Hey y’all! I trust you’re having a fantabulous week! Wearing denim with denim today- gasp!


  • Jogging through a cow pasture. Looks like you’re playing
  • “Acting” in a safety video for something my dad is doing for
    work and having to get splashed with water so it looked like it had been
  • Coming home late from a movie at a friend’s and trying not
    to wake anyone up as you tiptoe around the house in the pitch dark looking for
    your phone charger.
  • The instant “stalking” mode that
    you go into when you see a guy and a girl in a picture together but they haven’t
    announced a relationship. Who? What? Where? When? Why? Yay for public instagram
    and twitter accounts. 😉
  • The name ideas that are thrown out
    there when you’re brainstorming for a fashion line for 2 hours straight.
  • Following Daddy with a polkadot
    umbrella as he films the outsides of houses in the rain, so you have to stay
    really close to keep the rain off the camera and not trip him or else you have to redo the take. 😛
  • Checking the mail on President’s
    Day when you should have realized it wasn’t coming.
  • Going on a pinning spree and
    feeling like you should appologize to your followers for clogging up their
  • Feeling like some Facebook
    executive pushed the “random engagements” button and it is just throwing people
    together at rapid speeds.
  • Having to make two trips to the car to get all your thrift store purchases home. 
  • Going into a store and asking if they have such and such in stock so many times that they say they’ll put some aside for you when it does come in. 😛 
  • Our “tradition” of burning the Christmas tree long after Christmas. 
  • Lilac skinny corduroys! So excited about them. 
  • The insane entrepreneurial drive I have right now. I’m praying it stays for a long time and is fruitful. 🙂 
  • This quote apparently from a tv show: “Most people live and die without moving more than the dirt it takes to bury them.” My prayer is to move a lot more than that in my lifetime. 
  • Ladies’ Bible Study encouraging us to be deliberate about blessing + accepting others because of Christ.
  • Southern people. I’m still wowed by these little things that the people around me just do without making a big deal out of it. Courtesy, thoughtfulness, a smile, a note, dressing well…  I have been so enjoying my true-blue-southern friend Claire’s Gingham at Five-Thirty blog, delivered to my email box daily. (yikes, pictures of me. how embarrassing. :P) I highly encourage you to sign up for updates. 
  • Just being with your best friends. Not always exciting, not always glamorous or fabulous, but ~home~. 
  • My workout clothes that match and I am comfortable in, both how they feel and modesty-wise. It feels SO GOOD to be back to running as the weather warms up and as I gain my strength. 
  • The Bluegrass Pandora station. Some gospel, some classics, some super quirky songs that make you laugh… 
  • The wind outside. A storm is blowing in and this warm breeze is so, so lovely. Slightly scary, but beautiful. 
  • Finding everything at the thrift store is 50% off! I filmed a Thrift Store Haul video if y’all would like to see the shirts I got. {click here}

// outfit details // 
Shirt: Kohl’s: $12
Tank: Walmart: $3
Skirt: Made by me: $5 fabric: {buy the eBook here}
Sperry’s: Shoe Carnival: $65
Earrings: chloe + isabel
I am so excited to share with you these earrings from Amanda’s chloe + isabel boutique! These are perfect earrings. I love the color, the design, and the ingenious shape of the earring hook (can’t see it, but trust me!). Chloe + isabel has absolutely gorgeous stuff. I pinned a few of my favorites on my Jewelry board

Follow Olivia Howard’s board Jewelry on Pinterest.

Here’s a little bit about where the proceeds from Amanda’s sales go: 
In 2008, Ben and Amanda were just two kids who met in a Bible study. In the past six years they have fallen in love, traveled, found a home, and welcomed a puppy—all while being surrounded by a community of loving family and friends. Now Ben and Amanda are setting off on their next adventure. With a vision to bring together a family through international adoption, their love is far larger than their resources to finance this journey. All proceeds made through Amanda’s Chloe + Isabel jewelry sales will go toward adoption related expenses. Ben and Amanda’s hope is that you will be able to purchase high quality, fun jewelry for yourself or your friends—and help build the Greenhoes’ forever family.

Isn’t that awesome? Please go check out chloe + isabel and consider blessing this family while scoring a fabulous, versatile piece that I know you’ll love. I’ve worn mine over and over already.

“Like” their page on facebook! {click here}

I hope y’all have an awesome day! I’m off to help clean the basement in case of tornado. 😛 It has been just over a year since a tornado devastated our little area, so I’m praying for safety for everyone today. 

What’s been awkward or awesome about your week? What is your favorite chloe + isabel item?

32 thoughts on “Awk + Awe | Chloe + Isabel”

  1. I love your Awesome/Awkward posts! They are so fun and they always make me laugh! =D I totally understand about playing hopscotch in a cow field. We have 2 horses and a donkey, so our field get filled up pretty quickly! =P 😉 I also know about those times when you feel like you should apologize to your Pinterest followers! And, of course, the Bible studies and best friends are totally awesome. =)

    Thanks for posting, Oliva! I love your blog. =)

  2. I love this feature on your blog!

    So, I am wondering what is wrong with Fresh Modesty for your clothing line?

    Please don't over-think or drive yourself crazy over a name. Do you know that during my extended blogging break, I had come up with over ten different blog names and created designs for every single one of them in the quest for getting it "just right," and coming up with a name that would make the strongest statement about my blog and focus. I wanted a name that would do this, and also sound nice as a boutique and studio name. (I'm a multi-media artist when I'm not homeschooling our kids!)

    Do you know that the only thing I have accomplished through all of that was the above list instead of actually creating and moving forward?! (Talk about just moving dirt!)

    At the risk of revealing my "slight" issue with OCD, I hope to spare you the insanity of developing a creative, yet perfectionistic mind in your quest for the right name! I would definitely pray and seek His wisdom, which I am certain you have. But after a period of searching, rest on what you have and remember that a rose by any other name really is the same.

    It will still be you and your unique creations, no matter what the name is, and I know that many people will love what you create for His glory!

    1. Thank you SO MUCH for this! I hadn't thought it was possible to over-think it, but what you're saying makes total sense. Right now I'm not "hung up" on a name, per se, just bouncing around ideas, and it's good to know you like "Fresh Modesty". Thanks again!

  3. Haha, great moments of Awk + Awe! It's funny that you should post that outfit today, because I'm wearing the exact same chambray shirt right now. 😀
    I'll be praying that your area stays safe from the weather!

  4. Cute outfit. Absolutley love the shirt. Is that a recent buy from Kohls?

    I so enjoy reading your posts and watching the occasional video. Thanks for taking the time to blog, it's so fun to see other young ladies dressing modestly, plus I LOVE your awk +awe posts. 🙂

  5. Your skirt and earrings are beautiful!

    I really like you awk and awe posts, especially when I do the exact same thing. I was the one who went out to the mailbox three of four times before remembering that it was President's Day! 😀


  6. I love the shirt! I wore one just like it yesterday, only it is short-sleeved and has lace along the top of the back and sleeves.

    ~Sitting in the room outside where my little sister is in youth group, waiting for her to be done. Someone walks in, and I look once to see who it is, but then look away as I know the person, but we've never met. I hear him say "Hello!" So instinctively I say "Hello!" before I even look back at him. When I finally look at him, I realized he was answering a phone call…

    ~Wearing boots with higher heels to orchestra, because it makes me average height, and the teacher asking "Molly, have you been growing? You were like this (motions with his hand) tall when I met you." So then I have to once again tell someone that no, it's just the heels. I've got a love hate relationship going on with my shortness.

    ~The trees this morning when I got out of bed. It had snowed and rained ice before, so all the trees here in Wisconsin had a layer of beautiful white snow/ice over them.

    ~The workout thing. I'm so with you. I've been back at it for a little over a month now, and it feels so great. I can tell that my body is slowly getting back in shape, and losing a few pounds had been great also 🙂

    ~Getting new books in the mail. I'll need to warn my mom ahead of time that for the next few weeks I'll be as unproductive as possible.

    ~The temperature hitting 20 degrees, and suddenly people in Wisconsin are wearing capris. That's just how we roll up here 😉

    Molly Marie

  7. Please post pictures of your workout clothes! 🙂 I love your blog. Thanks for all the neat and modest fashion ideas. I've been an invisible follower for a awhile now. 🙂

  8. Glamorous shots! Lovely earrings. And I'm just a fan of the outfit in general. I love the casual yet put-together look of button-ups with denim 🙂

    I also agree with Michelle that Fresh Modesty is a great name for your clothing line as well.

    Some awkwards and awesome from my week:

    -Scrambling to get ready to be somewhere in two minutes when you're in workout clothes.
    -Trudging through the snow on the long way to and from Church since you parked in a separate parking lot a ways off, and in the middle having to stop, turn around, and go a different direction.
    -Exercising using a strange routine in front of all your siblings.

    -Getting almost everything done on your To-do list you made for the week on Thursday!
    -Being suddenly inspired and struck by the creativity fairy to write a poem! Or three. 😀
    – Making peanut butter cookies topped with Hershey's kisses. HEAVEN.
    -Your little sister's giggles at her older brother.
    -Getting into exercise routine again.
    -Watching glittering snowflakes flicker down on the way to Church.
    -Inviting a friend over for baking/movie-watching Saturday afternoon. Because life's too short not too.
    -Eating the gooey, thick brownies you made on Sunday Monday morning before Math. I know, SO healthy. 😛
    -Spontaneously going sledding on a huge hill on Thursday afternoon, for the first time in foreverrr (Frozen anyone?), and the dad who takes you there.
    -Downton Abbey! Anyone else watch that show?
    -Spending Valentine's Day night laughing and spending time with friends amongst many delicious treats.
    -Mothers who bring you tuna-and-pickle sandwiches while you're at the computer. Yes, that happened just now.
    -God-given courage, determination, strength, and inspiration to accomplish what needs to be through the week. And more. He is so good.

    One last thing… I was wondering if you were going to keep going with the Life Right Now posts? 🙂

  9. You talked about the wind and the storm and I flashed back to blustery spring days right before a storm. My mom taught us to love thunderstorms and I enjoy them immensely.

  10. I would really like to see your workout outfit too, if you wouldn't mind sharing it 🙂 As a volleyball player I have trouble finding cute, modest, workout clothes and could really use some inspiration! Thanks, Olivia, I love your blog and always enjoying reading new posts! 🙂

  11. Ooh I love that outfit! I was looking for other blogs today and I found another fashion/modesty blog today, and it was funny because the owner of the blog has a picture of you in the header, and I was just like, "Oh it's Olivia!" It was kinda funny 🙂

  12. I just love this outfit so much, so casual but darling feminine at the same time. I wonder what you did with the hem there, it gives such a nice casual touch and you made it…wow it so doesn't look homemade. Do you just get denim from JoAnn's or some such fabric store? Really frugal too. Great job.

    1. Thanks, Emily! I have gotten my denim at Jo-Ann's, but since it's an hour and a half away from me I'm rarely there on sale day. 😉 I usually order it on fashionfabricsclub.com or fabrics.com 🙂 I don't know if you have my ebook or not (freshmodesty.com) but there's a lot of information in there about buying and ordering denim for skirts. 🙂

  13. lol, i checked the mail on President's Day too, and was wondering why my neighbor gave me a funny look until my daughter said "Duh Mom! Holiday!!"

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