Hey y’all! We have had quite the week of weather here in middle Tennessee, with several inches of ice covering everything making driving near impossible. So thankful we still have power and internet! I know much of the US is experiencing pretty chilly temps right now, so I thought I’d share three tips for staying warm and looking cute, with this outfit as an example. No reason to look like a marshmallow if you don’t have to! πŸ™‚

Tip #1: Make Every Layer Count

Fabric is everything. We know clothing is warmer or cooler just based on it’s fiber content, so go for one warmer layer instead of several cooler ones to minimize bulk and increase comfort. I love thermal shirts for wearing underneath cardigans and other shirts because they are just so much warmer than normal long sleeved cotton shirts. Likewise, fleece-lined leggings retain heat better than typical cotton leggings. Every layer underneath your outside article of clothing should be as tight as possible. Not only is this warmer (at least, in my experience), but it greatly reduces the look of bulk. 


Tip #2: Wear a Hoodie

This may sound strange, but it’s seriously my favorite lots-of-layers tip. When you put several shirts on, sometimes around the neck and shoulders area can look odd. Whether it’s because of slightly different necklines or just more bulk that makes you look puffy, wearing a hoodie can help camouflage that. I put my thermal Fresh Apparel hoodie on first, layer whatever I want, and then pull the hoodie to the outside. I feel like it just takes attention away from the zillion layers and also helps pull the look together. 

Tip #3: Remember Definition

Just because the temperature demands that every inch of you be wrapped up doesn’t mean you need to forget you have a figure. Like during the rest of the year, look for ways to bring definition to your ensemble. For me, this usually means either shorter skirt with leggings that show and boots or a long skirt look that has a more defined hip/waist area. In the winter I like to wear slim-fitting clothing anyway (no circle skirts, etc) because of the mud and snow mess. 
// outfit details // 
Cardigan: Forever21
Skirt: Banana Republic : ThredUP
Leggings: GroopDealz
(Also available on ModeEsty.com, use code FRESHMODESTY10%OFF)
Boots: BearPaw : ThredUP

I was warmer in this outfit than my sister who was in jeans, a huge floppy hoodie, a coat, and Uggs! πŸ˜€
What’s the weather like where you live? What’s your favorite way to stay warm but stylish? 

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  1. Super cute! Love your tips, and you displayed all of them beautifully! Although here in Central Valley CA it's been in the 60s and 70s lately, I still appreciate these and hope to try them soon! Blessings!

  2. This outfit is adorable! We live in VA, so it "doesn't actually get cold here" (says my Mama, who was raised in ND πŸ˜‰ ), but I am cold by nature even in summer, so since October, 90% of my outfits have either been long sleeved or double layered, haha :). I also make sure to wear thicker skirts if I know its going to be colder than usual. I really don't dress any different to go out than I do in the house, except for maybe a pair of leggings. Here the past few days, though, we have had snow, and from the time I put my heavy sweater on to go outside with my siblings to the time I get ready for bed, that sweater hasn't come off, haha! We haven't gone out today, but I just told my sister I'm considering digging it out of the closet anyway… haha! It isn't baggie, but it's super warm, and fancy knit… it's awesome!


    Bri πŸ™‚

  3. Love this outfit! We've had wacky weather here in Ohio as well. People are rushing to stores to stock up because the forecast is predicting a very Wintery weekend. I actually haven't been to school all week- mostly due to the cold and snow. Ahh well- spring can't come soon enough!


  4. Umm…lol! It's been gorgeous in Montana…
    Like 55deg!
    It's cooling off, supposed to be a low of -2 tonight :/

    Love your outfit! The only thing I would add is two pairs of socks work WONDERS! And also scarves are great to keep warm (not just the knitted, any kind works) and hats. Your head and neck actually keep a ton of hear on if you cover them.
    A modest fashion blog: http://www.natashaatkerson.blogspot.com

  5. I live in Southern California, so I keep "warm"most winters by wearing a sweater and boots. But it can get pretty cold here, so I wear the coat, the gloves, the whole kit and kaboodle! I barely bought a pair of fleece lined tights, and oh my gosh they are great! They keep me very warm and are so comfy!

  6. Hi! I recently found this blog through one of my friends. I really like it! I have been wearing leggings under skirts a lot lately. I only wear cotton leggings because it is already in the 60's here in Cali! lol πŸ˜€

  7. These tips are SO helpful, especially to one who lives in one of the coldest states (CT) right now! Thanks so much! You look beautiful, as always. I love how you always strive to find ways to look the most flattering no matter the circumstances (even crazy frigid temps).

  8. Cute outfit! I live in MN and lately we've been having below zero temps, so layers are a must! I usually wear warmer skirts with fleece leggings, and boots. Sweaters are also a must for staying warm! Do you have any tips for preventing skirts from sticking to leggings?

    1. A good slip, and/or more smooth/satiny leggings. Don't know if they're available fleece lined, though. I usually wear regular leggings (double if it's really cold) but with a fleece slip. I do have to put a regular slip both under and on top of the fleece slip to keep it from sticking to my skirt. But the slips are so thin that they barely add bulk, but are still really warm!

    2. I deal with this a lot, and a slip helps, and I use dryer sheets in laundry, and then static spray as I am getting dressed between skirt and leggings. I have heard that you can also sew weights in your hem to help in hang better, but haven;t tried. Those have all helped some.

      -Hannah Avery

  9. Being from southwestern Ontario where the winter months make me want to wear my jeans and hoodies all the time, I really appreciate this post on how to stay warm and still dress in a feminine and modest way! Very cute. πŸ™‚

  10. Living in the upper Midwest, I've found that layers, thermals, and wool are my best friends during cold temps! Cashmere or lambswool sweaters/cardigans add additional warmth, while still looking classy and sophisticated with skirts. The cashmere or lambswool isn't as scratchy-itchy as normal wool, which is why I prefer it! They don't add too much additional bulk, either, when layered over a turtleneck, thermal shirt, or blouse. I've founds some pretty ones on sale over the years and have stocked up! Wool leg-warmers or knee-high socks over fleece-lined leggings/tights are also perfect for keeping the legs and feet warm in boots! I agree that scarves are a "must"! Ones that coordinate with your outfit are especially good because they can then be a stand-alone accessory to your outfit when not wearing a jacket!

  11. Thanks for the tips! Wow, it seems that everyone lives where it is cold! I live in sunny and warm Arizona. We are enjoying blue skies, 70-90 degree weather and some wind! πŸ™‚

  12. Nice outfit. It's summer over here at the moment but in the winter I tend to go for tights or legging under a skirt. I find it much warmer and more comfortable than jeans. I agree with not wanting to look like a marshmallow. Fortunately where I live it usually not so cold that I have to wear to many layers. A nice coat with a defined waistline can help.

  13. Cute outfit Olivia!

    I live in the upper midwest and I will say this: fleece-lined leggings/tights are so warm and toasty. I also like to take advantage of sweater dresses this time of year. A nice sweater dress, fleece-lined tights/leggings, knee-high warm socks, and boots complete my winter ensemble. Layering with sweaters and cardigans also add warmth.


  14. This is my first winter in the PNW and it is very mild in comparison to what I am used to. Most days, I wear a knee-length skirt or dress; in the mornings, it can be chilly on the bare legs, so I sometimes add leggings (either 3/4 or full-length). In the Sierra Nevadas, my childhood home, five feet of snow is not too unusual (except for the past 4 years, which have been pathetically dry!); that's when I go for thick tights and tall boots! For layering…I don't layer too much under my snowcoat, but I have found that a toasty scarf can make all the difference!

  15. I live in Minnesota, so Winter tends to mean lots of layers! I love using scarves and knitted hats to jazz up an outfit and help keep me cozy.

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