furniture (like, bookshelves and freezers. Not folding chairs) Sunday afternoon because you hadn’t changed out of your church clothes. 
  • Insisting your sister learns how to install a toilet seat. 
  • Thinking you know how to make something that’s super simple sounding… and then three of you spend an hour trying to figure it out. 
  • Trying to be efficient and smooth as you descend off a pile of hay so you grab hold of the barn rafters to swing onto the truck… but end up missing it, knocking a tow strap loose, almost pull a muscle, and land really not gracefully. 
  • Not having anything to talk to the beautician cutting your hair about. 
  • Putting donuts on the dashboard to keep them warm on the way home… and then they slide onto the floor around a big turn. 
// outfit details // 
Dress: EnFocus Studio brand: ThredUP: Free w/ credit 
(click here for $15 off your first purchase until Feb 28! After that it’s $10 off.)
Leggings: Forever21: $4
Shoes: Sperry’s: Shoe Carnival: $65
Earrings: Thrift store: $2
I love this dress so. It fits me perfectly, it doesn’t need a tank, and is so comfortable with leggings and flat shoes. I *almost* bought a second one from ThredUp because I like it so much, but the only one they had was a purple leopard print… and that’s just not quite my style. 😉
  • Having a productive week. After months of super low productivity, I’m not taking getting things done for granted. 
  • Getting to help serve a fancy 7-course meal with friends and hanging out in the kitchen tasting all the leftovers, like pork belly confit and filet mignon. I loved being a server and getting to see the pretty table and happy eaters while still having the fun of being in the kitchen. 😀 
  • Laying in the warm sun on a Sunday afternoon with a friend talking wedding plans. Whaaaaaat? 
  • Getting my room clean and keeping it that way! 
  • Making progress with this clothing line thing. I’m so excited. 
  • Almost having a completed deck railing! It’s been gone for about two months and I’m looking forward to feeling safe again! lol. Doesn’t it look much nicer than those rotting logs did? 
  • Dancing with friends. Not the “move your hips to the music” kind but the “bounce and Conga Line! and arms flailing and gonna dip you!” kind. 😀 To make it even better, Pandora chose our favorite songs. To have the energy to do that at 10pm after only 4 hours of sleep the night before is such an answer to prayer. 
  • Spending an afternoon sewing in a friend’s super sunny attic-style studio working on a project y’all will get to see soon! 
  • Chats in gmail from readers who ask how they can be praying for you that day! Seriously so sweet and encouraging. 
  • A new hair cut! I just realized though that y’all will be able to tell which photos are old and which are new now though… 😛 I’m still trying to catch up on sermon notes, so the difference in hair styles is going to be silly for a while. 😀 I posted a pic of my new ‘do on FreshModesty’s Instagram
  • Pinterest. I seriously don’t know what I would do without it. (I feel like I’ve included this in an awk+awe recently…) From wedding planning to group craft ideas to hair cut inspiration, it is da bomb dot com with a capital D. 
  • Really nice tire repair guys who can interpret your sorry attempt at explaining what needs fixed. 
  • FaceTiming with faraway friends
  • A new microwave/convection oven! After heating leftovers in skillets for a couple months, we’re glad for the “30 second” button again. 
Also awesome: These nail wraps from Jamberry! They are one of my sponsors this month and I was so excited to try them out! Here’s some info about the company: 

-Jamberry does fundraisers-They offer 10% of all sales and I offer an additional 20%. The only thing you need to qualify as a fundraiser is a $100 minimum in sales for your fundraiser.
-We have a Nail Art Studio where you can upload and design your own nail wraps. It is more expensive, but it works out great especially for fundraisers because you can use school colors, designs, etc.

It was a fun challenge to apply the nail wraps my first time, but once they were on I haven’t felt like they’re going anywhere. I’ll update y’all to let you know how long they last! They’ve seemed to keep my nails stronger. They are also a lot more comfortable than polish because I feel like they let my nails breath and are a lot more durable. Visit them at facebook.com/EdgingtonJam or edgingtonjam.jamberrynails.net/ to browse the hundreds of beautiful designs! It took me, not kidding, two hours to decide which ones to try. Love them! 

I hope y’all have a lovely day! Check out the Jamberry site and tell me which ones are your favorites! I love to know what types of styles y’all love. 😀 Blessings!

22 thoughts on “Awk + Awe | Jamberry!”

  1. It almost sometimes seems that the simpler something is, the longer it takes to do it… And now I really want some of those jam berry nail wraps! I really like the ones you chose.

  2. My two favorites! I have so been here. 😀 😀
    "Not having the gumption to do something and explaining your reservations to people and them basically saying, "Don't be silly. I've never had that problem. Get over it." and you're standing there thinking, "I needed a hug, not a lecture…"
    "Thinking you know how to make something that's super simple sounding… and then three of you spend an hour trying to figure it out. "

  3. Ooooooh so cute! That dress is cut just perfectly for you! Although I'm not sure I'd like it as much in that purple leopard print 😉 I love it in this gorgeous blue! Pretty! You and thredUP were clearly made for each other.

  4. That dress is SO cute! I love it. Especially the pockets; they add the perfect touch and they're adorable. The Jamberry nails look awesome! I love the mint green chevron and grey and white polka dot ones.

  5. Olivia, I love your outfit. The Awk and Awe posts always give me a laugh. I had a question. Because of the lack or expense of denim skirts these days, I have been thinking about converting a pair of jeans into a skirt. Is converting the jeans hard to do(for a novice not an experienced sewer)?

    Gracie 🙂

  6. Have you ever been told you look like Billie Piper?!? It's uncanny:)

    I absolutely love your dress and have enjoyed reading your blog the past year or so! Thanks for all the good ideas:)

  7. Super cute…. You've given me courage to wear black leggings with shorter dresses (Usually I'm not such a fan) but as I've said before, you hit the nail on the head this time! 🙂 One of my favourites in the large selection of nail wraps on Jamberry is the sparkle one. I love sparkles. I love the casual LBD (or is it grey?) too. Just my style.

  8. LOVE the curls! And the dress:) Pockets on dresses are the best things ever!!!!!:D And the realization that people are watching when you are going crazy with your friends was so me last Saturday:P You are so funny and cute, Olivia! 🙂
    Blessings and bubbles,

  9. I just found your blog and love it! Way to go for being a cute example of dressing modestly yet beautifully. We need more blogs like this one around. Your hair is gorgeous, too!

  10. Just heard of Jamberry nails earlier this week, and was debating on ordering some. Your review is definitely pushing me toward a yes on this one. Time to revisit my budget, and see if I have room for a little splurge!

  11. hey olivia~~~
    I love to workout…But I find myself struggling with what to wear. can you do a post on some of your modest workout clothes?
    thnak you! I would really appreciate, As i am sure a lot of other ladies will as well!:)
    Cute jamberry nails! I want to try now!

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