Hey y’all! With Christmas coming up, I thought I’d share with you a creative resource that would make a great gift for a younger lady interested in fashion. This sketchbook from AdinasDesigns.com has tutorials, templates, illustrations, and best of all, great examples of modest clothing.

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My 9 year old little sister loved coloring the illustrations and designing outfits. I’ve gotten a lot of emails from mothers wondering how to encourage their daughters as they’re growing into their own styles and becoming interested in fashion. This sketchbook is perfect! I’ve never seen another resource for younger girls like this that was appropriately modest and cute! The author recently came out with a second sketchbook called Shira’s sketchbook, so if you have two daughters they can have different looks. 🙂 These are available on Amazon (Adina: My Design Sketchbook) or on their website Adina’s Designs. Just wanted to share! Blessings!

6 thoughts on “Adina My Design Sketchbook”

  1. This looks like an excellent resource! Thanks so much for sharing. My daughter (8) is very interested in fashion design and is always disappointed when the coloring/sticker books we find are so immodest. Definitely will be getting her this one. Blessings!

  2. Thank you for sharing about the sketchbook, Olivia. We purchased them for our five daughters (ages 6 to 15), and they all love them! (I would love one myself.) 🙂 They have learned a lot about design, pattern, and putting pieces of clothing together for a modest and pleasing look. Y. Nadell has been wonderful, as well. We ordered directly from her site, and she offers fabulous customer service!

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