Hey y’all! I’m overwhelmed by all the positive response to my little story yesterday! You girls are seriously the biggest blessing to me. If you missed it, click {here}. I hope you’re having a great day!

 I put on one outfit this morning and my sisters were both like, “NO” even though I really liked it. 😛 I’m glad they are honest. Remember how this shirt was huge? Well, since I don’t really have any more high-waisted skirts that would help with the flouff, I went ahead and altered the side-seams real quick to make styling this easy on myself. 😀 I didn’t realize my sleeve was unrolled while we were taking these and I don’t have the heart to wake my sister up to take them again. 😀 

// outfit details // 
Shirt: Thrift store: Old Navy Brand: $1
Tank: Forever21: $1.80
Skirt: Thred Up: Ann Taylor
Flip flops: Sears? 
Earrings: Thrift store: $1

Go check out Ashley’s, the Boyer’s, and Callie’s outfits! As a reminder, make sure you link to the specific post that has your Day 2 outfit, not just your blog in general, that way things stay neat and organized. 🙂 
Thank y’all so much for participating! You can probably tell from my exhausted expressions, but I’m tired with a capital T today. Guess I’ve lost more sleep than I realized.  How’s your Friday been? 

9 thoughts on “1 Button-Down | 3 Days | 3 Ways ~ Day 2”

  1. Ooh I like it! I wish I had such amazing sewing skills and could alter things that quickly. . . . 🙂 I hope all is going well with you as your prepare to launch your business, Olivia!

  2. Hey Olivia!
    Will you still see ebooks after the skirts get manufactured? I am a novice sewer and when I get better, I would like to try your patterns.


  3. I would love to address myself with a name, but I think for this comment I will not. Olivia, I just wanted to tell you what a huge inspiration and encouragement you have been for me. I started following your blog about 6 months, and there wasn't one post or comment that you wrote that didn't show what an amazing person you are. I wish so deeply that I could meet you in person, because I am more than positive your blog shows only half of your inner and outer beauty. Your outfits, sermon posts and everything else you do are always so lovely, honoring to our Lord and Savior. So I just wanted to truly thank you for encouraging me to dress more modestly in my own personal life! You are really someone I admire and look up to!

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