I’m not sure why, but these light-weight, billowy, not-flattering on anyone, always-on-sale shirts were everywhere last summer. I mistakenly bought one or two, thinking they were a lot cuter while in the store. Thankfully I paid hardly anything for them. But, still, they’re not flattering in the least.
So, I decided to alter this Canyon River Blues brand shirt into something a little less… cavernous.

Originally this shirt had elastic towards the bottom to I guess “keep the poof” from getting too poofy. All it did though was exaggerate the goofiness. So, I took it out.

Then, I sewed the armhole in about 2 inches and continued down to the side to the hem (1). Then I tried it on, saw where it needed shaping, and sewed again (2). This is usually how I alter my shirts if they’re more than 4″ too big. Once straight down so that the bottom of the shirt and armholes are fitted, once for shaping. Repeat on other side, try on, and cut off the extra!

Its rather too easy.

 Now I’ve got myself a flattering, summery shirt! The closest-to-actual-color picture here is the one with the numbers. ^^ 🙂 Its ruffly. Did you know I like ruffles? Oh you did? However did you find that out? 😉

 And, by accident *blushes*, I put the shirt on backwards. And I think I like it more this way!

 Is it just me, or when you say the word “Alteration” do you hum the little ditty from the commercial for the game of “Concentration”, too?

Yeah. Okay. Its just me.

5 thoughts on “|~ Alteration Tips: The Billowy Blues”

  1. So many clothes these days are designed for girls with no curves. I do have friends with very slim bodies that can get away with shirts like this. But I never good. Although I worked in alterations for a year, I've always been wary about playing around with my own shirts. However you've inspired me to give it a try…

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